Favorite AC song

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Tie between Banshee Beat and For Reverend Green for me.


  • Slippi! my fave non-ac but related was Crumbling Land (feelin' like a werewolf...) and for that i was... Slippy Wear the Vulf! uh! rabbits also way up there with sucha killer vid and the way they re-imagined it in the last 1.5 years or so ...
  • I bought the Grass single and watched the Rabbit video. That shit is scary at the end.
  • As my favorite album is [i]Spirit[/i]... I would have to say "April And The Phantom" or "Chocolate Girl" or "Alvin Row" even though "Spirit They've Vanished" is the most orgasmic of them all, the opening makes my ears pulsate with tinnitus every night, even now. Then of course "Banshee Beat" ...though I also love "Hey Light" and "Tikwid."
  • It's hard to pick a favorite AC song <!-- s:? --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_confused.gif" alt=":?" title="Confused" /><!-- s:? --> The first AC song i ever heard was my buddies house about 4 years ago, it was The Purple Bottle, and i was like...omg turn that crap off please. I ended up hearing it about 2 or 3 more times by the next morning, when i woke up, i could hear it going (he had a long playlist all night). And for some reason it sort of stuck with me, and i ended up asking my friend what it was the next day. Since then i think The Purple Bottle has been my favorite song, it was the first, and it gets me going every time. Kinda funny. Though April and the Phantom, Infant Dressing Table-->Panic, Ahhh Good Country...like i said, its hard to pick a favorite.
  • surprisingly Banshee Beat is the only song I can think of that can throw anyone I know into an obsession with AC. MPP is going to change that.
  • the purple bottle
  • Favourite older one has got to be Did You See The Words or Kids on Holiday. Did You See the Words is the best opening to an album I've ever heard. Favourite new one is My Girls. Has anyone heard Pullhair Rubeye by Avey and Kria? C x
  • [quote="cranleigh"]Has anyone heard Pullhair Rubeye by Avey and Kria?[/quote] Of course, both the way it is and reversed-forward <!-- s:mrgreen: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_mrgreen.gif" alt=":mrgreen:" title="Mr. Green" /><!-- s:mrgreen: --> Anyone listen to her album [i]Apotropaíosong Armor[/i]?
  • WE TIGERS !!!!!!
  • For ages it's been Did You See The Words, but recently I've been listening to Cuckoo Cuckoo a lot.
  • Water Curses For Reverend Green Turn Into Something YET...I have not heard Merriweather yet, because I'm waiting for vinyl which sold out in NYC so quickly. tomorrow I can get it!
  • Right now i'm obsessed with Safer, but a long time favorite of mine is Sweet Road. It reminds me of summer camp from when I was a kid. Good times...
  • hands down [i]the purple bottle[/i].
  • has to be a tie between derek and my girls. i just cant get over the euphoria of my girls.
  • Winter's Love People Banshee Beat
  • not possible to subject one song as a all time favorite, but definitely have my favorites from each album. Brothers Sport and Lion in a Coma from MPP Derek and For Reverend Green is awesome from SBJ Banshee beat is the best song on Feels IMO Leaf house from Sung Tongs.
  • Ehhh Tie between Derek, The Purple Bottle, My Girls, Brothersport, and Bat You'll Fly
  • For sure banshee beat. Feels is so epic.
  • it just FEELS epic as yr listening... it's actually quite slight!
  • leaf house, for sure
  • I would imagine that the majority of AC followers are from the US. I'm a fan from Ireland (i'm English) and our Irish "government" is attempting to bring in a blasphemy law!! I know you've got a load ov crazy religious types over there but "Christ" i'm scared. I may get shot for that statement!! I get the feelin AC aint into that shit. Yet they seem connected. To the natural world and the world of family, relationships and simplicity, not that of simulacra and false material illusions. I feel all their songs are totally connected "to life" and being, not imaginary control messures. Something lacking in the last decade or so! Image is all. [This swine flu seems like finally the animals are gettin revenge! I aint a fruit cake I just hate the excessively brutal slaughtering of animals just for our habitual eating patterns.] My appologies if you dont appreciate my subject matter within this Fave song post, but I think it's difficult to choose any one song. Most of their songs are totally worlds apart from their peers! [b]The best TEN for me though (no order) are: Taste; Brother Sport; Street Flash; Derek; Banshee Beat; Daily Routine; My Girls; The Purple Bottle; Summertime Clothes; Carrots(PB). All are absolutely top class! [/b]
  • it keeps changing and thats one of the beautiful things about this band but at the moment i seem to be completly hooked on, Kids on Holiday and People the screaming on people is f n awesome, its raw and gutteral..... great tune
  • [i]Winter Wonderland[/i] makes me smile with many joys. = )
  • Fireworks. Hands down. Buuuut I really enjoy Grass, Derek, and Bluish..and really all of them. But Fireworks.
  • Peacebone. It's tattooed on my foot.
  • I'm with Hateradio on this one, so many good songs on [i]Spirit They're Gone Spirit, They've Vanished[/i] I don't want to choose. On my ipod (sorry I'm a playlister!), apart from Spirit songs, the play count reads Essplode, Tikwid, Winter's Love, Loch Raven, Bluish, Prospect hummer. Others I'd include are; Grass as it was the first AC song I heard, and without 'knowing' AC already it seemed so mystical; Purple Bottle, which me and my pal spent a month learning it to play at school; and For Reverend Green because I dig the time signature and syncopated beat for that signature. Off the top of my head so I've missed a few. I can't bring myself to think about a true favourite.
  • oh! it's hard!!!!!!!!! mmmm...well, from the latest, summertime clothes! and in general...winter wonderland but my favorite's gotta be the purple bottle!
  • i love the purple bottle! <!-- s:D --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/lol.gif" alt=":D" title="lol" /><!-- s:D -->
  • there's a parody from 05 called Violet Container where avey sings "and stevie wouldn't see it coming ... and he'd wonder? Woo! WONDER? woo!" etc oh MAN not to mention The AC Theme Song and toothpaste commercial jingle jangle from the 90s!
  • well, didn't know that! i'm gonna have to look for those, i'm curious! <!-- s:) --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/smile-1.gif" alt=":)" title=":)" /><!-- s:) -->
  • between chores & fireworks <!-- s:heart: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/heart.gif" alt=":heart:" title="heart" /><!-- s:heart: -->
  • Banshee Beat, Fireworks, Cuckoo Cuckoo, Winter's Love, and Brothersport. All tied for #1 (ehehehe)
  • grass favorite song heard live: daily routine, milwaukee may 2009
  • Yeah Grass is a great song. It was so enchanting when I first heard it.
  • grass used to have avey yellin OH I NEED TO SEE! ... a doctor.... he's say the first part all intense and the dr. part all mellow it was a REALLY good line! i'm sad they dropped it!
  • Where in the song was it?
  • I don't think I can say yet, because I haven't heard all of their albums sadly. So far though, I guess I would have to say that it is a 3 way tie between Winter Wonderland, I Think I Can and Did You See The Words.
  • That's a pretty cool mix.
  • <!-- s:3 --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/nod.gif" alt=":3" title="nod" /><!-- s:3 -->
  • Agggh tough... It's probably 'Baby Day' - I seem to get so much emotion from that song in particular. Honourable mentions though for: 'For Reverend Green' and 'Winter's Love' Oh, and 'Banshee Beat'... I am not good at this!
  • Uhh, I change my answer, cause that was six months ago. I'd have to say Tikwid.
  • Grass, most definitely! Best AC song ever! If they made an album like that and Water Curses, it'd be so amazing. I also really love Loch Raven and For Revend Green but Grass is the most incredible! <!-- s:) --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/smile-1.gif" alt=":)" title=":)" /><!-- s:) -->
  • Cuckoo Cuckoo
  • that was my favorite before i could make out the words and realize how heartbreaking it is. right now, loch raven or maybe winter wonder land, but only because i haven't heart the oddsac boot i have (#5, the boulder field song is completely perfect in every way)
  • i second grass i love the guitar
  • Lion In A Coma is my favorite song, I just love everything about it. Winter Wonderland though is a close second.
  • cuck coo cuck ooo q q!
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