Hi :D I'm planning on painting some AnCo lyrics on my wall sometime soon and I can't decide which lyrics to paint on there. Any suggestions? I have a few ideas but i dunno.


  • ohmygodtherearesomanypossibilities
  • what are you planning the feels of the mural to be? empowering, schizophrenic, angry, wistful, jaded/cynical? are there going to be picktures w/ the words?
  • No pictures, i'm not very good at painting so im just gonna stick to words. and i suppose just some good lyrics that would be something i don't want to forget. empowering i suppose. im thinking maybe something from peacebone but i dont know, there really are so many possibilities :O
  • If i could just leave me body for the night Up on the ceiling directly above your pillow
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    What are you gonna do? Go into the forest Until i cant remember my name Gonna come back and things will be different Gonna bring back some stories and games
  • Yo narnia do ac even do jaded/cynical?
  • Sorry for quadruple post I think the peacebone idea is good. "An obsession with the past is like a dead fly" is always a good thing to keep in mind!
  • i saw a ghost in the park wooing girls with cakes
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    she ran out in nature "someday" are u also frightened i dont really care for the obviously inspirational AC lyrics i wish they were even weirder tbh edit: didnt see your second post, these lyrics are awful for that haha
  • kind of yeah, ves, but not in the literal like taking back sunday emo-punk sense of jaded/cynical, a more sophisticated and not being able to trust others definition. a (weak) example: "are my friend still half-right?".
  • SOMEDAY I'LL GROW TO BE AS TALL AS THE GIANT I'M THE PHANTOM IF YOU FILL UP YOUR HEART IT SPILLS OUTSIDE IF WE'RE MISCOMMUNICATING CAN WE FEEL THE SAME? I'M ALLRIGHT IF YOUR ALLRIGHT ARE YOU ALSO FRIGHTENED? IF I COULD JUST LEAVE MY BODY FOR A NIGHT THIS WILDERNESS UP IN MY HEAD Also... "I would like Taking a hike through the cemetary tonight The gravestones are covered in time It's the perfect night Everywhere the mud floods" That's all I've got right now.
  • wow ive never read the lyrics to cemeteries those are beautiful
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    but iko those someday lyrics arent even lyrics thats just the title of the song, all the song says is "" in other words, ya blew it
  • THANK YOU FOR ALL THE SUGGESTIONS i love all of them :) I think i'll do a few, since i cant exactly decide on one. theyre all too good. and the thing is, i totally would do some of their weirder lyrics that make little sense but i dunno i would hate to have to attempt to explain that. i might though. i dont know. i think ill just completely cover one of my walls with my favorite lyrics from my favorite songs.
  • i think iko ovo won this thread.
  • [quote=Ticonderoga]but iko those someday lyrics arent even lyrics thats just the title of the song, all the song says is ""in other words, ya blew it[/quote] Whatever, its still one of my favorite lines from AC haha. But I guess if we're talking lyrics, I BLEW IT!
  • My lyrics that i would paint would be "What will happen to the stories from the bogs?"
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