Pals of the Pen



  • i dont know if i can partake, i live in england so its a bit far away i love the idea, but posting will be supah expensive for both peoples ?
  • I live in Denmark which is also in Eourope and it cost's about 1£ for me to send a letter to the US
  • I'd love to! But sadly, I don't think my family would be too fond of me getting letters in the mail from people on the internet, no matter how wonderful those people may be...
  • I will partake in this sport, same as anyone, if you trust me then pm your address and i will send helpings of the clay British type variety :)
  • I've always wanted a pen pal :D
  • I still need to send Wini something! Ah! I keep on putting it off like everything else in my life. I'd be happy to be pen pals with you Pottle but what would I write to you that we don't talk about on the board or the hidey hole? I don't know how these things work.
  • I wanna make something mega cool and send it to Wini because she's wonderful. and just anything you wanna write, maybe even pictures. I feel like writing a letter is more personalized and special rather than words on a screen.
  • Agreed, I'm sending a little package to Wini (cause she's awesome). I can send you a little package too! It'll probably have to include a mix cd because I am obsessed with making them. PM your address!
  • done & done YAY !!!
  • Whoo whoo! This is exciting. I have so many little projects I set for myself! Not to mention the projects I'm supposed to be doing for school. Check out this slide I made for my sci-fi presentation for film class! [IMG][/IMG]
  • Can ye spare some cutter, me brothers?
  • I'd love to be a pen pal with any if you guys!
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    i need a pal of the pen !
  • i'll just leave secret messages around blaine for peace fish to damn find! blaine the train! MONO! oh!
  • real life hidden "easter eggs" !!!
  • I must go and find them now!
  • hidden behind the aaron carter cds at best buy! best buy still sells cds right?
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    They do! Did you know that the Best Buy HQ is in Minnesota! Like Spam, General Mills, 3M, Caribou Coffee, Land O' Lakes, and Target!
  • I know I haven't been on the board a lot lately but I have been writing lots of postcards to strangers (on postcrossing and swap-bot, which are both awesome) but it's kinda weird and I miss writing to people I actually know. So if you want me to write to you you can PM me your address!
  • Claw I got your mail today !!!!!!!! :D
  • Niiiiiice! You must tell me all about it. Even though I sent it. Ehehehe.
  • I got mine too!!!!! And I'm listening NOW!!!
  • Shinsy, that's cool that there are still pen pal places. Makes me happy.
  • Wow, they took the exact same amount of time to get there! I was afraid I made a mistake on Pottle's but all is well, it is there.
  • penny pallies! just take off yr dresh AND SEND SHIT TO ME actual human dogshit!
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