Dream live setlist

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Current era AC (obvs). Arbitrary and needless lists, but why not A Set Monkey Riches Peacebone Mercury Man What Would I Want? Sky Rosie Oh Guys Eyes Father Time Applesauce - In the Singing Box My Girls Moonjock B Set #1 Also Frightened Today's Supernatural Alvin Row Crimson Amanita We Tigers - Pulleys Wide Eyed Turn Into Something


  • alvin row would HAVE to be the closer! can't just be shovel'd into the mid somewhere! shame on you! though turn into something as a closer would rock so hard too! and we tigers is always a fun one to ender on! i'll have to come up with something!
  • I would die if I witnessed alvin row live.
  • as avey's singing [box] voice echoes into oblivion!
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    If they decided that their CHZ tour era was over and asked me to come up with their new setlist, this is what i'd tell them to play: Safer Grass Applesauce Slippi (hcti version, not the rework) Purple Bottle Winter's Love (some sort of rework) Amanita Meet the Light Child Brothersport - For Reverend Green Alvin Row
  • yes! slippy indian version NOT the muted re-gwork! and light child / alvin row ... it'd be so perfect! some good choices! the heart-breaking/ache-ingly beautiful winters glover rework really pulled at my emotion strings but people acted like it wasn't all that but then it WAS!
  • Fireworks My Girls Safer Brothersport Chores Derek #1 Taste Chocolate Girl Summertime Clothes
  • Taking place in only Late May, June, or July
  • I love the reworked Chocolate Girl
  • All the live versions of chocolate girl I have heard don't include the second half of the song.
  • that's true! I never really thought about that since it sounds so different anyway.
  • When I saw them in St. Louis last month, I just kept thinking about how nice it would be to here something from Oddsac. Has anyone ever heard, or heard of them playing any of it at a show?
  • I don't think so... That would be so cool to hear Tantrum Barb or Mr. Fingers/Kindle Song live!
  • I can see how it'd be difficult to pull it off, especially with Panda on the drum-kit. Also, some folks get outright spooked by that album!
  • It's been awhile since I've experienced ODDSAC...
  • Also, throw Sponge Luke on my nonexistent list for a dream live set.
  • SPONGE FLUKE! truly a ... lost false god!
  • Pride and Fight Kids on Holiday Safer #1 Did you see the words Cuckoo Cuckoo Bat you'll fly Kindle Song The Purple Bottle Taste Monkey Riches Banshee Beat Encore (Throwin the round ball) (Slippi)
  • yes yes to bat you'll fly!!
  • death @ pp park
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