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ive listened to all of ACs records but ive never enjoyed the screams or yelping really... i know everyone loves it but i just feel it too unnecessary(poor spelling) actually the only time i recall that ive liked it is in april and the phantom is the eeeeeeeeyyyyy in the middle of the song (not the she went out of nature part) and am i the only one who thinks that choc girl shouldve switched to the guitar part 2 minutes earlier of something about that:P at least before the "oh fuzzy cat and the bury him in apples part" i know noone will get mad becuz theres noone to be mad... :bz but now its said... crucify me... :bz


  • I love the screams, But I remember listening to peacbone... And my girlfriend said "who's this?... flaming lips? " "no this is animal collective " "oh, its lovely " *YAAAAACHTA YAAAAAACHTA* And she was like "why would they just suddenly do that to my ears!!??" Personally though I wouldn't change anything about chocolate girl, But I know what you mean.. I get that feeling when I listen to a song sometimes. , Sometimes it sounds to me like AC have done it intentionally , but I think its one the things I love most about them. Definitely one of the reasons I started getting into them.
  • i know what you mean, but sometimes it can get a bit too screamo for my taste :bz but i love the extreme frequencies on esp. spirit theyve vanished and unrirled :)
  • I love the yelping! the world could use a bit more yelps!
  • especially PANDAs yelps LIVE
  • pander can go suck a nut!
  • i'm all aBOUT avey!
  • or at least I used to be...
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