Fever Ray (Karin of The Knife)

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Fever Ray has a new single, it's absolutely amazing to me, if you like The Knife, you'd most definitely check this out at one time or another, you can listen to "If I Had A Heart" on their site on the right. This bass is intoxicating-ly awesome. Check out the video as well <!-- s;) --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_wink.gif" alt=";)" title="Wink" /><!-- s;) --> <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://feverray.com">http://feverray.com</a><!-- m -->


  • this was a good album... i felt like the weirder vox worked better wherein with the knife they were often too lame/cheesy... i still can't believe the knife hasn't come around here in 06/07/08 would have been fun to see them not long after silent shout / right before they got that number 1 rating..
  • #1 rating? I didn't like the album all that much to be honest, I mean I really liked that single since the bass is just so good imo, but the rest seemed to feel a bit flat and not as interesting as stuff from The Knife.
  • def. not as good as the knife! i don't know what the hell the me of then was smoking! maybe i was damn joking! so go get chur knife! and lay down : (
  • You kidding? I think Fever Ray's aesthetic trumps the regular band's. Well see after the new album though.
  • I really enjoy the knife, although Karins solo work is astounding as well, true expression often takes weird paths. But The Knife seems to me much better, even the "normal" songs have lots of energy and great vibes, Full of fire seems kinda chaotic at first and then kicks it up into the hardkore spectrum of their more powerful stuff. I like chaos, so its all good to me, Im tired of listening to the monkey babble some kids pass for music these days, not that Im disrespecting the monkeys, just the kids that let themselves be dazed and confused, Its hard to find real musicians that also have something interesting to say, the knife for me qualifies, as something truly fresh that breaks the mold, I like cracked molds, some of the best puddings I have tasted have been a bit crispy on the outside. Sure some of their work have much profound sounds while others are just ok, but in the end they remain as worthy additions to any true seeker of the vibrational kind.
  • the monkeys... that are innit ... to win shit! the money! glazed &! &KONFUSION don't thank me thank THE KNIFE! let's talk about gender babies! oryx... NOT crake!
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