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V!!! <!-- s:x --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_mad.gif" alt=":x" title="Mad" /><!-- s:x --> seeing it on sun day woulda gone yesterday or today but i had a concert yester day (shiny toy gunners!) and today (of montreal!) ... /// so damn pumped for it i hear a LOT of bad buzz about it being the worst one but i'm going in with an open mind and glow expectations should be a ROCKING good time had by all and even if it's not so good i still hope they go up to at least 7 (tho then it'll be sad in october of 2011!)


  • I wasn't the biggest fan of Saw 1, and my interest went away since then <!-- s:P --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_razz.gif" alt=":P" title="Razz" /><!-- s:P --> I saw, Saw 2 and 4 later on, but the shock value has gone, and doesn't interest me, so I won't be seeing 5.
  • that really saddens me! or should i say... SAWdens me... anywho it was damn great! i'd say 1>2>5>4>>>3 roughly this one had a cool low-key / spy vs spy type feel to it just sucks it'll be sucha long wait for VI! where could they go from here!
  • I thought the first Saw was pretty cool, i mean it was definatly some new ideas in horror (which im not a big fan of) and i mean it was realistic scary shit that [i]could happen[/i], however unlikly. Saw II was kind third one i thought was a bit better, i mean it was definatly creepy as hell... ...i gave up on it having an actual plot, and pretending like it wasnt a movie that just tortured people in over the top obscure ways. <!-- s:D --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_biggrin.gif" alt=":D" title="Very Happy" /><!-- s:D --> havent seen any since.
  • you and i differ... i'm still very much into ze plot! i hope Saw 6 ain't the last and they call Saw 7 Saw Se7en haha
  • we're about 2 months away (HEY!) from Saw Six i can't wait! (oh shit i guess i can and will!) i hope it really moves the plot and mythos/thology in strange new directions AND ERECTIONS!
  • hahahaha! yeah, i Saw Se7en ages ago....when i saw it i had a sore from sawing a see-saw with a jigsaw i stole from the hardware store, karma gave me a cold sore so my lip was sore but i sorted it out with cream.... sorry dudes i've gotta say the first saw was an epic achievement for what it was...the rest make me want to stab the producers in the head with a marlin for wasting money when they could be spending it on awesome independent films. that was my little vent...i hope you enjoyed it hehe.
  • well at least most say the first had some enjoyment... i only wish they wouldn't be so down on the sequels! i mean the 2nd one was damn fun! and the 4th and 5th (and hopefully sixth!) are building up to some mega series of inter-connecting films (like pieces of the proverbial puzzle!) i won't believe how it ends!
  • oh yes! there WILL be gBLOOD!
  • oh come on it was CRAZY! the very idear that was all going on DURING the third one time-wize... what a mean trick / twist to play on the audience that was! and the ironik tagline for V was "you won't believe how it ends!" and then it DOESN'T end with an unexpected twist... it was exactly what you thought was going down which being so expected what with this series became unexpected... always keeping us on our toes! 1.5 months away hey! i haven't seen or read ANYTHING about VI!
  • and now i have SEEN (or i SAW) saw vi! and it was SO good! oh man? you don't even know! never did i think i'd be able to just re-use the same thread a year later haha post 150! soon i shall be... #1! in the ac songs of senses!
  • I thought the first Saw was pretty cool, i mean it was definatly some new ideas in horror.honestly saw 4 was not so much good.
  • I love Saw 6. Daughter of Jigsaw is so fascinating and intelligent like his father. I'm excited to see what's next on Saw. <!-- s:) --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/smile-1.gif" alt=":)" title=":)" /><!-- s:) -->
  • LOL Out of all the ridiculously old G.O. [!] forums, why is this the one that keeps getting brought up.
  • because saw rocks! oh man... less than two months away! from the final saw! SAW SE7EN! this series will have gone to heaven! i am SO sad it isn't being called Saw 7 / VII Saw 3D? ugh... lame and i haven't seen a movie yet in this so-called newFrangled Third Dimension ... so i hope it doesn't distract me from enjoying the final piece of the proverbial puzzle... OR give me a head-ache!
  • can we pretend that airplanes in ze night sky are like shooting stars? <!-- s:( --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/sad.gif" alt=":(" title="sad" /><!-- s:( --> oh god! ... for that to be yr first post! and yr siggy! weirdin me out! ... but yes Cary Elwes' return i'm quite pumped for... it has been a longtime rumour and movie after movie the hope was kept alive i just hope they make it work! i always get sad reading people who saw the first or a few more and just gave up things went a bit downhill in #3 [and 4 was a bit of a mess!] but 5 and 6 just REALLY made up for it and got it back on a cool track and i was so sad they wouldn't go up through 8 and beyond [and just the IDEAR of Saw X!] <SOCKS!> but ending on Se7en just makes sense... it's about time! i'm super pumped can't believe it is this month and that it is going to end ahhh!
  • AHHHHH! it's only a day away! to think i'd be using the same thread for 3 of the filmsy flims! madness! i never SAW that coming! hoho!
  • That is one series of movies that doesn't do anything for me... Id rather watch... just about anything/ however I understand why people love it. I've seen enough shock vids for my lifetime... and i never feel bettered afterword. You want a real shock, check this out.. <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> m --> I guess it's not really shocking but I thought it was really cool <!-- s:P --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/razz.gif" alt=":P" title="razz" /><!-- s:P -->
  • coming this hollow ween... SAW IX :(|) oh if only!
  • 2004 Saw 2005 Saw II 2006 Saw III 2007 Saw IV 2008 Saw V 2009 Saw VI 2010 Saw VII 2011 Saw VIII 2012 Saw Ix 2013 Saw X 2014 Saw XI 2015 Saw XII 2016 Saw XIII 2017 Saw XIV 2018 Saw XV 2019 Saw XVI 2020 Saw XVII 2021 Saw XVIII 2022 Saw XIX 2023 Saw XX god dammit if only they had just kept going! how it could have morphed MUTATED imagine how insane things would have been by Saw 27!
  • Saw 84 pull up girlie i wanna see shit! :(|) socks! i'm not wearing any socks! frilly pink sockies and STOCKINGS and pant ties! *DIES*
  • I saw 5 movies
  • you didn't see saw! who saw saw! sean! not burd!
  • I never saw any Saw movies in my life
  • :o get on that! GET INTO IT! then shovel some shit! :ph34r:
  • :o get on that! GET INTO IT! then shovel some shit! :ph34r:
  • coming October 2016... Saw 8! SenseiGHT! 2017: SAW IX 2018: SAW X (socks!) 2019: Saw X2! [Saws United against The Last VS.The Stand Action Zero!] to shit amour clash! 20/20: VISION JIZZ... Saw XXX: The Orno! 2021 / reverse 2012 gorp grok: Saw XXXX / XIV: Sin Saw Space / Alan RickShaw RAGE
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