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rules are simple: follow each post by choosing your preference and ask a new one in the format of: "songname or songname?" i'll start it off and see how it goes. keep em comin. <!-- s:D --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/lol.gif" alt=":D" title="lol" /><!-- s:D --> "Fireworks" OR "Peacebone"?


  • Fireworks all the way. Winter's Love or Summertime Clothes?
  • Winter's Love, 100%. Chocolate Girl or Essplode?
  • ohh.. hmmm..... esscchhhpllllo... [i]chocolate girl[/i] hey light OR also frightened
  • hey light. I love the rockin first half and the second half is cool in a weird way. I didn't like the studio version of frightened cus the HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEYaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa wasn't as pleasing safer or slippi?
  • safer. it has that is a little more dynamic and its got one of my favorite coolest bass sounds in an AC song doggy or two corvettes?
  • doggy. mainly because I love the album art for it on campfire songs. reverend green or leafhouse?
  • god these are all so hard to choose from.. i'd have to go w. reverend green.. i love both though cuckoo cuckoo or fireworks?
  • "sometimes all I want is one favorite song" still gonna say fireworks though. good lovin outside or loch raven?
  • def. Lake because Good Lubbin Ousside is one of the band's weakest songs! uh! Penguin Penguin or Visiting Friends!~
  • visiting friendsssss .. fo shoa one of their best songs!! there's an arrow or beess
  • Actually tough. I enjoy the singing in arrow far more than bees, and the tune is really quaint. Bees however is able to stand up as a single song whilst There's An Arrow lends itself to the rest of the album. Plus Bees just has the studio edited factor. We Tigers or Lion In A Coma ?
  • Penguin penguin and visiting freinds are hard to really choose between just because one is so mellow while the other is so pumped up. I'm going to say penguin penguin though just because it makes lifts my spirits a little bit more than visiting freinds. bat you'll fly or I think i can
  • Yeah I know I already posted, but this game is mucho funsies! Hmmm, Cloudface, you neglected to answer Phantom's question, but whatever's clever. That's a really tough one. I love the lyrics and feel to Bat, but I Think I Can is, in my opinion, the best song on FBK. I'm gonna go with Bat You'll Fly. The bassline/lyrics kill me. Brothersport or Who Could Win A Rabbit?
  • ^kidgrizzly check your PMs both good.. i'd have to go w. brothersport though grass or water curses?
  • GRASS. it's soo.... absolutely amazing. college or we tigers?
  • deff we tigers, that song is so weird but yet so good.. safer or kids on holiday?
  • hmmmm that one is extreem... I have to say kids on holiday though.. although safer is amazingly beautiful also.. daily routine or what would I want? Sky..
  • OH man no one did my We Tigers or Lion In A Coma! Daily Routine; the ending. The Purple Bottle or Bluish? The colourful love songs. Colour has a 'u' in it, America.
  • YEAH COLOUR HAS A U. only i always spell it the american way color. for whatever reason. the u seems unnecessairy. anyways, Purple Bottle! I friggin' love that song. so much.
  • What are your 2 songs to pick from, TT?
  • WOW sorry I dropped the ball there. what would i want, sky? or summertime clothes
  • i went through times of my life where i couldnt stop listening to summertime clothes and than i was listening to a concert and they played what would i want sky and it kind of took over so im gonna say what would i want sky. plus on fall be kind they do this really cool thing where panda sings different lyrics than avey at the same time and i thought that was really cool so what would i want sky for sure <!-- s:D --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/lol.gif" alt=":D" title="lol" /><!-- s:D --> alvin row or in the singing box
  • alvin row just posted at the favorite album thread. Spirit is astonishing to me and the alvin row closer has caused me to replay that album countless times. between a couple of big guns on MPP, Lion in a Coma or Brother Sport?
  • used to love brothersport but that is the only AC song i managed to kinda get tired of and will ever get tired of. so, lion in a coma #1 or unsolved mysteries?
  • As cool as the beats of UM are, #1 is an epic tune. Awesome samples, nice percussion and rhythms, and its just so smooth for an AC jam. #1 for me. Tikwid or La Rapet?
  • tikwid! i love how strange it sounds to me. every time i hear it i get this little rush of excitement like when you remember you have a chocolate bar in the fridge. two completely different songs: the softest voice or ?
  • orrrr <!-- s:winky: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/winky.gif" alt=":winky:" title="winky" /><!-- s:winky: -->
  • ? is a song.
  • The Softest Voice. Hey Friend or Fickle Cycle?
  • Fickle Cycle! i love it, especially the end. winter wonderland or must be tree man?
  • FICKO SYKO! god i love that track more than half the stuff on feels so jovial and fun! ... with the feels sound and more jovial songs like that one or the more upbeat feels tracks i could just imagine how great AND fun an album they could have made in that era! sometimes i secretly DO wish they could have stayed in past sounds for longer periods! ... why did it have to be the MPP era that lasted the longest! gAH! My Fav. Colours VS Everybody Whistling VS A Manatee Danse... battle of the lemmings!
  • edit: ok sometimes on this board i pick GO TO NEW POST and miss the fact it has BLED onto the next page (i think this happens to others too i am NOT alone in this game we call life!) but come ON! winter wonderland is SO fun... more like winter FUNder gland! ... must be treeman used to be called MUFFINS (i just like muffins, man!) and is quite the lemming / but okay as an experiment... odd it came about in the feels sessions! My Fav. Colours VS Everybody Whistling VS A Manatee Danse... battle of the lemmings!
  • What do you mean battle of the lemmings?
  • yeah I don't see myself guiding the songs to walk off the edge of a cliff.
  • "the lost forest" is Norway and "bobcat" is Norwegian for Lemming.
  • ^oh come on that can't be possibly true? it's what you do! (i kept thinking it's it's you but it's not it's you it's always you!) LEMMINGS is kinda like... well not lemons... but the little shorty or filler-ish type tracks... and it is NOT always a bad things! just not proper full on songs... just little mini experiments... though it can have negative connotations like the weakest song or two on the album being the album's lemmings! i don't know where this came from! i just say it!
  • oh i see! thats a pretty deep metaphor if you ask me. but i understand. in that case, my favorite of the lemmings would be a matenee danse. but this time i must say it's honestly because I've listened to it the most and feel I can put an imput by saying "I enjoy that song." I feel as if I'm running out of options with fear of repeating songs... ahem. Peacebone or Leafhouse?
  • Leafhouse? April and The Phantom or Throwin the Round Ball
  • [quote="we tigers"]Leafhouse? April and The Phantom or Throwin the Round Ball[/quote] Throwin the Round Ball. Banshee Beat or Derek?
  • Derek Street Flashes or On a Highway?
  • I enjoy the meaning behind On a definitely that. Grass or Graze?
  • Grass. So classic. Essplode or Turn Into Something?
  • Turn into something, i was actually of thinking of comparing that to Lion in a Coma. Also I agree..classic. Mmm Peacebone or For Reverend Green
  • Zebra you goin' mad on this thread! Haha, good stuff.
  • For Reverend Green (I love Avey's screams) Loch Raven or People
  • [quote="Phantom"]Zebra you goin' mad on this thread! Haha, good stuff.[/quote] Heh, well I recently discovered this site, and don't have many friends that are into AC. A lot of the kids out where I live listen to metal, scremo, etc. There hasn't been a single decent local band in ages, they all seem to sound the same to me. So to get to have some people to talk to about AC is kinda new to me. Specially since it seems like im the only one who knows them out here.... [quote="we tigers"]For Reverend Green (I love Avey's screams) Loch Raven or People[/quote] Id have to say Loch Raven. Chocolate girl or Kids on Holiday?
  • Chocolate Girl is love, love, love. she loves you yeeeah, yeaaah, yeahhhhh. Can we add solo stuff from the brothers? If so, Boneless by Panda vs. What Would I want? Sky If not, WWIW?S vs. Did You See The Words
  • Thats a tough choice, I feel that WWIW?S wins did you see, but its so hard to pick sometimes haha
  • i'm going to pick too for the fun of it. i'm going with WWIW?S too. That song really gets me. Slippi or Tikwid?
  • slipppehhh!!! ta tata ta ta ta who could win a rabbit orrr winters love.
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