Panda Bear Meets The Grimm Creeper!

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oh dear god! V!!!


  • soon enough he will be burning in hell!
  • and soon enough you will be burning as well!
  • best album title ever it better stick!!!
  • it better suck!
  • its gunna suck
  • what you say is true true!
  • I gotta say... Mr. Noah is pretty good
  • Good Morning, Mr. Noah! who do you do!
  • Who Mr. Noah does is his own business, GO. Tut tut
  • the wife of the knife was ending by his life!
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    mr noah is really really good the album leaked, but I have not heard it
  • Looking forward to the album. I gotta say at first I was expecting it to be a "Tomboy part 2" but I don't think it will be this way, after hearing mr.noah. Doesn't even remind me of person pitch!!
  • Yeah sounds like he went a completely different route from both Person Pitch and Tomboy. He said he's been using more conventional instrumental sounds which is a cool and interesting experiment.
  • Yeah I agree. What is cool about Panda Bear, and Avey Tare, ( and anco in general) is that they really tend to like to create new sounds from album to album, (at least it seems that way to me) but when you listen to the new stuff, you can still tell it's animal collective. Like they make different stuff while remaining recognizable.
  • this album rules. fav song at the moment: Selfish Gene. those lyrics.
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