favorite animal collective videos right now?

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i was just wondering, which ones you all have been watching lately?


  • i myself have been watching the video for water curses. i really like how it was shot. the pixelization was pretty impressive. the actual video footage looks like a random jumble of images. like things around the house,people,and things around town, etc...amazing what you can do with a camcorder and some video editing programs.
  • I like that one and Brothersport, most of their other videos make me very uncomfortable/disturb me.
  • Water Curses makes me muy dizzy, and Borthersport is okay, but kind of boring. I will always love Who Could Win A Rabbit.
  • [url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yMSarEUeJb0[/url] oldie but a goodie. not a music video, but still hilarious. the peacebone video will always be my favorite.
  • i've been watching safer lately too. i still don't fully understand it though. the video for peacebone is great, i must agree as is who could win a rabbit. brothersport seems like it'd send you on a bad acid trip what with the weird animation and the whole scrambled egg/food coloring backdrops...
  • i want to see a really good ac music video with the ac in it! no more random children!
  • I feel like the children represent the purer aspects that the guys bring to their music and/or feel is/are evoked by their music. I look at the children and doggy as What Is Real In Life (running, dancing, having fur and feathers and claws, eating eggs, slobber, lack of self-consciousness, reveling in the now) and juxtapose them with the two dorky adults (Ant Man and half-passed-out dude) who represent Typical Clueless Shut-Down Adult. There are so many bits I could point out to emphasize my vision. I think their videos show a natural progression from 'let's make a real trippy video' to 'let's make a video that tells a story about something important and not waste people's time with what we don't think is art anymore'. In my very personal opinion. Based on what I sense and know. So the children ARE AC. and I'd like some of what was in that jug, please pass it over.
  • Good observation winnie. I like the thought of the children representing a deeper emotion or longing to have fun and run around. I think the medium AC has found between telling a story and keeping the visuals pleasing is perfect. But being a greedy AC fan at times I wish I could watch more pleasing visuals that include their beautiful faces. A bit like the My Girls video, I like watching them in action, which is why I enjoy live videos. The problem with those though is the quality... and it's always neat to see visual effects added in editing. Thats just me being a film kid junkie though. *passes jug*
  • I love that observation too, winnie. I've found that their music in general creates a very childlike fantasy in my brain. The only problem with the My Girls is we don't see their faces. And I found it somewhat disturbing. I'm not entirely sure why. I'm glad they don't do the average for the videos though. They don't just stand on a stage and perform to screaming fans. Its refreshing. Whenever I listen to their music I feel like I've just breathed a large breath of ocean fresh air.
  • a large breath of awesome-fun-relieving-best-ever-fresh air.
  • YES! I have something to admit. My life has been one shithole of stress lately, and I stopped listening to AC and was listening to Sigur Ros and Explosions in the Sky and then I was like...this music is kinda incredibly emotional and not necessarily in an upbeat way. So I switched back over to the AC and I am so much much much happier now.
  • After posting yesterday on this thread i listened to Brother Sport 4 times in a row while driving around doing errands. It's very uplifting. I just got Pavement's Quarantine which is their 'hits' and it makes me happy, too. I tend more towards depression than mania and so listen to up-tempo, danceable, wiggly-wiggle LOUD music. I don't need to reeeeeeeelllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaxxxxxxxxxxxx (which I why I also never did downers or opiates). Some of AC's stuff is in the relaxing, quiet genre and although I own it I don't listen to it much. There is no real point to this post so I'm going to stop. But I know what you mean, tiggs, and I hug you for your stressness.
  • I do, I get it! We both enjoy listening to the more upbeat stuff, to help maintain that attitude, or something like that. I know that's not exactly it, but I know what you mean. thanks for the hugs!
  • I have musical issues. My listening experience is all very mathematical, you see? There are a bunch of factors involved with it: level of laziness, my mood, my surroundings, what I'm thinking about, my situation, my mode of transportation. For example, if I'm on the bus, I'm angry, there's nobody around me, I'm thinking about how much I hate someone, and I just spilled a smoothie on myself, I'm probably going to be listening to Slip Knot and not Animal Collective.
  • HAHA I totally do the same thing grizzles. Usually when I'm pissed off and alone I just blast nine inch nails, when I'm super depressed I listen to the fray, and when I'm feeling myself and just want to have fun I'm listening to the ac. they literally are my soul, in music form. ughh.
  • [quote="terrortoast"] they literally are my soul, in music form. ughh.[/quote] I second this. Though, I can't say I really get angry. Its been a long time. When I do I like to listen to something that is going to chill me out, like AC. When i'm down, I like to listen to AC because they make me feel better. Sometimes I listen to other bands to stay up on the times. But that's about it. I really would love to listen to AC all the time but I hate to wear their stuff out. Sometimes I go a day or two without it.
  • i guess i could relate with what you all are saying. it kind of irks me though when all my friends mostly listen to rap and metal. i have no objection to either. my tastes in music are wide. their tastes in both aren't really what i favor though...i'm into older stuff from both genres. i like some of the new stuff but not really. i think run dmc and wu-tang and they think gucci mane and kanye west. i think iron maiden and metallica and they think behemoth and lamb of god. it's hard to hang out with them anymore. i just feel like i'm another wavelength. when i try to introduce them to other stuff like ac they call it "hippy noise". but yet they listen to other stuff similar to ac( radiohead, mgmt, grizzly bear, etc) and enjoy classic rock that clearly influenced ac. i tried to use the argument that bjork listens to ac and they said cuz she's crazy. maybe i'm crazy too. i listen to other stuff that is musically similar though (yeasayer, the loup, caribou, devandra banhart to name a few). idk i'm tired of it.
  • srry to run off subject...just rambling
  • [quote="terrortoast"][url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yMSarEUeJb0[/url] oldie but a goodie. not a music video, but still hilarious. the peacebone video will always be my favorite.[/quote] i didn't notice this link before toast! good stuff. they kinda left deakin out altogether though. <!-- s:( --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/sad.gif" alt=":(" title="sad" /><!-- s:( -->
  • you're welcome, I just stumbled across it a little while ago. I used to try and get my friends into a lot of music that I love, but after a while it just gets frustrating when they don't share your love for it. It actually makes me a bit depressed when people diss the music I care so much about. I decided that instead I just keep it to myself, there's a select few I share stuff with still. But otherwise I don't share things unless someone hears me listening to it and says "hey, what are you listening to?" I also go on and off with AC. I don't always listen to them every day, I actually took about a month long break from them in the winter, their music made me feel a bit sad, only because I missed listening to them in the summer, and all the emotions that went along with those few months were just brought back when I heard AC. But as of right now I listen to a little AC every day, they're like my multi-vitamin! =)
  • Have you ever tried being 14 and liking AC? It's a shit box. My friends like the Top 40 makes-you-want-to-gag type of music. It drives me insane. And they think all my music sucks because they can't appreciate true art, or stylistic music, or real composition. I do have one friend, Haley, that likes the Beatles & Beach Boys, as I do, but no AC. There is also my Noah look-alike pal Alec, but he isn't REALLY my pal. I've barely talked to him ever. It's nerves, I guess. Also, I'm afraid that everyone I ever meet will classify my music as "hipster garbage" just because they don't appreciate it. Although, I do make fun of Top 40 stuff A LOT, I don't understand how someone could appreciate lyrics like "I brush my teeth with a bottle of Jack" . Just my little rant. I'm done.
  • oh grizzles, i feel the same way. DOWN WITH THAT TOP 40 CRAP. the autotuned poppy slutty singers with their shitty lyrics. I HATE THEM. screw your other 14 year old friends, you should feel good about yourself because YOU are different. In one of the best ways possible. One day they'll come around and you'll be the one they all start asking about music. You'll be like a musical genius! Don't let them bring you down. They're just blind to actual art.
  • Little Grizzers, you are awesomely cool. You will always be cool but right now, at 14, you are an amazing gift to the world. If you have older friends, or even adults, hang with them. (stay cautious with the men, though, they can't help themselves, no matter what they say) It will be years before your peers catch up with you and by then you'll still be beyond them. It's sad, but you were just born with an older brain inside a younger body. Really, your peers are just acting their age, it's not that they're losers or tasteless or idiots. You're just an more evolved sort. And we love you for that!
  • Dogboy, there is no such thing as running off subject here. I don't think we have many whip-crackers around right now. Same thing as Grizzles situation, as far as your music tastes go...it's such a personal thing, and unfortunately only a small percent of people are truly INTO music. I never shared my musical tastes with my same-aged friends when I was in high school, but then I was musically influenced by my older pen pals who sent me awesome mixed tapes (and were all in their 20's and 30's). It never occurred to me to share what i listened to with the other kids: I knew they would hate it. I did find a punk enclave to go to shows with, and in retrospect found that there WERE indeed other punks in my class: we just couldn't find each other. Same with some of the really weird adult things I liked and did in high school: I wasn't the only one, I just never connected with the others. Having said this, I realize it's hard to see that your friends are not evolved and not want to assist them; it's hard to really say frak all y'all and be a lone wolf (although that's a misnomer, the only lone wolves are the young males looking for a family).
  • I second everything wini has said to you, Grizz. She is full of great wisdom. I was pretty big into indie music when I was a sophomore in high school and by myself in that group. But I have been brought the best friend in the world who likes every band i've ever shown him. I showed him AC and he's madly in love (with them). But when I feel down about having different music taste, that's when its great to have this place! Also, to hit further on a point that wini made. Not many people are really passionate about music and that's the truth. And to people like us, people that music really drives us, or is like a great friend to us, its kinda hard to understand that. Or at least, I find it kinda hard to understand that.
  • toast, if ac were a drug i'd be a junky lol!! yes i agree that the top 40 hits charts blow. tired of douche rock, bubbly teen pop idols and rappers with inflated egos. i hear what you're saying wini. i was a social outcast in school. i guess that is why i bailed after my 2nd year as a sophomore. i knew everyone but didn't have many friends. my advice to you grizzles is to introduce your friend haley to panda bear and if she likes it then ease her into ac. i was listening to person pitch the other day i was thinking it's remeniscent to beachboys in a way. if she likes beatles and beachboys she might enjoy panda bear. idk what beatles era she might listen to tho. everything previous to Rubber Soul was their kinda boy bandish stuff which isn't bad but Rubber Soul and on was their more psychadelic acid induced stuff. that's why she might not be ready for some of ac's trippy stuff. just my 2¢ tho.
  • this is kind of posthumorously but who's gone to oddsac.com and watched the little teaser trailer? Rrrggghhh!!! it's soo short! :/ what makes it worse is the closest it'll be to me is chicago and it's already sold out!!! it's not like i would've had anyone to go with anyway tho. i can't wait till it's out on dvd!!! also since we won't be seeing ac on tour this year, panda bear will be on the pitchfork festival and i'd at least like to go see that!
  • you gotta go to the Pitchfork fest! Not only is it Panda Bear but PAVEMENT, and Modest Mouse and a gazillion other great bands. It broke my heart when I saw the line-up because there's no way i'm going to Chicago (which is so damn far away). Also, I was down because I know people in Chicago that could go but aren't because they dont' have that great taste in music. I also found the ODDSAC trailer to be a big tease. That really sucks that you can't make it to the showing!
  • WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT Pavement is playing Pitchfork? eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  • here's the line-up Friday July 16 Modest Mouse Broken Social Scene El-P Saturday July 17 LCD Soundsystem Panda Bear The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Raekwon Titus Andronicus Bear in Heaven Freddie Gibbs The Smith Westerns Dàm-Fun Sunday July 18 Pavement St. Vincent Lightning Bolt Girls Cass McCombs Here We Go Magic Sleigh Bells CAVE Allá someone from here has to go because this fest. is going to be EPIC. Broken Social Scene too, I mean, shit! I wish i could go so bad!
  • I mussssssssssssssssssssssssst see Pavement, I haven't seen them since...uhhh...for a long time. SOME of you weren't even BORN yet. I love this line-up because it has something for the kiddies and something for the seasoned music lovers (Jon Spencer, Pavement, Modest Mouse) Who wants to go with me?
  • Thanks for the advice you guys. I love AC and I'm glad I can share them with somebody on this rotten boulder. Also, I have... um.... never listened to Pavement before...
  • I love themmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Spiral Stairs and I have almost the same birthday and I wrote him and told him and he wrote me back and I was like all squeal ohmuhgawd
  • Are you sure I'm the 14-year-old here? No, actually if Dave wrote me a letter I would pull a squeal ohmuhgawd too. Recommend any songs for a first time listener?
  • If one becomes too old to squeal in joy, one is dead. Essentially. I squeal as often as possible. I can't do that 8-year-old SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEECH anymore, though. Oh, hmm....I'd have to think about the songs. Anything from their latest compilation, Quarantine the Past, will be easy to tolerate.
  • if i get the chance, i'll go with you wini! i would like to go for all 3 days. if not at least saturday. i need to get my taxes done so i can have money to do it...
  • it will be panda's b-day the day he performs @ pitchfork
  • i wish i could go! although I do get to see pavement at sasquatch! awesome!
  • [quote="dogboy"]it will be panda's b-day the day he performs @ pitchfork[/quote] are you serious?! If so....gosh darnit. I want to make him a panda stuffed animal for his b-day but it would be far too much to ask (and to hope for) that one of you could give it to him.
  • well tiger, i'm set on going. i told myself last year i wouldn't miss seeing ac again but this is as close as i'm going to get to that goal this year. i don't wanna count my chickens before they hatch tho. once i know for sure, i have no problem helping you out. <!-- s:) --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/smile-1.gif" alt=":)" title=":)" /><!-- s:) -->
  • alright, well i'll start on a panda bear. Worse comes to worse, you throw it at him with a note pinned to its chest.
  • [quote="we tigers"]alright, well i'll start on a panda bear. Worse comes to worse, you throw it at him with a note pinned to its chest.[/quote] LOL picture it flying through the air.
  • flying through the air, bouncing off his head. LOL. that's mean. I'm sorry... ...LOL
  • it is mean! It would land perfectly in front of him on his little soundboard table, but not on any of the keys. He would see it and his eyes would light up and instantly, we would become best friends, because of the Panda Bear. <!-- s:P --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/razz.gif" alt=":P" title="razz" /><!-- s:P -->
  • or in an alternate violent panda related universe he'd punt it off the stage and it would go flying, sadly through the air. hours later after the concert clears out, panda walks slowly through the deserted area...and see's the bear lying on the floor, a bit dirty. feeling shamed, he picks it up. Pressing his lips up to the bears ear he whispers..." you and I... are going to have some fun." and in a completely panda-sexual frenzy they frolic in fields full of dandylions until the sun rises. the end.
  • haha "wait, this isn't right" like cuddles the bear like on robot chicken. aww noo that's bad lol
  • is it just me or is the video for comfy in nautica lacking? looks like a skate demo. dude on skateboard = boring... the one for take pills is a bit creepy *shudders*
  • I agree with the statement on the Comfy in Nautica vidya, it is a little boring, but calming like the song. and the song is called Take Pills, did you think the video was going to be regular?
  • I just watched the Who Could Win A Rabbit video for the first time. My favorite part was the end when Panda-turtle is grinning after munching down some rabbit. The costumes are fantastic and so are their bikes. I really enjoyed it. The turtle won a rabbit that time. [youtube] this song is really what I thought everyone should hear (i'm sure some of you have already). This Nirvana cover blows my mind.
  • I've actually never heard it. It's good though.
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