gUNfairly gBanned from CA V (ity upon the teeth they is!)



  • why... so... curious? GEORGE! :(|)
  • Exactly.
  • chortles!
  • it's kinda like i'm charles manson and AKKA is Roman Polanski! in fact it's JUST like that!
  • "Because a man would know when something is misogynistic. Yeah. You should think more." Hoooooooly shit! Fucking hell. I don't know enough to comment about what GO's doing over at CA, but that's the most sexist shit I've read in a while.
  • give me back my haaaaaands!
  • ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh i want to forget this. sometimes i vomit phrases and i resent it because i cant clearly express myself to others. i was influenced by too many libertarian manifestos and my stance on humanism/feminism was screwed. i was thinking subjectively and disregarded mindset people have in favor of my own. im sorry.
  • but lik srysly tho u ppl totes overreacted 2 g.o.'s behavior
  • i know exactly how you feel. i have the smarts and the beliefs but absolutely no experience as an intellectual human so when i try to express myself i sound like an idiot
  • edited September 2013
    its awful! so often i regret the many things i say. and this time it was soo bad because i was sooo mad for so many reasons and i just couldnt sound rational. i just want to be a coherant human.
  • free the slip dot com! i don't wanna be a monkie! :(|)
  • ok i lied i kinda do! female monkey too! i swear it's true! baby i love YOU!
  • """"""do you honestly think it is possible to get this man to explain the reason behind why he does what he does. The answer to every one of his riddles is another riddle. It's an infinite nesting doll. Engaging with that is like a lifelong joker vs batman level commitment, and you really think it's fair to demand that of a person? """"" [
  • [[[[ahahha this is such a great de-script tore whore!]]]] <<<GASH IS IRRIGATED AND WOUND UP LIKE A MONKEY .. IN A MACRO VERSE HELL RAVE WAVE... ON ACID... in HELL! .. this is! ...]]]]] <going up?> [[[so come on down!]]]] >GLOWING MEIN WAY HEY???>>>> girly goo! WATCHOO!
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