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Is anybody home?


  • I still pop in every once in a while
  • We can just keep the forum alive by just posting about where everybody is... Sounds like a great idea :)
  • Im new here. I actually registered like 6 months ago , but it seemed quiet . Hey everyone !
  • Its still quiet, but check out the old threads if you havent. theyre gold
  • cept for me pooping all over everywhere! I was here mostly from the begin (oct 2008!) and I was indeed here last for a long long time whereby even iko ovo seems like and old timer! poor little tico! stupid fish! this is like the afterlife!
  • when did AC stop posting on CA? i reckon avey and deakin posting to 2008-9ish... their archive is gold :P and why are you banned from there? :bz
  • I asked too many questions! keep digging you might not LIKE what you find...
  • i liked what i found :) in the "Free Slippi" thread there is some pretty strong opinions :P
  • comfort are you on CA? also I'm the one that started the free slippi thread lol
  • free g oh! . com
  • yeah im also on CA :P :D
  • what's ur name on CA I want to KNOW WHO U R
  • try to guess :) its pretty obvious if you think :bz
  • the new untitled guy?
  • Yeah :P i enjoy CA :bz
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