So i'm in the process of trying to make the ULTIMATE ANIMAL PLAYLIST! There are just some AC songs that I just have to hear everyday, multiple times a day, that just get me pumped and keep me going, put a smile on my face! What are yours? Here are mine: WE TIGERS The Purple Bottle Brothersport Slippi Tikwid What Would I Want? SKY Winter Wonder Land Winter's Love Street Flash Bat You'll Fly La Rapet Chocolate Girl People Essplode Water Curses Safer That's it. Kind of expected maybe? See, i'm not sure. Because I have no idea what other people's favorite AC songs are. Tell me!


  • I'd probably chuck in Alvin Row, Bluish, Grass, April and the Phantom, In the Flowers, Fireworks, #1, For Reverend Green, Loch Raven, In the Singing Box, maybe Prospect Hummer, Fickle Cycle and No More Runnin' (these are in addition to my picks already on your list). Don't wanna think of too many more.
  • [quote="Phantom"]Alvin Row, April and the Phantom, Fireworks, For Reverend Green, Loch Raven, In the Singing Box, No More Runnin' [/quote] Yeah, i'd put those in too! Good picks! I know there are some more that i'm missing too. I love Throwin the Round Ball.
  • In the Flowers Reverend Green Banshee Beat Did You See the Words Fireworks Grass My Girls Peacebone Bluish Doggy Graze What Would I Want? Sky Purple Bottle Cuckoo Cuckoo Summertime Clothes
  • hmm, my list might be: Baby Day Mouth Wooed Her The Purple Bottle Taste Water Curses EP Tikwid Pacebone ( << Is there even such a thing? ) Prospect Hummer ( Pandas back ups in this song is very sweet ) I Remember Learning How To Dive In The Singing Box For Reverend Green <!-- s:) --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/smile-1.gif" alt=":)" title=":)" /><!-- s:) --> (The bands side projects) On A Farm - Panda Bear ( someone on this forum commented on the simplicity of the song and ever since I've really adored it )
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  • [quote="wolftigerrosebud"] Banshee Beat -> Bees (I love how Bees sounds after Banshee Beat) [/quote] do you mean, bees into banshee beat or do you change it up? i personally loooove the Purple Bottle into Bees because its so chill in comparison to the summer energy on the last half of the PB.
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  • It surely is a wonderful trio. Probably my favorite of the album too.
  • Amazing picks guys, glad to know that my favorites are also favorites of others =)
  • IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER! (for your convenience!) : Also Frightened Brothersport College Fickle Cycle For Reverend Green Grass Graze Leaf House Lion In A Coma Must Be Treeman No More Runnin Peacebone The Purple Bottle The Softest Voice Summertime Clothes We Tigers What Would I Want? Sky No idea if they flow together in that order. Those are just my favorites. Huzzah! ^-^
  • People Street Flash Fickle Cycle Winter's Love I Think I Can Cuckoo Cuckoo We Tigers Cobwebs Chocolate Girl Banshee Beat Taste [i]the first five are in order (greatest to least), the others vary order but the songs never change[/i] I also really really love Native Belle, Another White Singer, Tantrum Barb, What Happened, Alvin Row, Baby Day, April and the Phantom, Pride and Fight,
  • We Tigers your playlist is perfect! I'd add My Girls though.
  • [quote="156curses"] (The bands side projects) On A Farm - Panda Bear ( someone on this forum commented on the simplicity of the song and ever since I've really adored it )[/quote] on a farm is actually my favorite Panda Bear song so far
  • Currently: Banshee Beat Fireworks Water Curses Leaf House Bluish What Would I Want? Sky #1 Daily Routine Did You See The Words Cuckoo Cuckoo We Tigers Penny Dreadfuls Mr. Fingers Bleed
  • 1: Lion In A Coma 2: Safer 3: Kids on Holiday 4: Purple Bottle 5: Winter Wonderland 6: Winter's Love 7: April and the Phantom 8: Fireworks 9: No More Runnin 10: We Tigers This be my top 10 list of, but I love all of Animal Collective's songs, but that is my top 10.
  • Purple Bottle. Probably the most awe inspiring love song of all time. Honorable Mentions (Other Favorites) Alvin Row, Did You See The Words?, Grass, Fireworks, Cuckoo Cuckoo, Summertime Clothes, Brothersport, Safer, and Fickle Cycle
  • my favorites tend to cycle through most of their songs depending on my mood, but right now Two Sails On A Sound Ahhhh Good Country Essplode Bat You'll Fly Daily Routine Slippi Bees Leaf House Chores Loch Raven (no particular order)
  • In no particular order: Ahhh Good Country Alvin Row Kids On Holiday Mr. Fingers Meet the Light Child Essplode Penny Dreadfuls Turn Into Something Fickle Cycle Flesh Canoe De Soto De Son Doggy Working What Happened Tantrum Barb Spirit They've Vanished The Living Toys Chocolate Girl La Rapet Another White Singer The Purple Bottle Screens Bat You'll Fly In the Singing Box Native Belle Hey Light Two Sails On a Sound Slippi Who Could Win a Rabbit Visiting Friends Banshee Beat Chores For Reverend Green Fireworks Derek In the Flowers Also Frightened Brother Sport
  • #1 is #1 For Reverend Green Taste Fireworks Banshee Beat No More Runnin' Also Frightened Brother Sport Kids On Holiday Street Flash What Would I Want? Sky
  • Sweet Road Alvin Row April and the Phantom What Would I Want? Sky Leaf House Did You See The Words Fireworks Tantrum Barb Who Could Win a Rabbit (Crack box and studio version) College Hey Light Hey Friend Chocolate Girl Brother Sport My Girls Peacebone Also Frightened We Tigers Prospect Hummer Forest Gospel Doggy Slippi
  • Spirit they´ve vanished Essplode Hey light Slippi Queen in my pictures The softest voice Visiting friends Grass The purple bottle Tikwid Water curses Baleen sample Chores Cuckoo cuckoo Also frightened Daily routine I think I can Track 5 from Oddsac
  • I was thinking of my favorite AC songs today. There are some songs that blew me away the first time I heard it more so than others: We Tigers Who Could Win A Rabbit Taste Native Belle/Hey Light The Purple Bottle Turn Into Something Here are others: Winters Love Did You See The Words Brother Sport (Midi Festival 2007) Summertime Clothes (Midi Festival 2007) Guys Eyes Cuckoo Cuckoo (Live @ Malta 2006) Slippi Chores Street Flash Chocolate Girl Alvin Row
  • Did you see the word Grass The Purple Bottle Banshee Beat In The Flowers My Girls Summertime Clothes Brother Sport Tantrum Barb People For Reverend Green Fireworks Cuckoo Cuckoo Peacebone Leaf House Who Could Win a Rabbit (Also love both versions) What Would I Want? Sky! Water Curses Street Flash Cobwebs <3<3<3
  • That's definitely a tough question! After a tonnn of narrowing down, I think mine would look something like this: *Grass *Taste *Did You See The Words? *We Tigers *Summertime Clothes *Brothersport *What Would I Want? Sky *Turn Into Something *#1 *Also Frightened *Lion In A Coma *Derek *Peacebone *Who Could Win a Rabbit *Leaf House *The Purple Bottle *My Girls *Fireworks *For Reverend Green *Street Flash ...I'll stop it there, but those are only half of the favorites! (x
  • Wow, I really like your avatar. It's Something cool, though I don't know quite what it is. Solid list, btw.
  • Thankss, it's actually the cover of the Summertime Clothes single 12". I don't quite know what it is either. (:
  • Swede. It looks like an orange, asparaGus, and a totem pole.
  • Here's a larger one. Do I spot blue asparagus? [img][/img]
  • I see assorted fruits and a vase.. and what looks like either flower petals, pills, or... foam packaging peanuts. (x
  • We could play I Spy with this! Do you see the little rabbit thing, next to the orange? Or the weird eyestalk thing coming from behind the lemon? Those are probably flower petals or pills... don't look like packing peanuts... Woah, did you see the patio heater? Almost missed it.
  • i always wondered what was going on with the peace bone sing hell! [img][/img]
  • Blown glass?
  • it always looks like some amusement park ride to me [and then in the video them being at an amusement park re-inforced this even more-so!] or maybe some sort of syko-dalek mushroom?
  • I'm not sure, why, but I see a melting candle.. Whatever it is, it's pretty. xP
  • I think it's a patchwork quilt made entirely of vegetables.
  • Maybe it's a melting amusement park ride made of blown glass and vegetables...
  • Or maybe it's a melted tricycle-rollercoaster with garbage cans for hands.
  • ..Anything's possible with Animal Collective cover art!
  • those always have looked like mushroom stems to me. Or maybe they just make me think of them...sitting in a pretty glass cup with purple water..............
  • I love every album by them as much as the other except for mpp. I also love all live concerts 2004 and earlier. These guys are just too good haha.
  • must be you! he's our glue!
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