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MAE SHI talk about the band the may she! oh god! they were close to hitting new strange peaks in 05 then lost their singer and took forever for the return now i just wonder where they will glow from here! hopefully goody places i liked how on rapider than horse split / don't gignore ze potential POTENTIAL they were so catchy and rocking yet diverse and experimental i think that is what was


  • yup! <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --> oh MAN may she for you not me!
  • I listened to the 2004 album [i]Terrorbird[/i] a few days ago, it was alright.
  • alright? jeez! come ON now! i know it was kinda hit and miss and the more SONGy songs were better but there were so many fun little elements! esp. Body 2 and that Repetition Suite!
  • Yeah it was quite varied, it was more than alright, and it did remind me of AC at some points.
  • man i'm still bummed the current line-up of the mae shi broke up the 2nd era! i still liked the EZRA era a bit more but they were going places! just as they were going places in 05 then lost their singer they were growing places in 2008 and even this year and now it has to restart for an era 3.0 probably won't even have an album until 2012! and then there is the signals or something or other!
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  • I got into mae shi about 2 years ago when my best friend busted it out on me. And i was blown away! we even started an experimental band inspired by WHY?, The Mae Shi, and AnCo. pretty weird huh? The ezra era was fantastic, i really got into his stuff. He has a band by himself called The Gowns or something like that. A couple others from the mae shi started a new band after they broke up too. ill put up a link to a music video if you havent heard it already. its not as crazy, but i like it. Edit: oh yeah, you already posted about them. the SIGNALS. ill atleast post some of ezras stuff. what a cool man.
  • [quote]The ezra era was fantastic, i really got into his stuff. He has a band by himself called The Gowns or something like that. [/quote] gowns! who broke up also about a year back or maybe less... and they / he had this EPIC 16/17min FINAL TRACK that was such a beast! ... probably the best thing i heard from gowns ... so that just means ANOTHER time of breaking up RIGHT when things were getting damn groovy! i can't believe signals don't have an album yet? and mae shi seems like they are damn dead! i didn't think it'd be too hard to recover because there really is no singular mae shi sound [it could be ANYTHING for 3.0!] it's been a long strange road!
  • I like them alot, but i've had enough of them. as in, i dont mind that they broke up. I just don't feel like they've got alot more to offer, without sounding more like every other band. but this is just me. My best friends brother has one of the Mae Shi's old instruments, its like this diamond shaped thing that squels, and when its in a dark environment it sounds low and gurgle and when lights touches it, it peaks high. its crazy.
  • that is just you! ]in that yr nuts![ gah! both times they broke up they were on the cusp of TURNING INTO SOMETHING [something greater!] ahh yes in 08 they were selling weird home-made gizmoze that were affected by light! ... i wish i had brought more money and gotten one now... regrets!
  • how many were sold?
  • thousands! no, i don't know! i wasn't sure how limited edition it was... it SEEMED like something where they wouldn't make too many, it being home-made and all? ... i think when i was there there was a cheaper one and more expensive one but who knows how many more he had or went on to make! he tricked yr friend!
  • well then.. the stuff they make, makes me want to go to a dumpster, and build an instrument out of everything inside it.
  • there is something damn groovy about bands that build their own instruments / gizmoze / use junkyard type stuff as instruments... usually they are quite out there ... like sleepytime gorilla museum or einsturzende neubauten [ze jurmangs!]
  • we do this all the time! woo! i fear there won't be a May She MARK 3 <!-- s:( --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/sad.gif" alt=":(" title="sad" /><!-- s:( -->
  • probably NOT :( oh the places they could have gone! the further sounds they could have become! MUTATED INTO and it seems nothing has come of the (not so busy) SIGNALS or that project with bush diver! busdriver>>>beans!
  • one day they will all see the mae shi!
  • and me teehee :(|)
  • still just a potato :( ... come OWN! :angry:
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