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  • I think the lyrics section would be better organized by albums instead of alphabetically
  • why not both options? They've both been done. I'll find some lyrics if you do. Please?
  • I think because there so many cool threads in this forum it would be nice to have a search thread option
  • there kind of is one but it doesn't work so this is still a solid suggestion.
  • Oh that's what that's for? Oh my, you're right it don't work.
  • Kinda wondering why HCTI, campfire songs, and holinndagain are all labeled as EPs on Discography?
  • edited April 2012
    Holinndagain is almost like 2 EP's though.
  • i wish they had more live albums, but then theres youtube. sigh
  • here's a suggestion... kiss my ash! ha HA! just kidding but no we need to get ORGANIZED! tell the people! hate the radio!
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