The Eye - Animal Collective

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[quote]Animal Collective have been mislabeled as a number of things including "free folk," "drug music," and "improv," but in their own assessment, the group are simply trying a different view of pop. Although this a cliche: there honestly is difficult to describe their sound without simply hearing it. We sat down with three members for an insightful interview in the back of their tour van. Watch closely as a car accident can be heard off-camera outside during one of their answers![/quote]


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    Yes! finally a better quality & larger version to watch, thanks :) 1:42- best part of any AC interview: "kinda weird pop-rock stuff" "It wasn't that weird!" Panda is so pissed off throughout this interview.
  • It seems like deakin made a mistake right at the end of white antelopes, avey gives him a dirty look haha
  • Deakin seems pretty nervous in the interview, as in he speaks really fast and says "like" so much. I love the car crash part, when they keep looking over to it every 10 seconds afterwards.
  • This is one of my new favorite interviews! I've never actually watched it!
  • "then we went outside and beat him" lol also that was a crazy early version of DYSTW at the end
  • Thats White Antelopes! My preferred version of dystw
  • to me, DYSTW isn't the same without the piano. I do love white antelopes as well though!
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