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Making this poll because a) I'm bored b) I searched and there has not been one For me it is Banshee Beat. That song makes me happy then sad then very sad then very happy go


  • I love Did You See The Words It's so friendly and lovely and comfy and Ahhh good country.
  • WTF after a long hard stare at the words "grass" and "the purple bottle" I became so frustrated that i used the whole "eenie meenie mynee moe" trick. that was too hard. CURSE YOU GRIZZLES!
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  • Purple Bottle for me. It's so ridiculously happy and also, the first song that made me think "Hmm...I wanna make a stop motion animation to this." haha, random I know and it will probably kill me making it.
  • This was really hard because it changes depending on what I need from it. right this minute Did You see the Words is my fave but last month it was Turn Into something. Overall Purple Bottle is the one I always love.
  • I don't know! I went with Loch Raven because it was my first instinct. One day it was raining and I was listening to it and I was staring out the window. I felt like I was in a movie.
  • Loch Raven is the most beautiful song Shinsy! I love it too. And chosing a song from this album was really hard! ahahah I said Grass. I link Grass with Water Curses and those songs make my spirit so happy.
  • for me it was definitely Loch Raven, it just makes me feel happy and content i also love it because of how psychedelic it sounds
  • I love Loch Raven. It's really good for when it's raining out and you just want to sit and look out your window.
  • I still haven't picked yet...I can't decide!
  • Had to go with Purple Bottle. It's one of my favorites.
  • damn i wanna change my vote!
  • Banshee Beat, but it only just sees out Grass... Real difficult, because Feels is my favourite album, there is nothing to choose between 'em!
  • I was listening to this album today for the first time in a while and I forgot how good it is. It IS summer for me, that album. Did You See The Words makes me beyond happy. This poll is terrible, making me choose xD "all of them" should be an option
  • the bees the bees the beesssssss
  • i have, just yesterday, fallen in love with Loch Raven. But my answer is still The Bees
  • sad no votes for turn into something...that song gets me so pumped, and the end is beautiful I voted purple bottle tho cus its prob my fave AC song overall
  • well i've voted for Bees. hard decision though, i also love to death Grass, Did you see the words, Flesh canoe and The purple bottle.
  • turn into something thin! a message for fatties!
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