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[size=100]AS PROMISED![/size] here is [u]EVERYTHING [/u]I wrote down in my journal the night of the movie. [i]**Beware of the spoilers... they are tidbits about the movie, so if you don't want scenes ruined. DONT LOOK AT THEM.**[/i] The rest is just what I experienced and the [b]Q+A[/b] session. <!-- s:) --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/smile-1.gif" alt=":)" title=":)" /><!-- s:) --> I was sitting in the second row, dead center, so when they were asking questions I was right in front of them <!-- s:) --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/smile-1.gif" alt=":)" title=":)" /><!-- s:) --> [u][size=150][color=blue]THE MOVIE[/color][/size][/u] [spoiler]-Shots of Brian (Geo) screaming dressed up as a warrior. -Josh (Deakin) was a crazy vampire that attacked people who were being killed by crazy demon marshmallows. - Daev had some strange thick white paste all over his face. He sat on a cool lounge chair shaped like an animal (can't remember which one...) And as he was talking he was dubbed over by a crazy voice saying something completely different. - Some little kid is talking to Avey and in a southern accent says "He doesn't ever eat chocolate. All he ever eats is green beans." (everyone laughs.) - Lots of cool bokeh lights throughout. - A girl tries to keep all this black sludge in a wall with floral wallpaper. - Vampire Deakin melts in the sun and his head explodes with paint in rainbow colors. "At that point in the movie you could just hear me in the background yelling 'GIVE ME PINK! NOW BLUE! MORE ORANGE MORE RED!' -Danny[/spoiler] [u][size=150][color=purple]Q+A[/color][/size][/u][i] - "Why did you call it ODDSAC?"[/i] --"Well, we all really like gummy candies. And one day we were joking about how weird it would be to have a bunch of candies shaped like the characters of the movie in a bag, mushed together. Plus we really liked the way it looked in all caps." - Daev - Filmed on a DVX 100 camera, then up-res'd the whole thing in post. - They used Final Cut and After effects to edit the movie. (At this point I gave a nerdy film-kid "WOO!" and they all looked at me and laughed. - Their budget was between $65,000 and $70,000. Mostly spent in post. - The poster design isn't final, they will probably change it for the DVD. - "We just did a big 'visual to music' exhibit at the Gunningheim Museum." (Daev pronounced it like "goo-gehn-hye-ehm" and this made me laugh.) -"Horror movies never scared me, I just thought 'Oh, that's cool. Someone getting ripped apart." -Brian. [i]- "How did you want the audience to feel while watching this movie?"[/i] --"Well, this one time I was on a plane watching Sex and the City, and the plane is shaking... and the only sane thing I can concentrate on is fucking SEX in the CITY and even that is flickering because of all the turbulance. And I just want to concentrate on something normal and it has to be fucking sex in the city.... that kind of terror." -Danny Perez -- "The feeling of ODDSAC reminds me of times when you're on the train, holding on to the bar with your smelly armpits in everyones face because it's so crowded. And there's a woman sitting there scolding her screaming child like it's a demon baby. And you're already so fucking high that you can't even concentrate on your own thoughts. And there's fucking crazy ladies with children on the train..." (everyone was laughing so hard. Danny was hilarious) [i]- Where's Panda Bear?[/i] -- He's back at home... It's sort of a long way for him to travel just to answer a few questions. - Daev [i]- This question is for Deakin: It sortof felt like you left the band for a while, are you planning on staying back in the band now?"[/i] -- "Well, I'm not going to answer that question because we're trying to focus on the film. But I never left. I was there throughout the whole recording of Strawberry Jam and Merriweather, and throughout this film. So I never left. It never felt like I was gone." - Josh (he seemed very offended.) -- "He's been here the whole time! " -Daev [i]- What scares you? [/i] -- "Well the other day I was getting on the train with my headphones in, and I'm looking down the tracks to see if the train is coming, and just as I pull my head up the train wooshes by from the other direction. That could have been my head...That scares me." -Brian [i]- What are your plans for the next little while? Any new albums in mind?"[/i] -- "As of now we're just touring with ODDSAC, then the DVD release in June. After that we have no plans. We haven't started recording anything new yet. But you can bet we will be." -Daev [i]- "Will you be releasing ODDSAC out as a CD?"[/i] -- "No, we're going to keep the film with the music. That's the way it's supposed to be." -Daev [i]- "Danny, did any inspiration come from the Who Could Win a Rabbit video? Because I saw a lot of similarities..." [/i] --"Yeah, I directed that too." - Danny [i] - "Who approached who about making a movie? Danny to AC or AC to Danny?"[/i] --"Well, we've known Danny for years. It really helps to be friends when you're collaborating on a project like this. That's why work is so fun, because we're friends." - Daev -- "We talked about doing a movie about 4 years ago when we were driving up to Seattle for a tour. Then tossed around a bunch of ideas that we thought would make good little scenes...some of them were crazy outlandish. Like a group of school kids in a bus crash... all bloody... I won't get into that. Let's just say a lot of the idea's didn't work out. " -- "Then Danny filmed a few things while we were on tour, and showed them to us. When he sent us a very VERY rough cut of the film, Josh and I started making some music that went with it. Then it got passed back and forth and we collaborated on the last scenes that we were acting in. We'd also add beats in the music where Danny had made a bunch of cool visuals and edits. That's why it flows so nicely."- Daev [size=150][color=orange][u]After Party![/u][/color][/size] After the movie, most people just walked straight out, a few stopped to talk to the band as they were standing in the lobby. I walked up to Deakin and was like "Hey JOOOOSSSHHHH!!! <!-- s:) --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/smile-1.gif" alt=":)" title=":)" /><!-- s:) -->" and he was like "HEYYYYYYY!" then I asked him to sign my poster and he asked what I thought of the movie. I told him it was extremely inspiring and he made and excellent [spoiler]vampire[/spoiler]. Brian was standing right beside him so he turned around and was like "Hey check this out! It's home made playdough. My friend gave it to me." and I was like "Haha that's amazing!" He then went on and told us where we could go buy some Then preceded to sign my poster. At this point Daev was talking to some kid who was showing him his customized Master Card with Merriweather art on it. Daev looked a little creeped out haha. So we walked over to Danny and had a nice 10 minute conversation about nerdy film things that I will not bore you with! But he asked us all about what WE had done, and then I gave him my business card. HORRAY! I'm going to send him a letter soon just to follow up...maybe one day I will work with him? (Oh my god dream come true.) Then we walked over do Daev, who was now standing alone and looked a bit bored. He did a bit of a skip over to us and my friend was like "You looked like you knew we were coming!" He laughed and then took my poster out of my hands without me even asking. When he was signing it I was like "Hey, I have a present for you. It's basically a collaborative idea from a bunch of us on AC.ORG. But the main idea came from a girl you met a while back named Suzie. So she suggested it and I made it at my friends TSHIRT store." So I pull out the shirt and he goes all doe eyed and says "WOW that is awesome!" and I was like "I KNOW RIGHT?!" and he was like "Thank you, that's really great:)" Then he put his arm around me and we took a picture! WOOP WOOP. Then he was like "So are you guys coming to the bar with us?" and we were like "Yeahhh! We're going to try, since we're not 21" And Josh chimes in and says "GOOD LUCK!" haha. At that point we left, realized we could use the bathrooms back inside so we went back in. Then when we came out Daev was talking to my friend Stefan and was like "So you're traveling with TWO girls? Lucky!" Then we stood around with him, Josh and Brian for a bit and talked about where the bar was. Then Josh invited us to come out and see him play the next night at the same bar. So we were like "Okay, see you later tonight!" And they all waved byebye. After that we drove to the bar, walked in, said hi, and then left in fear of being kicked out. It would have been a bit embarassing to be kicked out of a bar infront of people you idolize. SO YEAH. that pretty much sums it up... We went to go see Deaks the next night, but after waiting around ALL day just for the show, it turned out we didn't have enough money to get in and it didn't start till 11:15. And we still had to drive all the way across the border. So we waved a sad goodbye to the theatre and trekked home. Pretty much the [size=100]BEST[/size] experience I've ever had. I wish you could have been there with me!


  • [size=150]How to read this report: If you prefer an abridged annotation, read the [i]italicized items[/i]. If you prefer a mono-syllabic version, seek the [b]BOLD[/b]. [/size] Spoiler cover added for purists. We arrived in Atlanta at the Highland Inn at 9:30 am: I had a library conference to attend. The Inn was really cool and old and weird, with secrets like outside metal stairs that led to windows which we crawled through into the laundry room, and hallways twisty and abrupt like amusement park fun houses. A black cat led us to our room and they gave us English muffins and bananas for breakfast. I took the bus for the first time in years, and while waiting several school buses came by, stopping at the red light in front of me. The kids waved at me and I waved back. Then one girl flashed me the peace sign and, without thinking, I gave her the British ‘up yours’ sign (peace sign, facing the other direction) and stuck my tongue out. I have no idea what came over me. [i]We had been asked us to be at the Plaza Theatre by 6 to help with Will Call, so we took the cupcakes I made and headed over there. I had frosted them and written Happy Birthday Dave in blue goo. However, [b]AVEY[/b] was [b]NOT THERE. GEO [/b]and [b]PANDA[/b] were [b]NOT THERE[/b]. But [b]DEACON WAS THERE[/b]. So we rearranged the cupcakes to read EHA VATH BIRPPY D DAY and gave them out to people who looked like they needed a cupcake. Some people got more than one. Naughty! [/i] [i]Working William “Will” Call was sooooooooo much fun. We played fun games like pretending the tickets were the prize you won if you knew your first name. It was sheer delight. Everyone was awesome!!! We did get in free, so I ended up selling my tickets to a thrilled girl for $10 each. We made about 150 happy experiences for people. Yay! [b]It’s SO SIMPLE and SO EASY to be NICE.[/b] We met Deadfly and Tabelz who did indeed use the magic password ‘shnorzle’ to receive a cupcake but only after prompting. Their faces have never seen a razor.[/i] [i] [b]The movie scared the crap out of me[/b]. It was horrifying. At one point my jaw dropped open and then it stayed that way until the end. I felt psychologically damaged. [spoiler]My favorite parts were the sound the rocks made when Noah’s walking across them, setting up his drums; the sad vampire canoeing; the angry-happy spaghetti-head demon; and when it was finally over.[/spoiler] It was only an hour and 15 minutes long but it felt like I lived a while lifetime in that theater, [b]a lifetime of erupting oozing stabbing gore and sticky hate.[/b][/i] [i] [b]During the Q &A I said, “That movie scared the crap out of me. It made me want to run as far away as I can get, from all of you, forever. Was that an unintended consequence?” Danny said, “No.”[/b] He went on and I got up and started running for the exit, while he asked if I was going to follow through with that all the way. Of course I went back and sat down to ask my second question, which was, “Is there a question that you would like to answer tonight and never, ever be asked again?” Danny went blah blah every showing is special, wonderful opportunities, happy to answer, etc., etc. [b]But when Josh was later asked where they got the title from, he replied “that was the question I would have chosen to never answer again”.[/b][/i] [i]But seriously. [b]That movie is totally FUCKED UP[/b]. It’s like every bad acid trip EVAR set to music. It was violent and nightmarish, taking normal situations and images and stripping them of their comfort and familiarity to and lots of spurting and anger, anger, anger. I am not saying it was a “bad” film at all. [b] It was well-crafted and edited, the soundtrack and synch were flawless, and the post-production was visibly a labor of love and time[/b]. But my god…[/i] [i]The t-shirts had sold out, I mean, like, [b]FOREVER [/b]there are [b]NO MORE SHIRTS[/b]. Maybe on their website, but that ain’t the same. I had tickets for the 9 pm showing, too.[/i] Nooooo thank you. So I gave our tickets away and handed out more cupcakes and we went and ate tuna melts and French fries and had way too much fun in The Majestic Diner. [i]We ambled downstairs to the after party around 10:30. Things get pretty mind-boggling at this point, although I was completely sober. It was just…unusual and special. [b]Bradford Cox of Deerhunter and Atlas Sound, probably the most loving, open-hearted person on the planet (I love you, Bradford!!!) was DJing and Deacon came on later and they traded ipod tunes[/b]. [/i] At one point I was trancing out on some music and thought, “this would be a great time to listen to Can” so I went up to Josh and asked him if he had any. He said, “That’s what this is!” and I said, “No wonder it reminds me of Can!” It was hilarious. We danced like maniacs and [b]because we are old and wise and awesome and take our vitamins, we stayed up kicking ass until 4:30 am[/b]. Just wait until y’all are my age. It’s fantastic. There was climbing through windows and room visiting and dancing and refusing to dance and guitar playing and singing and giggling and sucking on lemons and photos of shoes and watching of Nancy Sinatra videos (thanks, man, ‘Some Velvet Morning’ is stuck in my head now) and more giggling and glitter and then we fell asleep. The end.
  • Trust me grizzly, for ODDSAC, there's no such thing as spoilers!!!!! Favorite part was the rocks and the drums and the last scene which I had a giant smile on my face the entire time!!!
  • I'm so sorry grizzly!!!! I didn't mean to spoil anything (I totally didn't read you're entire comment I was just excited to discuss the film). I reassure you that there's no possible way that you can be spoiled. ODDSAC isn't a film, it's an experience. Question for winny: Although you said you were scared [spoiler]didn't you feel somewhat happy after the last sequence? I was puzzled, then kind of frightened, then there was a smile on my face that didn't leave until well after the credits.[/spoiler] I'd love to create a thread to discuss stuff about ODDSAC with spoilers. I'll create a spoiler thread.
  • You Stay Out!
  • binny chinny! i do reckon
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