Musical Inspiration?

I was wondering what music inspires you besides AC. I know there are some bands that I listen to, and I just have to create something while I do. I'm just really curious. I need some inspire-juice and some musical suggestions so I can get them all at once. We could turn this into the inspiration thread, but i'm not sure we need an entirely new permanent thread.


  • I think just leave it with this thread here. And let everyone know its just the Inspiration thread, and not solely based on music. Is that what you mean? Crystal Castles - They create their music with Korg. I've used Korg before and to hear their music come from that is pretty cool. Kozyndan - A husband/wife collaboration artist team. They did the art on the Postal Service album Give Up and I really love their style. Its cute. Mew - Their lyrics and sounds are pretty inspiring to me. Specially the kites album. Its got so many tones and feelings in it, it gives me good visuals in my head every time. I'm also inspired by everyday small details of life. Its hard to list them but its just really simple pleasures and details I see in things. Like one easy one I think could be the contour of clouds. The edges/corners of clouds. You can't see them everyday but sometimes I'd be drawing a clouds contour and I'd see it shift and change. I don't know. I really like that though. Is that what you meant?
  • sure why not. That's not what I meant but it doesn't really matter. This thread exists, so it exists. I know when I listen to some bands it complements creating art nicely, that's specifically what I meant, but all of your band suggestions were legitimate and sounded inspiring and right too! I like your talk about the clouds too.
  • lost in the clouds trapped in the world! THE DEMONS CHASING AFTER YOU
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