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so what do you miss about your childhood, or did you just get hit by a wave of nostalgia today? Talk talk talk! I was inspired by Grizz talking about childhood shows. I miss fraggle rock, I loved that one. And My Little Ponies. I chatted with my cousin yesterday about how a lot of kid shows have such adult messages hidden in them that you don't notice if your a kid. Like Rocko's Modern Life.


  • I miss 90's Disney. Especially The Aristocats, which I still have on VHS (I'm actually looking at it right now) but no VCR to play it on. Back then, Disney was about loving, getting by with a little help with your friends, and morals. Now, it's all gay Jonas Brothers, Hannah Montana and High School Musical. I wish that Disney was the way it used to be. Also, I miss 2-D animation. It looked so much more authentic.
  • I second that. I can't believe there are so many 3-D kids shows, seems crazy. I have almost all the old Disney movies on VHS, ready for when my son is old enough to enjoy them. Has anyone else seen The Last Unicorn or Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland? They are two childhood movies that I haven't seen since I was a kid, but I think I would enjoy them an incredible amount as an adult.
  • i just recently downloaded the last unicorn! it's on my ps3. i miss a lot of things, like lego, and pokemon, and sailor moon. but it's never really a problem for me because i still watch them and play with them quite often. too often for a girl of my age. but i want to work in childrens film or tv, so it's technically part of my job. get used to 3D guys, cause within the next 3 years everything will be 3D. even your tv's at home, hence why they are pushing it so intense. most major films are filming in 3D just to make sure they can release it on blu ray 3d in the next couple years. technology is gross.
  • it is gross. I live with my over 70 year old grandparents and my grandmother does alright with it, but my grandfather HATES technology. Really. He's so lost when it comes to technology. Its almost frightening and definitely sad. Someday, that'll be us, guys, and I can't help but starting to feel it coming on already.
  • But, I don't want to be my Grandma! I'm going to start embracing change, RIGHT NOW. It's okay to miss things, as long as you don't get caught up with yourself. "Forget the things you left behind, while looking back, you may go bliiiiiiiiinnnnnddddddd"
  • I don't want to be any of my grandmas, they're all long dead. Oddly, I don't have much I'm nostalgic about, or I'd contribute to this thread. Everything is a circle. It comes back one way or another.[quote]Happiness moves in a circular motion/life is but a tiny ship upon the sea/everybody is a part of everything/anyways/you can be as happy as you let yourself be[/quote]
  • What I am nostalgic for is probably going to sound like what your grandparents have waxed nostalgic on, so bear with me. The town I grew up in had everything you needed, all in a walking distance. Bookshop, pet store, record shop, fishmonger, butcher, fabric store, 3 bagel shops (!), hardware, a CANDY store (they don't even exist anymore), toy store, stationary, shoes, library, parks, groceries, clothes...everything. I walked to school starting in 4th grade all the way through senior year and could ride my bike anywhere. The fireworks on Independence Day were held in the athletic field behind my neighborhood and we had a little carnival with rides and everything. The town is right on the edge of a good-sized city (home of Kodak and Xerox, with all attending arts and culture and city-stuff) and had cow pastures on its other side, with hidden woods and streams with turtles and foxes and swamps with panthers (so the legend went). I miss that.
  • there are candy stores in vancouver!
  • [quote="winilula"] a CANDY store (they don't even exist anymore)[/quote] what are YOU TALKING ABOUT? there are like, 5 candy stores in the mall by my house. have you ever been to Jasper or Banff? there is a candy store on probably about every 2 blocks. come to Canada. our frozen asses love candy! Also, that is the exact place I've always wanted to grow up. Big city life isn't for me. I've always wanted to be a small town girl. Livin' in a lonely world. Took the midnight train goin' anywhere.
  • A singer in a smoky room, the smell of wine and sweet perfume, for a panda bear you can spend the night it goes on and on and on and on.... Apparently all the candy stores in the United States shut down and moved to Canada. 5 million points from me for knowing Journey, my ursine dear.
  • you win one internet.
  • so, I feel silly because I talk about this a lot, but this isn't something I talk about with people in my real life. But I randomly went on Google Maps today (inspired by and was looking around at my town and realized that the map is really old. So out of simple curiosity I went to where my apartment had been (the one that burnt down) and the image is from years ago, before the fire. I wish I could get a closer look...I don't have any pictures from that apartment and I miss it sometimes. [img][/img] but its there in the circle...Its so strange just to see the roof. I think that gleam of red might've been our car...Its just so strange.
  • wow, Tiggles, that IS very weird, and kind of unsettling, but comforting, too!
  • Yeah... strange...
  • quite unsettling and comforting. I lived on the second floor, so I was there, underneath that roof (probably).
  • whats cool is the fact that you lived on pleasant street. how pleasant!
  • its cool and sort of ironic!
  • I had some serious nostalgia today, I am home for the weekend and I rode my bike up to a place where my friends and I would always eat when we were in middle school. Then I rode through this woods by my old middle school where we would spend hours every day after school making jumps for our bikes. It was crazy
  • sometimes i get nostalgik for the old board! TEST: [s]test[/s] [b][size=7][color=pink]TEST![/color][/size][/b] [quote]what![/quote] [hide]SECRETS![/hide]
  • This song is so sad, I can't take it.
  • playing the original sonic the hedgehog and hearing that music sends shivers down my spine. I sang Puff the Magic dragon with Peter Yarrow a few years ago but I was so overwhelmed that I forgot the lyrics.
  • woah, thats cool. how'd you get to sing with him? (is that an exclusive thing?)
  • Im nostalgic for cartoons like foster's home for imaginary friends, codename: kids next door, powerpuff girls, samurai jack, my life as a teenage robot and pre- 2007 spongebob. And I miss those orange push-pop things and eating okra almost everyday, going to borders on sat.'s, catching frogs and snakes, pretending to be a mermaid and the ice cream shop my father used to take to and our neighborhood beach and watching and rewatching Peter Pan and falling in love (with AC) for the playing in my backyard and being 15 years old, but not in a middle schooler-on-Facebook kind of way, more of in a lucid sincere way. I think its important to realize when your mind changes. Once of the most vivid memories my family was driving past the cemetary near our house, on our way to church and feeling this weird paradigm shift to and I have never thought the same way again.
  • I know I have changed, but I don't see it in the same ways. I don't have the same desire or get the same thrill from going out late at night, sneeking out, ding dong ditching, that kind of thing. I think it is because it was way more of a thrill/ adrenaline rush when I was younger, just because the city I live in has a curfew set for people under 16, so you could get in more trouble. I still enjoy doing stuff like that, so I haven't changed as much as my friends have, some don't enjoy doing that kind of stuff anymore.I don't ever wanna grow up and lose the child in me.
  • remember THIS thread?
  • I found a little "Wet Ones" hand sanitizer thing in the car today, and opened it to use it. The smell took me back to elementary school, when my mom would put on of them in my lunch everyday. It was great
  • Haha i love those moments! In the summertime, i like taking walks around my neighbourhood and just soaking in the sounds and smells and greenery. It always triggers some sort of intense, intimate childhood memory.
  • [quote=terrortoast]get used to 3D guys, cause within the next 3 years everything will be 3D. even your tv's at home, hence why they are pushing it so intense.most major films are filming in 3D just to make sure they can release it on blu ray 3d in the next couple is gross.[/quote] Well thank God that didn't happen!
  • Vesufius I do the same thing, only at night and on my bike. I can't wait for summer
  • who rides a bike a bike at night! might as well also go fly a kite! a kite @ nite! AND BAKE A CAKE! for oryx NOT crake! oh for god's sake!
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    i noticed the pink box that tells you how many unread messages there are in a thread is exactly the same pink as the pink on the cover of shaking the habitual. oh and i also noticed that all of my favorite music makes me feel nostalgic. i guess i had such a good childhood, whatever reminds me of it the most ends up becoming somehting i really like a lot
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    We opened some old Dial hand soap in my house a couple weeks ago. The smell brought me back to my little kid years...
  • smells always take me back... i think my favorite smell is the smell of wet grass. or that salty smell the morning after it's snowed.
  • hey maaaan remember NOSTALGIA?
  • oh yeah far out man!
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