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  • Thats positioned very strangely.. Whos arms are those? Whats his job? The ink on the left reminds me of the look of writing on a ballon after it has popped.... which is cool. I like it.
  • it is strangely positioned, but something about it I really love.
  • It is oddly positioned, but I didn't want to use the photo that had their faces. Who are they? Apparently more devoted fans than I. The 'popped balloon' letters (i like that image) spells sst, the record label. If I got a record label tattoo it's be for K records, out of Olympia, WA. OMG Tiggles, remember i mentioned the guy I tattooed (20 years ago)? He's a LAWYER, like district attorney big shot lawyer! And he's balding and round! He was soooo hot. Gee, i wonder if people say the same about me...I should shut up.
  • wow! That is devoted. And that is crazy WINI! Some people that were really ugly in high school have already turned hot and vice-versa. It seems like all the 'hot' girls from high school have turned so not hot.
  • At our reunion we all (privately) noted that the hot guys got fat and bald and the snobby girls all turned nice.
  • eeeeeeeeeee the left one looks infected. Positioning is strange, I agree. I still like mine better. XD [img][/img]
  • First tattoo of mine is probably going to be Animal Collective in the font used on Spirit They're Gone, Spirit They've Vanished. On the inside of my right forearm or on the back of my neck.
  • I'm neva getting a tattoo. Eva.
  • Why not?
  • Because it's permanent and one day I'm gonna be 50 and I change my mind too much. xD
  • I still like mine. But I am not 50 yet.
  • My spirit they've gone spirit they've vanished tattoo... chose to get the angels of light!
  • Damn, that's amazing barefoot. I'm really jealous although I could not pull that off (especially because I'm a guy).
  • Thanks! Definitely my favorite tattoo so far, but not my last AC tat... I've already got another one in the works!
  • that's sweet tatoo, barefoot!
  • [quote=barefoot]My spirit they've gone spirit they've vanished tattoo... chose to get the angels of light![/quote] It's beautiful!
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    thats amazing I think a strawberry jam tatoo would be cool as well (and possibly unisex) Go as the who could win a rabbit costume for holloween next year, gotta ride a unicycle and carry a flamethrower though
  • I don't usually like tattoos, but those are sweet. If I met a girl with an anco tattoo, I'd instantly be in love, haha. I have to side with shinsy though, I probably wont ever get a tattoo.
  • getting a tattoo of tatu tattooing OOZING tat 2 from fantnasty is land!
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