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Look at the top comment and the hashtag included-lolz. But seriously though, comments on DM?I've never listened to it fully but now that I realize I'm starting to get (sigh) a little bored of AnCo (or maybe just waiting for new material) I like the weirdness of danse.


  • Here's that comment I love Animal Collective. My favorite band ever, actually. But this is bad. No, this is terrible. The first song sounds like they are shaking a fucking shopping cart in front of the microphone Reply · 3 View all 8 replies HatefulThread 6 days ago Yeah, dudebro. I just don't get the shopping cart noise. I figured out what it really means. It has a really deep meaning. This song is really written and made by the illuminati to secretly convince people to shop at the market more often so they can get more money. Puff puff pass, my dudebro. Swag. Money. #noahlennoxareilluminaticonfirmed2014 
  • dance for humanity! what a fun album! I used to say indian was my fave then danse and well jeez both are just so great! can't stand the people (girls mostly) who say it sucks but essplode is good? fuck that cat!
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    yes! and they say my girls is good! danse is where it's at. that cat!
  • I like Danse more than Spirit, to be honest.
  • Another White Singer sounds like jungle rock.
  • I always imagine them on the basketball court!
  • I'd watch that game.
  • deeks on the court geo on the football field panda doing some sock her! avey golfing!
  • How tall is Deakin?
  • I just realized Panda Avey and Geo are all the same height.
  • deeks is 5 foot 2 the others are all midges!
  • For Danse, I have to be in the mood for it. I can't just turn it on whenever and listen to it. That's kinda what I like about it though. I have to say that I like spirit more than danse, because it has some of my favorites (alvin, spirit they've vanished, la rapet, chocolate girl, penny dreadfuls)(Okay pretty much the entire album). For me Spirit does a better job of creating a specific musical place than Danse does.
  • After listening to Danse, I forgot how much I like it. Ahh good country is so odd, and essplode has some vocals I really like.
  • for me essplode is like... you know... the album version and the fire the worx x-plode live blursion BUT also combined with this self-made really great cover )poor( roger did AND this one me and mr pink did! i'll essplain on ze plain!
  • dance for humanity!
  • Don't you mean.... danse?
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