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Okay, so imagine you have a friend whos heard a song or two of AC's (My Girls being on of them - which she/he liked). You mention AC a heap and they get the impression they must be good and worth checking out a bit more - then one day they say to you 'I want you to make me a cd of all the Animal Collective songs you think I shoud hear'. This is such a cool request - challange, mission, you could say! - that I must not fail! I've started to compile a list, in specific orders - that sound good going into the next and fit, that will hopefull convert my friend by time AC has finished screaming their goodness into her ears. Heres a bit of what I've got so far: - Essplode - Grass - Loch Raven - Taste - Tikwid - Derek Essplode would start somewhere in the middle of the playlist cleary. I think those first 3 songs are good variations together, don't you think? This could be a fun little project for you all, so add to the list, give opinions or make your own - it just has to be the best soudning AC list there is!


  • i'd start someone off with the poppier tracks/singles (leaf house, grass, fireworks, my girls etc.). now of course, the abstract stuffs good but you don't want to scare anyone off <!-- s:) --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/smile-1.gif" alt=":)" title=":)" /><!-- s:) -->
  • here is my ultimatey AC playlist. The transitions are not perfect and this is what I would show someone. Brothersport Water Curses Street Flash On A Highway What Would I Want? Sky Winters Love We Tigers The Purple Bottle Turn Into Something People Loch Raven Lion in a Coma Safer Chocolate Girl Slippi Tikwid Must Be Treeman Winter Wonder Land Essplode La Rapet Bat You'll Fly For Reverend Green Fireworks Banshee Beat Prospect Hummer Unsolved Mysteries Leaf House Chores Taste Derek Grass. Sorry it was so lengthy.
  • wow tigers, wow mine's a bit shorter and i worked most of the transitions out to perfection especially 3, 4, and 5 oh yeah and 10 and 11 Did You See The Words Someday I'll Grow To Be As Tall As The Giant For Reverend Green Essplode Leaf House Taste Doggy Fickle Cycle Peacebone Mouth Wooed Her I Remember Learning How To Dive Native Belle Fireworks I could make like ten more of these...
  • I like yours, Derek. I'll try and give some of those transitions a listen. I really want a literally perfect compilation of AC songs. The only issue is, they have made some transitions that cannot be beat.
  • yeah i know exactally what you mean. The first time i heard queen in my pictures transition into doggy i really fell in love with animal collective's sound.the truth is i'm not that satisfied with my play list. HCTI and Merriweather are my least favorite albums, and i'd want to point that out to my friend and explain why i feel this way. I would show someone Strawberry Jam in its entirety as an introduction and then show them the gems from spirit and danse
  • if I had to pick a particular album, I would show Feels and Sung Tongs first. But it really depends on the person. As you said, I could see a particular person really appreciating Slippi and Essplode (i'm not sure about Spirit songs...) more than anything I could show them on Feels.
  • The person who I'm giving this to is quite ecclactic, but never listened to anything as twisted as AC. I'm gonna listen to your playlist! They look really good. I started mine with Leaf House as well, then I put Pacebone next but I think having to opening tracks sounds a little wierd..
  • I would go cronologicly bakwards of my favorite songs Taste Brothersport In The Flowers Derek Chores Fireworks Peacebone Winter wonderland Grass Flesh Canoe Turn Into Something The Purple Bottle Winters Love Who could Win A Rabbit Sweet Road We Tigers Slippi Hey Light Essplode Doggy Alvin Row
  • I really love that list, Mr. Danger. really really love it. Especially from We Tigers on. how come alvin row isn't on my list?!? You guys have given me a lot to think about.
  • THIS IS TOO HARD. I must listen to all of these playlists at once.
  • [youtube]
  • WHOA! I think they are trying to give you a seizure to play that with all of those trippy visuals. It's a very alarming listen and I definitely didn't finish it.
  • I am at this very second utilizing your lists to make a mixed cd for my friend. Good, good, bless y'all.
  • hey wini it'd be cool if you could post the track listing....
  • I've tried making an AC essentials list before. It is not an easy task AT ALL.
  • If I were on any sort of drugs that compilation of songs would give me a heart attack.
  • That video is brilliant Shinsy! hahaha I know its strange - my friend (who is sitting next to me and who I am making this playlist for) said it sounds like a train station. I could hear Lion In A Coma at the very beginning... errr
  • Track 4 of every album makes a surprisingly good list. Same with track 2.
  • [quote="derekcollectbone"] Did You See The Words Someday I'll Grow To Be As Tall As The Giant For Reverend Green Essplode Leaf House Taste Doggy Fickle Cycle Peacebone Mouth Wooed Her I Remember Learning How To Dive Native Belle Fireworks [/quote] I gave this one a listen Derek tonight. I really like the opening and ending.. <!-- s:up: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/up.gif" alt=":up:" title="up" /><!-- s:up: -->
  • I used all of your playlists, especially the ones that had things in a particular order, and Lori (the recipient), my pretend daughter Briana (whom I need to get on here) and I listened to it. I loved it, Briana loved it, Lori liked it except for the "weird" songs. She likes Phish, so AC was a stretch in some respects. Not dissing Phish. Dissing Lori. ha! no!
  • <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> m --> i would show them the rabbit vid too
  • show that to them if you are trying to scare them!!!
  • I watched that for the first time a while back and I really didn't like it. I don't watch many of their videos.
  • I dislike most of their videos because I find them incredibly unsettling. Its like when you are warned about 'disturbing imagery' in a film. It disturbs me.
  • i often enjoy being disturbed, and i think they're videos are really interesting and strange..
  • I do like Brothersports video though! And My Girls isn't disturbing eaither. Do you think its cause they've made it a heap more popular now? They toned down their videos a bit?
  • haha i love all of their videos especially the rabbit vid and brothersport their funny to me and happy. they remind me of being a child.
  • My Girls still disturbs me. So does In Flowers. I love the Brothersport video, though.
  • Whats disturbing about My Girls? I haven't seen In The Flowers yet..
  • I thought In The Flowers was really... pretentious. Maybe because I don't get it, but it just seems really overly hipster.
  • something about those silhouttes with mouths creeps me out. I agree with Grizz about In Flowers.
  • Flowers felt low budget compared to their other videos. I feel like they just did a bunch of acid, took a video camera, and said 'Hey! Let's make a music video!" Which honestly, isn't a bad thing to me.
  • the video was actually directed by Dave's sister so i think it's all her vision it's a strange video, i can't tell if the video actually tells a story or if it's just a bunch of strange animation with people dancing.... btw terrortoast, that sounds pretty awesome
  • [resurrecting this thread] i'm making an AC playlist for my new beau because he's interested in hearing some of my music. Really he's into pretty straightforward alternative rock so this should be interesting. Here's what i'm giving him: 1. Water Curses 2. Who Could Win A Rabbit 3. Chocolate Girl 4. Bluish 5. From A Beach 6. Polly (Nirvana Cover) 7. What Would I Want? Sky 8. Grass 9. Fireworks 10. Essplode 11. For Reverend Green 12. The Purple Bottle 13. Doggy 14. Slippi I don't want him to be one of [i]those[/i] fans that only likes them for a particular song so i'm not giving him a chance. He's getting a ranged look into AC. So if he doesn't like it, that's cool I guess.
  • Not bad -- not my choices, but not bad. You could still fit two or three short songs on there though (we tigers or leaf house or maybe something from ODDSAC) if you wanted to
  • I like it. If you have space, add Alvin Row or something like Tantrum Barb. I'd also add Derek, Chores, and Brothersport, but that's just me. And you forgot to add WE TIGERS!
  • I probably would put I Think I Can or another one off of Sung Tongs. Winter's Love?
  • when you think about it... even a more normalized playlist of AC would be pretty weird to someone who hadn't heard much strange music!
  • So true! Some of the people I know who claim to love AC just like My Girls and that's it! They even think that Lion in a Coma is too bizarre to listen to... I think their songs are perfect to be honest! Just enough strange to be different and not enough to be unlistenable
  • the funniest anti-AC comments i've heard is that they aren't creative and they don't have any good melodies! oh MAN
  • Hahaha. oh MAN is right. Dat be funny sir.
  • i've heard the same plus hipster accusations
  • you guys all had some great suggestions but I didn't add them. Someday i'll make him AC mix 2, if he doesn't mind this one.
  • Let us know how it is received!
  • 1. Visiting Friends 2. Meet the Light Child 3. Alvin Row 4. My Fave. Colours [lol]
  • [quote="we tigers"] 3. Chocolate Girl 4. Bluish 6. Polly (Nirvana Cover) 7. What Would I Want? Sky 9. Fireworks 11. For Reverend Green [/quote] These were his favorites though he said he really liked the overall mix. I was super impressed by his choice of Chocolate Girl (and knew he'd love Polly just because).
  • Ah, I arrived too late to add my recommendation of #1 to that list (I don't know what it is about that song, but it gets me every time). Nevertheless, looks like you constructed an excellent playlist, and he chose some great songs for favorites.
  • Oh good! I'm glad he liked it. It's always a great thing to spread the love of Animal Collective.
  • my fave. lemmings lol lemming crimes!
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