New Black Dice Interview on new album Repoman

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Looks pretty good, wonder when it will be released? <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... interview/</a><!-- m -->


  • The song at the bottom is pretty good, it reminds me of a messier Manitoba/Caribou.
  • This is going to be awesome, i cant get enough of Roll Up-Drool.
  • repo was pretty fun... i know many want them to harken back to the beaches & canyons days but those days are DEAD! both repo and broken ear are just mostly fun (but still have their lemming moments) and i think load blown maybe didn't have the higher highs of those 2 but was pretty consistent... i still think my fave track by them is the one they did for wastered (and the ac one was one of their weakest!)
  • Miss Indie Pen Danse! DR. BEAST!
  • REPOMAN! el creepo mang!
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