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Okay guys, we really need a topic about this. I'm not sure if this is the appropriate place for it but, what the hell, i'm making it anyways. ODDSAC is their visual album that is actually going to be in the Sundace Film Festival. Yes, it got accepted. I know there are screenshots kicking around and if no one else does, i'll throw them up here so we can get to the discussing. I'm honestly very excited about this and have faith that it is at least going to be incredibly interesting. <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://pitchfork.com/news/37286-animal-collectives-highly-anticipated-film-to-premiere-at-sundance-2010/">http://pitchfork.com/news/37286-animal- ... ance-2010/</a><!-- m --> here's an asshole (of course) review from Pitchfork. Premiers tomorrow, in Chicago and New York (i think?)!


  • Already got one Tigers,but good intentions! <!-- l --><a class="postlink-local" href="http://animalcollective.org/community/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=225">viewtopic.php?f=3&t=225</a><!-- l -->
  • alright, well, if anyone out here has the power they can go ahead and delete this.
  • it's under "animal collective visual album out next year"...or just search the board for ODDSAC. That being said, there isn't any new news on there. I know that Danny is going with Gary Hustwit, a director about whom I am currently information seeking. Or we could ditch that thread and start from here.
  • this is going to be either the best or worst movie of 2010! or possibly BOTH! i'm calling it right here RIGHT NOW (somehow?)
  • I guess it will depend on your opinion of Danny's other work.
  • well if it has the fun whimsy of Rabbit that would rock... summertime clothes kind had that too but was more a visual treat but kind of empty... i hope it's a good combo of both... visual but with stuff that cracks you up too (and with reports of avey covered in GLITTER + GOO from the waist up that could happen! ... and geo said himself every time he was in a scene people laughed... there you go! comic relief!)
  • Sounds good.
  • Screenings start on the 26th!!! I wish I was cool enough to go to the Sundance Film Festival.... <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.artistadvocacy.com/visual/feautres/danny-perez-interview/">http://www.artistadvocacy.com/visual/fe ... interview/</a><!-- m --> a neat interview with Danny Perez. Says some interesting things about the film.
  • that was a pretty cool interview, "It feels good and weird. But weird is good too." he said that he was going to be taking it around to different venues after sundance, i wonder when it'll be available to the general public....
  • I know, i'd love to see it though i'm sure that no theater in Maine is going to show it. I thought it was interesting how he tested out some imagery at Panda's shows. here's a 'review' off ODDSAC. Sounds intense. <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://sundance.bside.com/2010/films/oddsac_sundance2010">http://sundance.bside.com/2010/films/od ... ndance2010</a><!-- m -->
  • wow that was really short but awesome. i wish they had some more pictures. yeah thats cool that he tested out how well the images fit with the music. that mean that Perez put a whole lot of thought and energy into this movie.
  • yeah, they all definitely did. It's neat that Perez has known Avey for a long time. I know there are more pictures floating around the internet somewhere...
  • i would love to see those photos.
  • i'll work on digging them up. <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://moviesblog.mtv.com/2010/01/12/exclusive-psychedelic-image-from-animal-collectives-oddsac-premiering-at-sundance/">http://moviesblog.mtv.com/2010/01/12/ex ... -sundance/</a><!-- m --> there's another picture/shitty article. That means two pictures from the movie at least.
  • They added a date in Seattle! SO GOING TO BE THERE OH MY GOD.
  • *sob, sob, sob* I feel so left out, up here in Maine. With no money. I want to see ODDSAC and the AC!
  • i saw this march 3rd in NYC and it was outstanding to say the worst about it, every scene drew you right into the screen, the 53minutes felt like 15minutes, no exageration. there is this scene for about 5-10 minutes in the middle that is mezmerizing, i was left speechless once the credits came on as well as everyone else in the crowd. the whole movie had this almost dark/horror type feel but [spoiler]the ending contrasted the rest of the visual album with a joyful hymn rolling right into the ending credits and a question and answer with Deakin, Geologist, and Avey Tare.[/spoiler]
  • Wholy moley I can't wait. I think I'm going to buy tickets to the seattle show tomorrow. I think I'm almost equally as excited to see the reaction of the crowd. What are the crowds like? are they mostly AC fans? Young? Old? I feel like it would be almost an awkward thing to watch with a bunch of elderly people who just came to critique modern day acid-trip filmmaking.
  • it was all AC fans, im 17 and i went with my friend who is also 17, and we were probably the youngest there, everyone was like 18-25 mainly, with the exception of a few couples in the 30's, it was a great atmosphere but 99% on the time the crowds eyes were glued to the screen and no one even made a noise. There were multiple people around me who stared at the screen and didn't blink from the intro to even when the lights went on haha.
  • Yeah I checked out a couple pictures online and the crowd looked pretty young. If I was watching it I think I might be to scared to peek at the crowd in fear of missing something crazy on screen! Was there a huge applause after the movie ended?
  • yes! Never turn your eyes from the screen! i'm so excited for you, TT!
  • i only took it off for a split second during black haha, and yeah big applause for sure then AC came down and answered questions about it.
  • I always thought its quite wierd applausing a movie at the end of it. Like in a theatre in all. Its like clapping for how well the screen presented it (cause AC can't hear it). But even still, go on clapping... <!-- s:) --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/smile-1.gif" alt=":)" title=":)" /><!-- s:) -->
  • oh I HATE it when people clap at the end of movies. but this one I'll be like jumping up and down giving a standing ovation I'm sure. I wish you could come with me tigers:(
  • you'll just have to give me such a detailed evaluation that it feels like i'm there when I read it ; ) At least, when you clap and jump at the end of the movie the AC will be there. Actually, are they going to these added showings?
  • yeah them and danny perez too <!-- s:) --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/smile-1.gif" alt=":)" title=":)" /><!-- s:) --> i am excite.
  • that's amazing TT! Amazing! dlafkjdas, so excited!
  • I am so happy for you!!! Maybe you can make them a present from all of us.
  • Ok so I'm back since idk how long, feels long. Any leak of the ODDSAC yet? Don't feel like digging.
  • oh man what kind of present would be worthy for them!? we'd all have to collaborate something. that would actually be awesome! "from your friends at ac.org" AWWWWWW. I've heard of leaks on collectedanimals, apparently cellphone recordings, if you want it you have to ask for a pm.
  • Yeah, that's all i've heard of. I'm content waiting for June 22nd (that's the date right?) for the DVD release. I'm not sure what kind of amazing present we can come up with. When are you going to see it? We should make some piece of art and send it from one person to the next (through snail mail), each adding their own unique piece to it. Each one of us can pick an AC album and/or song to be inspired by. It would be epic.
  • oh man that sounds fantastic! I'm leaving on the 30th...so we'd have to send it quick cause thats only 2 weeks away! (eeee!) someone could buy a little notebook or something and start filling it with drawlings and I could give it to them! or if it didn't get finished in time we could just send it to them. oh boy,I LIKE THIS IDEA. i wish we had thought of it earlier, it would be awesome to hand it to them in person... maybe we can do a little art project to give them, and then the book could be a big one that we could send them. (i hope they aren't reading this or it will ruin the surprise!)
  • also!!!! I've reached 300 posts!!!!! if we need to conserve time, even though it wouldn't be a group project, we all could make a page and send it to you, and then you could put it all together, or something. Drawings, notes, ummm...i'm not entirely sure what our stuff should contain. off topic;;; i want to make Panda a stuffed Panda Bear. I might have a secret crush on Panda, as a result of a dream that I had where he called my cell phone and we had a long mundane conversation. Maybe not a crush, but I have a lot of admiration for the guy. back on topic;;; what should we draw them?!
  • 300 SPARTANS! i love dreams with the ac. the other night I dreamt I was sitting at the screening of oddsac and two of my friends were sitting to the left of me. They kept looking over at me and were smiling and finally I was like "WHAT!" and then I turned to my right and Avey was sitting there beside me, and he was like "Is this the best day of your life or what?" and then gives me a huge hug. best. dream. ever. i woke up with a stupid shit grin on my face. I want a hug from him so bad. *ahem* back to reality. this will work perfectly if everyone sends me a collaboration of things... drawings, notes, scans... you can send it via email or via regular mail, as long as you get it to me before the 30th. I don't know what to draw them! All I can think to give them is a big thank you card that says "thank you for making my life so wonderful." ....<_< or something a little more in depth....
  • awhhh! What an amazing dream! The one I had was so incredibly real that when I woke up, I was just like...wait...how did that not happen!?? Even though it was a little rediculous. I know, I really just want to write them this long elaborate note expressing my thanks for making such amazing music, but that is something that I should give them personally and not have you do. So i'll have to think of what in the hell I should draw them (especially because I hate drawing) that would be meaningful and worth it for them to hang on to.
  • I think you should bake them a cake. I bet they've never gotten cupcakes from fans. You would make them smile, even Panda!
  • yes, bake them something! Great idea. the only sad thing is, Panda's not at these things, 'cause he lives in...shit, I can't think of the country, but you guys no where i'm talkin' about.
  • Portugal.
  • Yes. Thank you.
  • PANDA LIVES IN PORTUGAL? wtf I had no idea. (lol at calling it shit.) why does he live so far away? I could try and bake them something but I don't know if I could get it across the border...I could try. worst comes to worst the border patrol gets some tasty cupcakes. oh man, I actually want to try. I have a feeling they might be a bit scared to eat them, what if I was crazy and put something in them. awh I'd be so sad if they didn't want to eat them. Maybe what you make them doesn't have to be a drawing, it could even be a note or a letter or something. or cut out a bunch of magazine bits and make them a ransom note. haha.
  • haha, i'm going to ponder this for a few days. I just want to make them something that they will find worth hanging on to, or consider cool/interesting at least. I think baking them something is the best way for you to go. They are bound to eat them! Who can resist delicious baked goods?
  • I have already sown the seed of 'delicious cakes from animalcollective.org members yum yum nomnoms' in their heads.
  • and Teetles, I once got comic books across the border (verrrrrrrrrrrry hard and risky) so you should be able to get cupcakies across.
  • Where is the show your planning to give it to them? Cupcakes would be a wicked gift from you fans. With like ranbow hundreds and thousands all through them and stuff, and totally colourful and wonot. I wonder what they're favourite flavours are. I think some sort of strawberry cupcake would be nice. ^^ Do they do Q&A personally at every show? I thought it was just a thing at the end of the film.
  • [quote="winilula"]and [u]Teetles[/u]...[/quote] i love you. I'm going to the show in seattle, I live in Vancouver so it's only a 2 hour-ish drive. I would be pretty confident in taking cupcakes, they usually don't search the car so I'd just put them in a tupperware container in a bag in the trunk or something. REGARDLESS, everyone here has to get there shitz together and send me some fan stuff to give. My roommate works at a custom t-shirt store called bang on, and today I made a shirt that says "I <3 A.C". I want to make them each a t-shirt. But what would they say? I'm pretty sure it's a personal q+a. everyone else said they really took a lot of time and answered a lot of questions. I have a feeling it will be a bit awkward and difficult to give them something, but I could try my best. I think I'd just put my hand up during the q+a and be like "uhm...I have a present for you..."
  • This is so very, very exciting! That one of us is actually going to SEE ODDSAC in person AND be able to ask questions IN person and GIVE presents, all in person. I have a present for Dave's birthday in April but I guess I could send it now and you could give it to him. I would be so proud of you if you do raise your hand and say, "I have a present for the band from animalcollective.org" But I will be proud of you even if you don't, or can't. I would make each of them a t-shirt with their favorite band on it. You'd have to sift through interviews to discover that, but they'd be pleased.
  • yes, that's a brilliant idea! I'm not sure what else to put on a t-shirt for them. Panda would be the only obvious one (a panda bear!). So, i'm going to come up with something to send your way and give you many well wishes for your mission. I really hope you can give them things, but if you can't, all will be well. I think I will make a drawing/letter expressing my gratitude for their music.
  • Oh man I will be so nervous but I will do it. It's once in a lifetime, you're all depending on me. I CAN DO THIS! I was thinking of making panda a panda shirt. Could draw one myself, print it on there... but what to get for Geo and Avey? I'd want to give something to Danny Perez too, or else he'd be left out. GOSH I have no idea you guys have to help me here. What are their favourite bands? Favourite lyrics? Favourite quotes? Animals? ANYTHING! I'm all nervous haha.
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