• Placental vibrator
  • weekend wars is their best song
  • no way man! it's the KIDS! like you know! for kids!
  • are you going to look after my boys?
  • Siberian Breaks!
  • Just wanted to add that I am hopelessly in love with Andrew VanWyngarden and it is kind of an issue
  • And what girl isn't?
  • I'm not a girl just so you know and just to get things straight.
  • But you still have a crush on Andrew. Is that what you're trying to say?
  • No, but maybe I do, he is dreamy, but I don't want to offend any homosexuals with my heterosexual views, so I will say if I was gay I'd be totally into him (not wierd). Got That!
  • i'm a girl and in on this loving Andrew business, if I haven't already admitted that in this thread.
  • he looks very greasy
  • He's a Greaser And I am a Soc! For JOHNNY!
  • AHH too much love for that reference
  • It is a blue giant automatic hair comb... I Like MGMT quite a lot, I used to be more into them like 3 years ago but not so much anymore but there are the songs that will die hard with me, time to pretend, the handshake, future reflections and a little beauty that you may have heard of called everything is happening so fast...truly is a diamond among they're songs, I also had my mum play time to pretend at my Nans funeral so I guess MGMT have a lot of sentimental value with me aswell because of that.
  • Feb 8th, 2008! 8/2 years ago i saw MGMT for 8 bucks! four i mean! four years aglow! EIGHT BUCKS! with Yeah Slayer! opening! such a good deal! all them 8s! CRAZY APES
  • WHOA GO! What a deal! I still haven't seen them yet and definitely want to.
  • they made an utter mockery of my fave song by them KIDS! it's the Kids! they didn't even play the main little synth part and vocally he treated it like a joke i was SUPER geared up for that song live so i was pretty pissed and then they played some joke fake metal / butt rock song so yeah .... i mean... funny in some ways.... but the song i wanted to hear most they treated like a joke / didn't do that with any other songs it's not like it was the "hit" song by that point i don't know... sounded like they were just young and dumb at that point getting way too wasted the night before or something!
  • That is hilarious. I'm sorry. Whenever MGMT talks about their 'before days' when no one knew who they were and KIDS hadn't hit the airwaves they say that they were a joke band. Kids is kind of a joke to them now because they made it way back when.
  • if it was such a joke why did they re-use it like 3 times over +3 years! gah! they sound like JERKS!
  • Because they only got their record deal based off of KIDS! They had to put it on the album and then it exploded! I'm sorry this is so exasperating for you GO! I think they sound like some of the sweetest musicians around when reading about them.
  • well if that is how they treated Kids in 2008 how do they treat it in 2010/11/12+??? surely they have to play it at every show! and do a decent job! i know weezer covered it and did a good job far better than MGMT did! and a local guy here did the song on new years a couple years back (before it was such a huge hit!) and he did a GREAT job so i don't feel too bad.... at least SOME people know how to perform kids! with dignity! eyah!
  • You're right GO! I've seen videos of them playing it recently and its just pre-recorded background music and they just kind of dance around on stage and sing to it. I kind of prefer everything other than KIDS that they've done so I don't mind so much if their heart isn't in it.
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    kids is their best song! gah! that one and TIME 2 BRETEND! and to a lesser extent THE YOUTH / ELECTRIC EELS / songs from the 2nd album! (flash delirium / siberian breaks mainly!) too bad they couldn't live up to the promise of Time 2 Pretend / THE KIDS! in another life maybe!
  • LOVE MGMT, love their second album, have very strong memories attached to it.
  • Flash Delirium is my absolute favorite of theirs. Time To Pretend and Kids have lost their novelty, sadly, mainly through overplay.
  • same here, Calvin. Same here on all fronts. Though I love Future Reflections an entire lot.
  • that's why i made sure not to overplay them! the video for Time to Pretend is AMAZING as is the one for Flash Delirium! heck the vids for Kids / THE YOUTH (!) / ELECTRIC FEEL are pretty groovy too then they kind of lost it! the vids for it's working was pretty good still but the congrats one i did not dig but for a time there they were making REALLY amazing videos proving the art of the music vid is still a very valid / cool thing!
  • Go we are on such opposite wavelengths. I think their videos are getting better! I think they are proving art in their music and videos more than they were with their first album!
  • yes, MGMT truly was on another level with their music videos. Honestly I still love almost all of their music, the second half of their first album is ehhh/good but other than that it's all very quality to me. I didn't really OVERPLAY them, they just sorta ended up not having that insane high as the first year that I heard them. The first time I ever heard Time To Pretend I think I had unintentionally smoked either meth, crack or something ridiculous. I had smoked weed that was definitely laced with a TOUCH of something very hard, did NOT intend on this but it made the night VERY wild and when it started hitting me was when Time To Pretend came on and I was in the back of a car looking at my then-friend's back of his head.
  • Wow... The video to kids is amazing, truly ! Time to pretend for that matter aswell ! But I much prefer oracular spectacular then congrats ! And has anyone else heard "everything is happening so fast" by them it's really is a diamond among their songs !
  • no, have you heard metanoia? it's a WILD track. it was the b-side to 'time to pretend'.
  • it's like siberian breaks but it came out in 2008 or so!!!
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    Anyone else into Future Reflections? I think that's my favourite track from their first.
  • I listened to Metanoia again today and it was the most beautiful, visceral experience of my life (I am slightly exaggerating). It is definately my favorite MGMT song. I love the progression and overall emotions the song gives. I wish it was longer.
  • OK, I give up, I'mma ignore the Pitchfork reviews I'd read because I know Pitchfork is really wrong, really often. 2 Questions: 1. Should I start with Congratulations? 2. Is every song they have like 'Kids'? Because Kids is OK, but it gets annoying so so quickly.
  • Just trust your gut, either is fine to start with.
  • Ummmm unless you really like their songs like "Electric Feel", I would suggest starting with Congratulations. AND no, every song is not like "Kids". Only a few songs on Oracular are like Kids. Congratulations is much better imo. It seems to be people, like my family, who can't stand psychedelic music like Oracular. Whilst people, like myself, who love psychedelic music like Congratulation. Though, Oracular is not a bad album it is just basic.
  • Oh and they have many songs worth listening to that are not on albums i.e. Boogie Down, Indie Rokkers, Metanoia and Destrokk.
  • Has anyone listened to their cover of Fleetwood Mac'c Future Games?
  • Nope, or at least I have not heard it before today. Of all the older bands "Classic Rock" bands that they would cover, they went with Fleetwood Mac. Oh well...I liked it a lot and MGMT is a great gateway band for people.
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    kids is not annoying! in that it never CAN get annoying or be less than amazing (ok? OK? what the hell!)( i heard it in fall of 07 before nearly anyone did and i remember hearing it a few weeks back and still good! still good! it's the kids! their best song! BY FAR!
  • Eh, I can sort of see how Kids can get annoying, especially since I heard it playing in an Aeropostale a year ago. Their best song is Siberian Breaks, by the way.
  • the handshake!!!!!!!!!1one
  • Metanoia iz ze best.
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