Original Hollinndagain?

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I was wondering if anyone here owns, or has ever seen an original copy of hollinndagain? Not even on ebay, they must be lost in time. This is before the reissue, mind you. Also, anyone with an original Spirit or Danse, post a pic and that would be cool.


  • I haven't. I'm sorry. What does it look like anyways?
  • Nope, never have and probably never will seen the original. Maybe from hunting around enough I can find one.
  • I think each of the little squares in the reissue cover is a mini version of one of the original covers. I think.
  • My freind has the original spirit and danse manatee split but not hollindagin
  • picture?
  • picturreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, I want to see please.
  • Uh, moving this to Manimalwich related.
  • I recently just got a hand on one of the originals, I can send a pic if you'd like, but I believe there are at least 8 alternative covers (if not all of them were unique) but I would be willing to send a pic once it comes in. CNR.
  • OG HOLLAND (AGAIN?!) oh man! who are the mysterious 300 who own them! maybe someone owns 100 of them! they KNEW!
  • haha I hope that's not the case! Like I said I just got my hands on one, so stoked, but I posted that link to pop sike so people could see different covers :]
  • The Mysterious 300! all gathered together like a CULT
  • We r a cult. Once a year we gather together and listen to it at Deakin's moms house. She is the best cult leader, with a crazy awesome house!
  • I have the money to get one, But I would feel terribly guilty paying near £200 for it. I'm a tight arse. And I would be really nervous to tell my girlfriend how much I paid for it. But Discogs has a few from time to time. I pretty much have everything AC have done... even the promos n such (Obsessed?) So I will have to buy it eventually. Its like the holy grail of animal collective releases , The only other thing I don't have is the first panda bear album. Should have bought it while I had the chance because I haven't seen it for sale since ! Still, Atleast I have crack box, Purple bottle vinyl and Danse and Spirit (which were ridiculously cheap on discogs for limited releases). So anyway, Anyone wanting to get hold of the rarer animal collective stuff, Go to discogs. They have the lot. (apart from panda bear st :( ..... )
  • you'll never get VOSTOK! geo solo EP!
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