Laugh for a world filled with fantasy

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Has anyone else heard this Panda Bear song? I just found it and I think it's pretty good, but I can't find out much about it, like what album it is from


  • it's not from any album! unreleased panda jammer!
  • i love it. where do i download it though? it's on itunes, but i don't want to pay 4 dollars for one live song.
  • use atube catcher
  • I looooooove it
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    its technically "from" the Homebase Live at ZDB EP that panda has on itunes i highly recommend it, the Bros on there has drums and its incredible edit: i forgot they split the EP up for some reason thats so stupid
  • Ya i actually spent 4 bucks and bought the first half of the show (laugh/deli/bonfire). W/e, its 16 minutes of pure bliss! But no way am i spending 4 bucks on a live version of bros
  • its got ELECTRIC DRUMS DUDE its so sick but i dont blame you
  • [quote=Ticonderoga]its got ELECTRIC DRUMS DUDE its so sick[/quote] And it's got a Street Flash sample!
  • laughed... for a world FILLED with fant nasty!
  • Street flash nasty!
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