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This has bound to be somewhere around here, but what are your favorite tracks from every album? Penny Dreadfuls Essplode De Soto De Sun Panic Winter's Love Did You See the Words? Tikwid NÚMERO UNO Seal Eyeing Taste On a Highway Wide Eyes MISC: Solid Gold Wall Coconuts Swan (Y'all can see I like Jane^^) Track 8 Good Girl/Carrots Scheherazade Opis Helpus Heather in the Hospital Screens (Haven't listened to panda's self titled, crack box, hollindagain, much of the keep ep, etc.) 321GO


  • Thread exists but nvtheless.... Alvin Row Essplode Doggy Native Belle Sweet Road Banshee Beat People Unsolved Mysteries Cobwebs No More Runnin or Brothersport or In The Flowers... Nvm its imfuckingpossible to choose from MPP. Every track is fantastic Graze Mr. Fingers Mercury Man Comfy In Nautica Laughing Hieroglyphic
  • Forum revival!
  • Yeah totally!!!, :bz: im down for it actually :) i keep coming here anyway so lets do it :P
  • but can we... survive hell?
  • Nah but we can try...
  • alvin row throwin tha round ball pride and fight de soto de son hey light winters love how to dive loch raven people unsolved mysteries cobwebs also frightened wwiw?s kindle song moonjock i don't really pick favorites, but that's the list off the top of my head
  • Ah, summer. Stay up till 2 AM doing whatever.
  • Cant the mods remove the accepting part when registrating?
  • It takes forevs.
  • it's damn depressing! what used to be! what could have BIN!
  • what could have [i]bean[/i]
  • Twisted little beans
  • Twisted little beans in a bin.
  • was thinking on the 4th how it had been 7 years (SEVEN!) ... VII years aglow when StrawJAMB: The Album gleaked and listening to it on Indie Pen Danse Day 2007 and just so many things! the AC&related of the 00s vs the AC+R of the 10s! you knew it'd be like this! never woulda came!
  • summertime clothes fireworks derek chores #1 Brothersport Amanita Monkey Riches new town burnout wide eyed April and the phantom Alvin Row Spirit they're gone, spirit they've vanished people what would I want? sky graze mr fingers tantrum barb what happened
  • I'm at a jazz camp at the moment and I'm really developing more appreciation for pandas drumming on stgstv
  • jazz camp? that sounds amazing
  • Sorry bout modding, i just lost hope for this place. I only had 5 people wanting to join the board in the past month. Things are rough. Maybe if people can reach out to friends and what not we can revive this place but that seems rather impossible. Again, sorry for everything.
  • It must live!
  • y'all gotta check out this version of summertime clothes live. I love the intro
  • whenthesungoesdownwe'llgooutagain
  • April And The Phantom Essplode Two Corvettes Forest Gospel Hey Light (really hard to pick from HCTI because I see it as 1 really long track) Leaf house Banshee Beat Fireworks Baleen Sample People Street Flash Taste On A Highway Country Report Laughing Hieroglyphic Bros You Can Count On Me Applesauce Strange Colours Only thing about pretty much animal collective related release, My favourite always changes from time to time , Album to album So I just looked at my most played on my ipod for each album. (which I suppose doesn't really work because I played on a highway to death a few winters ago and I haven't listened to it a lot since)
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