What happened to the AC movie?

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it was supposed to come out this summer, and i havent heard a word about it since like june


  • HOLY SHIT. This is the first time I've heard about it. I regrett to inform you that I can't help you witht the release date, but am going to tell you anyways that I am crazy psyched for it and the fact that it is not out yet is weaksauce. But, I'm sure AC has alot of different shit on their plate, as musicians always do. Hold tight, my friend. I'm sure it will be out sometime in the kinda-near future.
  • for sure, ha deakin just came out with that remix of phoenix. but yeahh im pretty sure thats going to be the next big thing ac comes out with
  • It'll come out somewhere next year <!-- s:D --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/lol.gif" alt=":D" title="lol" /><!-- s:D --> It has no real story , and some parts are just abstract. They also said its the most experimental thing they've done <!-- s:winky: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/winky.gif" alt=":winky:" title="winky" /><!-- s:winky: -->
  • [quote="Flower"]They also said its the most experimental thing they've done <!-- s:winky: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/winky.gif" alt=":winky:" title="winky" /><!-- s:winky: -->[/quote] i will do drugs to it
  • [quote="ascii_art"][quote="Flower"]They also said its the most experimental thing they've done <!-- s:winky: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/winky.gif" alt=":winky:" title="winky" /><!-- s:winky: -->[/quote] i will do drugs to it[/quote] agreed, agreed
  • don't do drugs! free yr mind and live without them! but anyways this ain't coming out for a long time i'm guessing mid/fall 2010 if lucky? i mean the Crack Box was supposed to come out in 2007 according to late 2006 avey postings on AKKA yet it took a whole nother 2 years... and talking to geo in May of this year it sounded like The Visual Album [or film... or Visualbum if you will!] was far from complete for a variety of reasons (going over budget / having to recreate sounds because of bad mic'ing... and more!) but who knows maybe they'll surprize me and get it out before 2011 they were talking about this even in early 2006! the live box and THIS were the 2 super long delayed THINGS... and with PBear LPIV and who knows what else of AC after Fall Be Kind Rewind ... oh man many things to still be excite ted about! hopefully AC lives long into the next decade and even 1/5 compares to how awesome they were in these last ten years!
  • i think they sent it into the sundance film festival or whatever. it'll be interesting what they think of it. should be some nice tripping material though i'm excited: an album and a movie release in the same year would be pretty damn awesome
  • yea they sent it in to sundance so i wouldnt be surprised to see it by the end of this year or early next
  • Direct Quote From Pitchfork Magazine Interview With David Portner(Avey Tare): [i]Pitchfork: I understand you're almost done making a movie with your frequent video collaborator Danny Perez.[/i] DP: Yeah. Musically, I think there might be a few minor mixing things that we have to do-- changes, tweaks, whatever you want to call them. Musically, it's all written and done and laid down. Danny has to do whatever you do to finalize film stuff. That's not really my world, so I don't know so well, but I know there's color correction and that kind of thing, smoothing out all the edits. Danny could probably work on it forever. [Laughs.] After three years, we're all pretty much ready to be done with it. We watched it straight through twice now in a projected theater situation, and we're all really psyched on it. Hopefully, it'll be done sometime next year. [i] Pitchfork: Does the movie have a title?[/i] DP: Not yet. We're throwing around some. We usually keep it to ourselves until we're really certain we've got the one. There's a little bit of debating going on. There's a few titles we're all psyched on, but it's a matter of finding out what sits right, what looks right in terms of putting it in the credits. [i]Pitchfork: Does the film have a story?[/i] DP: No, not really. Maybe here and there, in our minds, there's some weird narratives going on. The whole thing cohesively doesn't have one narrative; it's more of a visual or psychedelic thing. There are parts that are almost completely abstract, and there are parts that are little bit more live-action. [i] Pitchfork: Is the movie going to be in theaters?[/i] DP: We'd like to screen it places. It's a little early to say what we'll do with it. It'd be cool to have the opportunity. I think we submitted it to Sundance, so that's really the first step. That's why we're hoping to get it done by this month-- so we can do that. From there, we're definitely going to do a DVD release on this company Plexifilm that's done a lot of other music DVDs. And hopefully we'll tour it around. It'd be nice to do something like that, since we're not really going to do other touring, at least for a little while
  • [quote]I think we submitted it to Sundance[/quote] ha! as if he's not quite sure... man i was hoping for a semi-narrative... i hope it's not super garbled! i had no idear it was this close to being done... that greatly goes against what geo himself said last may? they must crammed it out (which would explain why they'd been playing such similar sets in all of 09 i guess)... when they say 3 years i find it odd because there was talk of this even in early 06! i guess they rounded down... too bad Walkabout has already been used for many years now i kept obsessing over them using that title for something (first straw jam then water curses then mpp and then BAM the song from atlas sound gets the name! eerie!)
  • bradford cox probably lurks at atease
  • bradford cox's mediafire account! LONG BONE-Y MR FINGERS! escalators that lead to nowhere! ODDSAK 2: THE REVENGE!
  • This is a really amusing old thread.
  • [quote="MoonDog"]This is a really amusing old thread.[/quote]
  • and now it's dead! JUST LIKE ME!
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