• maybe. it might be more like a 'toothy' whistle, if you know what I mean.
  • I know, I know! I mean mean mean, like you whistle with your teeth, it would be like whistling with chicken lips. You know, because they are kind of boney like teeth!
  • Chickens whistle through their nostrils. I should know. I'm a doctor. I have a mansion and a yacht.
  • hahaha I don't know what just might happen to my brain if I saw a chicken whistling. What tune would a chicken prefer to whistle I wonder? Perhaps it varies from chicken to chicken..
  • probably the chicken dance... "dun-na-nana-nana-na, dun-na-nana-nana-na, dun-na-nana-nana-na, BOK BOK BOK BOK"
  • The whistles I have heard are very sweet little sounds like you would make if you were a chicken whistling to your baby. Through your nostrils.
  • so you really have heard chicken whistles? That's amazing/cute/incredibly...adorable! I just love chickens.
  • I do not have any chickens at the moment but I have had them in the past. They can be sweet and cuddly and make soft lovey noises. They can also peck your toes.
  • When I was in Primary school we had a chicken pen with several chickens (Bulla, Vegemite are the ones I remember) and we had a pumpkin garden and banana tree. And we use to go up on this hill and catch crickets for them. I've always thought chickens are cute and I even went through this phase when I was little where I would eat meat but I wouldn't eat chicken (which was convenient cause my family ate chicken at least 3 times a week). <!-- s:roll: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/rolleyes.gif" alt=":roll:" title="rolleyes" /><!-- s:roll: -->
  • that's incredibly sweet of you, curses. I also must say that I love your new profile picture. So peaceful. That must've been some awesome school. I can't imagine having a chicken pen and a banana tree! I always had chickens growing up. There was one that let me pick her up whenever I wanted and she'd happily let me carry her around and pet her as much as I wanted. She had a chick that would perch on my shoulder and was my good friend until he got killed by rats. That was my issue with chickens; they get eaten far too often by wild critters. someday i'll have chickens again. I also hate handling raw chickens because they remind me of holding my previously mentioned chicken friend.
  • Aw thats so sad that your chick got eaten. You must have been so upset. Kind of reminds me of when we had guinea pigs growing up, and they'd run under the porch and around the yard. We'd look under our porch and watch them run around in the darkness and cobwebs. And then one day they just ran off and didn't return. .. and once we put our goldfish in our small blow up swimming pool.. that was, amusing. - cause its odd to see a goldfish in a swimming pool. = P
  • that must've been quite the site. the thing that really sucked about my chick was the I was the one who found it. The rat had tried to drag it into its hole but it was too big so it was stuck in the opening (fully dead at least). Growing up with lots of animals exposes you to some pretty unhappy sights.
  • no chickens here, boss. I had a hamster once. It died three years to the day I got it. Feels bad, man. I also have a dog, his name is Bentley. He is my child. He has a little Curious George plushie that he carries around everywhere. He also uses it as a pillow. He is a sheepdog/shi-tzu mix (no I don't know how it even happened, probably artificial insemination) and he is adorable. One day I will put up pictures.
  • my friend had chickens once, we used to have sleepovers and go sit in the coop just for fun. my dad's building a farm back home right now and he's going to have chickens next summer, I'm quite excited. I fell in love with chickens the day I played harvest moon. They are adorable there.
  • What the hell you guys??!
  • Welcome back.
  • hahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahaha! hahahahahahahahhahahahahaha! ha! ha ha!
  • What's so hilarious?
  • what is so hilarious is how bizarre our conversations got. Chicken lips. We missed you, Phantom.
  • phantom has chicken lipz.
  • I'm got a feeling that 'chicken lips' is derogatory, but I'm not sure?? What is it?
  • :M it all started because of that smiley face.
  • What's :M?
  • its a smiley face with a bird mouth, or a 'beak' . The conversation went from there to chickens whistling and possibly using lips to our experiences with the fowl. I think that's why TT called you chicken lips.
  • WHAT i never called him chicken lips! ....did I? I wouldn't know. I'll decide after our meeting in the alley...
  • [quote="terrortoast"]phantom has chicken lipz.[/quote] well, close enough.
  • yes, he may have a pair, but he is not "a pair." walkin around on a set of phantom legs. how ridiculous.
  • quickly degenerating into apologeticitis.
  • [quote]I really miss G.O.[!]. This place isn't the same without him. [/quote] and now it is ONLY me and it's ... just... not much of anything i'm dead yr dead we're ALL DEAD!
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