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AC EP download: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --> [img][/img] 1. Geometrik - The AC Theme Song (1:07) 2. Andy Jhey feat. The Credit Cards - Broze! (5:09) 3. Take Monkey & Grunt - Daily gRoutine ChipTune (0:43) 4. Cornash - Seeing Twinkles (Dead Squid RMX) (4:04) 5. Media Darlinks - I Remember Learning How to Drive (1:14) 6. Pavey Bare - Rabbi Rug Love (4:00) 7. Roger - Explode! (3:38) --------------------------------------------------------- 19 minutes 55 seconds the animal collective theme song is actually some shortened edit minus the repeating part and some annoying shit in the first few seconds... but still stands the test of time as being quite a killer theme song for the band! i should have pushed for them to hear it in the earlier days of sumner 05 tho i feared they'd be offended in the way it mocks baby day's extended intro! then there's 2 of the 3 covers by JHEY which rule, a goody x-splodder kuv, (by roger, no less!) ... take the monkey and run's little mini chip tune cover of daily w/VOX! he SOUNDS pretty panda-ish which is cool! ... then there is a remix of the classic geo/deeks collab Seein' Twinks! and the last one well part of it is something everyone will recognize and the other part a little surprize for you guys! and yr damn EYES! i guess i can't expect much anyone to get this and it's kinda random but i think it's FUN! esp. the artwork!


  • This is quite interesting, I'll give it a listen when I can.
  • well just don't expect much! oh god?
  • Oh god? It's was alright, I actually liked it <!-- s:P --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_razz.gif" alt=":P" title="Razz" /><!-- s:P --> I was expecting an okay tribute, and that's what it is.
  • man, laying the praise on real thick there, hate.
  • haha! you ruined it! THE GAME! this was to be the very last thread i bumped! this mysterious little tribute THINGY that no one but hate the radio heard! that darn bird! basically there were 3 threads left from before 2009... this was one of them then one more from Nov 2008 i joined Oct 08 so other than the 2 from NOVEMBER 2008.... there was only ONE THREAD still left from before i actually joined... MARCH 2008... which is about when the board began i believe...? in some ways i wanted to bump everything from before 2010 but there's too damn much but the 2008 days! i remember THE DAZE!
  • POOR ROGER! :( he didn't hurt no body!
  • oh no! my bad dude. i'm gonna download and listen to this, though. and then i'll tell you it's totally mediocre, just like hate. lol
  • oh shit the file's gone
  • that was kind of amusing "i expected it to be just okay... and ... it was just okay" yeah OKAY?! what the heck man! :( i worked so hard! i should still have it SOMEWHERE... i'll try to diggit up sometime soon not right now NOT RIGHT NOW!! patience, dave!
  • right? damn dude, i was totally blown away by how tepid his response was. i do look forward to hearing it, though. your fleet foxes cover was my favorite of the bunch.
  • OK, now I do see what all the bumping was. Then I sank your battleship. I have heard the theme song but not the rest.
  • i feel like i was more of an iceberg than a cannonball.
  • He hasn't woken up yet- I'm glad it's you that he'll be pissed at, Dave, not me. It was super fun though re-reading when he and I first clashed, and when other people first came on the board. Oh, the olden days. The golden olden days. We can never go back!
  • we have to go back... we have to go BACK!!!!
  • my welcome post is retarded. funnily enough, the same thing that we still do to people now in their welcome posts made me feel like i didn't want to be part of this forum. it seemed like everyone already had established roles and i didn't feel like there was any open space for me. just remembered that post and how it felt. i think i'll stop going off-topic into self-absorbed tangents in welcome posts from now on. i can't believe i'd forgotten that.
  • Oh, Dave, that is sad. That is probably why a few of the others never came back. Peacefish was the most overt in his HOW DO I BEHAVE HERE post, so maybe I need to somehow incorporate a more "you are here now and so we have set the table for one more."
  • I was really concerned about the place! All of you already had a role. Luckily that feeling went away when I was on here for about a month.
  • Yeah same here.
  • Well, is there anything I could have done/can do in the future that would help? And G.O., the file you posted that is no longer available to download, it isn't the one with Brad, I'm in jail bitch or Noise-Freaka, right? That's my favorite, Ted and I sing along.
  • Whoa! I had no idea that everyone felt that way. I'm curious about how we could help that feeling to exist myself. My welcome post was so nice - i'd only ever been part of one online forum before and it was so massive and cold because of that. I felt really warm and welcomed here...
  • Yeah I'm with Tiggs (I decided that's what I'd call you btw). I mean, it was sort of intimidating in the way that I had a long way to go to be a part of this forum fully, but not really because all the posts were in good humor and friendly. Especially Wini's. One other forum I joined I listed the kind of music I was into and this one guy was like, "Great list but everyone's going to hate on you and call you a hipster," so I immediately stopped posting there.
  • Yeah, the one forum I was on before was the Strokes one and it had like this survey that you had to fill out so everyone could "get to know you" and all of the responses seemed like they came straight out of a book of necessary responses when someone new joins. It was nice to have some sincerity. (also, I like Tiggs).
  • I think I like all of these (I think I was even worried about a nickname on this board when I got here). Peacey Peachfish Peace And what ever G.O. [!] calls me! (peach something)
  • you can call me dave. hah! easiest nickname ever; it's my name!
  • But you call yourself David.
  • Yes, but many call me Dave. I go either way, but I'll admit I'm more comfortable with David. He's a standup guy! Dave is Mr. Hyde. Juuuuust kidding. I'm both rolled into one, mashed into nothing, split into three, and baked into a little cake.
  • Oh Dave! Peace, I think that's your nickname via me.
  • Oh yeah Tigers, I think you started that in January. Wini calls me Peacy and G.O. calls me whatever is on the tip of his tounge (fingers)?
  • I think I'm going to call you Davey Tare from now on, Dave. Or Davey for short.
  • lol right on
  • tribute to the damn ducks!
  • quack! and then when they stop quacking to power the car? ROBOTIK SPOONS HIT THEM!
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