• I suppose it has more to do with my distaste for commercial radio. If you had told me you had seen Guy Noir in concert, I would have known exactly who you were talking about. Hey, I hadn't heard a Justin Bieber song before today. It's not a generational thing.
  • Your lucky you don't HAVE to hear that boy. I spend time in the car with a little sibling. A sibling who has bieber fever. ugh
  • Ok, the best concerts I´ve been to, in no particular order: Jane´s Addiction- In 2003. No Age - At Oya Festival. Animal Collective - Strawberry Jam-era. Pixies - Roskilde Festival - Reunion Tour. Radiohead - Amnesiac Tour. Joanna Newsom - Seen her twice, both times were awesome. Jose Gonzales - In support of the first album. My Bloody Valentine - Oya Festival. Jean Michel Jarre - Seen him three times. Lightspeed Champion - Oya. Panda Bear - Oya. Neil Young - Roskilde. Beach House - Seen them twice. Mars Volta - In support of the first and the second record. LCD Soundsystem - Oya. M83 - In support of his last album. Interpol - In support of their second. Liars, Health, Bob Hund, Blonde Redhead, Autechre and Squarepusher were also fun. I remember being quite disappointed with Air, Wilco, Aphex Twin, Television and Love. Deerhunter were allright, but the singer had the flu, and the hole band seemed a bit tired...
  • I am VERY impressed. So you must be at least 24, right?
  • why 24? what the! [quote]Radiohead - Amnesiac Tour. [/quote] yes! oh man... 2001... my father sister and me went on a little road trip to canada and saw them in chicago for free from outside [you could hear and see great!? which is crazy!] and then saw them for real in Toronto [BARRIE!] and then went to Montreal and it was magik! 03 in wisconsin was good too but could not compare! haven't seen 'em since <!-- s:( --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/sad.gif" alt=":(" title="sad" /><!-- s:( --> don't know if i ever will! one more time would be grand!
  • Arcade Fire a week from tomorrow. Then of Montreal a month from then. And THEN ANIMAL COLLECTIVE if they decide to show their faces this summer
  • Winilula: Thank you, and yes, I´m over 24. <!-- s;) --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/wink.gif" alt=";)" title="wink" /><!-- s;) -->
  • Hey bmx, you saw Television? Tom Verlaine Television? Edit: I agree, Wilco live wasn't much fun at all. The lead singer was really obnoxious.
  • Yep, Television played a reunion-show at Roskilde some years ago. They seemed pretty uninspired.
  • oh cool Roskilde, going there for the second time this summer.
  • Wow, that's pretty cool and it also sucks. I'm not altogether surprised; reunion shows can be tricky. But I've got a bunch of old bootlegs of theirs, and back in the day they were really great. Too bad that didn't carry over in the show you saw.
  • [quote="bmx-ninja"]Ok, the best concerts I´ve been to, in no particular order: No Age - At Oya Festival. Animal Collective - Strawberry Jam-era. Pixies - Roskilde Festival - Reunion Tour. Radiohead - Amnesiac Tour. Joanna Newsom - Seen her twice, both times were awesome. Panda Bear - Oya. Neil Young - Roskilde. Beach House - Seen them twice. LCD Soundsystem - Oya. Interpol - In support of their second. [/quote] i'm jealous of these ones. Well, not jealous but interested anyways. I love No Age and would really love to see them live. I saw Pixies on their Doolittle tour and that was great. And moondoggydoggy enjoy your concerts!! The Arcade Fire will be great, i'm sure. As much of a not-fan I am of their recorded stuff I would certainly love to see them live. And Of Montreal sounds like its always an experience. I'm going to see Beirut in July, but that's the only concert coming up for me.
  • Yeah, No Age were really fun to watch, they had good charisma, and the overall feeling of the concert was just very positive. Doolittle-tour, did they play all the songs, and in the order of the album? I would have loved to see that aswell. <!-- s:) --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/smile-1.gif" alt=":)" title=":)" /><!-- s:) --> Beirut was actually going to play at Oya, the same day I was there, but he cancelled. I think maybe Warpaint is playing at Oya this year. If they are, I´ll definitely go see them.
  • I'd love to see Beirut.
  • They did play all of the songs off Doolittle and in Order then they did like three encores and played some of the other popular songs. I absolutely love Doolittle so it was kind of a dream come true for me. I'm definitely excited about seeing Beirut! I've really gotten into them lately so it should be a great experience and the venue is a really nice one too. I was so thrilled to see they were coming around here because people rarely do. Indie bands have been coming more though and I wonder if we've gotten some good people running a couple of our local venues.
  • i hope Beach House will play in Copenhagen again sometime in the near future saw them two times last year and they were amazing!.. can't wait too see Animal Collective in may only 44 days left !!
  • Oh Penny, I am SO happy for you! That is so very exciting, and you will have to enjoy it EXTRA so as to share it with us poor souls.
  • [quote="winilula"]Oh Penny, I am SO happy for you! That is so very exciting, and you will have to enjoy it EXTRA so as to share it with us poor souls.[/quote] Thanks Wini.. and i will enjoy it ! saw this old Danish punk band today with my dad, he really loves them so it was quite fun to see him this happy. in case anybody want's to hear the band . [youtube]
  • Got 4 coming up Fleet Foxes at the Tabernacle The Flaming Lips perform The Soft Bulletin at the 'nacle Animal Collective at Verizon Amphitheater Death Cab and Frightened Rabbit at Verizon How many of you guys have seen bands twice? I've seen U2 twice with the fan and this'll be my 2nd time seeing DCfC
  • thanks tiggles! to think last time they were here they were playing the drunken unicorn! I'm having quite a summer in terms of music. Friend of mine who has connections told me bon iver's coming to Atlanta as well but hasn't been announced and he said he might help me score tickets.
  • Gang Gang Dance is playing in Copenhagen i've only heard good things about them live so i think i migth go.
  • [quote="Tabelz"]I'm having quite a summer in terms of music. Friend of mine who has connections told me bon iver's coming to Atlanta as well but hasn't been announced and he said he might help me score tickets.[/quote] I'm eagerly awaiting the Bon Iver playing in Atlanta announcement.
  • He's playing Cobb Energy. July 28th is what my little birds said
  • SO the Sweetlife Festival was pretty insane. My boyfriend and I got there at noon time and saw the opening band from some fold out chairs (Merriweathers a pretty interesting venue). US Royalty was some pretty nice 70s inspired rock and the singer really knew how to work the show. Then we went down on the floor for the next band then went and drank some beer and ate some food and when we went to get back on the floor while Ra Ra Riot was playing we were discouraged to discover that they had stopped letting people on. We managed to sneak on though during the set change for Cold War Kids and then there we were. We managed to work our way to the second 'row' on the floor, crushed against some really angry short girls. After Cold War Kids Was Crystal Castles who were INSANE. THe crowd got super rowdy and you could barely move. The singer was writhing on the floor and throwing herself into the crowd all with a cast on her broken foot. Then the bass was so loud I thought my ears would bleed. THe person in front of me said that "If I did hardcore drugs, I would love this band" and that seemed a pretty good description. Then there was Lupe Fiasco and he was pretty alright. By that point the floor had too many people on it but that's always fun and we'd been on there since like 2:30 and couldn't go get water because we'd lose our spots and probably not get let back onto the floor because it was closed off again. The best thing about Lupe was the water he kept throwing inot the crowd and not his political ramblings. Then GIRL TALK HOLY CRAP. I Loved Girl Talk more than The Strokes. He was insane. A giant mash-up unique to the venue ending and starting with the same tracks as ALL DAY. With Toilet paper getting shot into the crowd from guns, confetti flying everywhere and awesome mixes. It was a giant dance party. It was really incredible. Then the final track ends with John Lennon's Imagine and the balloons fell from the ceiling and confetti was everywhere and it was like magic. Then THe Strokes came on and it was like everyone compressed I couldn't move my arms and the girls next to me were giving everyone shit for crunching them which is stupid because they were on the floor. THen they punched the guy in front of me in the face and I decided to move a few people back where my boyfriend had ended up. The Strokes have so much less energy than Girl Talk that it kinda made their set a ltittle hard to digest. They played all the songs I wanted to hear anyways. so there's a quick review.
  • THREAD REVIVAL TWO - LOOK I WAS THE LAST PERSON TO POST HERE Ty Segall is coming to a venue near me in the future so i'm definitely going to that. Going to see The Black Keys/Arctic Monkeys in less than a month and Passion Pit is coming around too. I don't know anything about Passion Pit but i'm going anyways. Anyone else going to concerts soonish?
  • weird... this thread gets created / bumped every Feb! 2010 / 2011 / 2012! THE FUTURE! well last night i saw a guy called DOLDRUMS and the other week Los Campesinos w/PARENTHETICAL GIRLIES and then in March i have GRIMES w/BORN GOLD and maybe CURSIVE w/Cymbals Eat Guitars!
  • "I don't know anything about Passion Pit but i'm going anyways" they have this song called SLEEPYHEAD which is great! and some of the other songs on their first EP.... the album? not as much! though i'm sure they'd be onto the next album now or gearing up for it! it's bin a good while! never saw them live
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    I have been to almost no concerts, mainly because ze money, time, transportation, and my age. But hopefully by next year i'll have been to somme good ones!
  • most "famous" i guess is nirvana on "in utero" tour most fun was presidents of the united states of america w/ young fresh fellows opening most mindblowing mr bungle or legendary pink dots orbital, g. love, ramones, jane's, porno for pyros, marilyn manson, smashing pumpkins, various lollapaloozas, anthrax, tori amos, tool, bungle, nirvana, legendary pink dots, presidents, toadies, there's more i can't remember
  • I'm probably going to see Girls and Unknown Mortal Orchestra next month. And the Shins are coming!
  • Ive missed the shins. I'm seeing mewithoutyou next month
  • if you see me without you without me i'll hate you! (sorry)
  • I saw yonder mountain sring band. They r good
  • oh damn -- and here i show my age -- i forgot my first two concerts: guns 'n' roses (soundgarden opened) and pink floyd's division bell tour (where the publius enigma first cropped up)
  • my first 2: BOYZ II MEN (baby face opened?) RADIOHEAD (david gray opened) i was 10!
  • Going back a little, I'm glad that Passion Pit has one good song anyways, GO. I really wasn't impressed by anything I heard but figured I could make a fun night out of the concert. Yukbon - Nirvana! that's awesome. MoonDog - You're seeing Girls! Girls is definitely on my list of bands that I really want to see. I'm so in love with Girls. My first concert was Good Charlotte and New Found Glory together - ugh, how embarrassing now. My first concert that I went on the floor for and am not ashamed of was Streetlight Manifesto.
  • My first concert was The Flaming Lips i still think that is a pretty cool first concert
  • i saw good charlotte at 17 right BEFORE they got truly known / big! i'm just embarassed i didn't see them earlier.... with OPM opening! heaven is a hash pipe fish!
  • Yeah, I saw them when their second album came out. The second one's the one that got them big right? LIFESTYLLLESS of the rich and the famous! Oh my.
  • that was their breakout hit song ... the next level! but before that it was MOTIVATION PROCLAMATION (i! gotta! get myself out of this!) and before that it was THE LITTLE THINGS (always bring me down!) the video had MANDY MOORE!
  • i saw passion pit. they good.
  • I went to the Big Day Out festival a couple of weeks ago, which is like, the main Australian music festival. It kind of kills the music when they turn up the volume to full blast - turns all grainy and distorted. The exception being Miss Kitty, she was so chilled out. Practically nobody was around for her, but she was awesome. Royksopp was the absolute highlight, and I was up against the fence. AND I TOUCHED Svein Berge! Odd Future did terrible... which was really disappointing. Best Coast was very good, Foster the People did very well even though I don't really like them. And those were the best parts, other then that there was Kayne West, Architecture in Helsinki, etc.
  • Jealous at everyone who saw LCD Soundsystem! I've seen a few concerts. So far, I've seen Nine Inch Nails, Smashing Pumpkins, Marilyn Manson (just got me tickets today actually), Tool, and A Place to Bury Strangers. I REALLY want to see Björk, David Bowie, Animal Collective, Cut Copy, Lady Gaga, and Grace Jones. Also, it's always been a dream of mine to go to Coachella. Have to go there before I die.
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    i wish i had known more than 2 LCD Soundsystem songs before i saw them.
  • i wish YEAH would have gone as crazy as the studio version / even CRAZIER :(
  • Going to see the Arctic Monkeys and the Black Keys this coming Tuesday. My ride has bailed on me off and on for a while and now I've got to rearrange my whole concert plan. I'm pretty bummed about that aspect of it because I love the Arctic Monkeys an awful lot. Hopefully it'll all work out though
  • I might be seeing umphreys mcgee, primus and moe at summercamp this year
  • coooool
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