Grateful Dead

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oh man i love them one of those bands i obsess over. How do you guys feel about them?


  • I feel generally uninterested. I've listened to them off and on and I end up just zoning out. I'm not really into 'jam bands' I guess. which is too bad because Phish is from Maine and they're always up here. I think I might be missing out on something.
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    I hate to do this but.... It is spelled Grateful [size=85] [color=#FF0080](I edited it, I couldn't stand it either derek[/color])[/size] I like them, being a stoner/hippie i really love their live recordings and at least one song off every album. I saw Bob Weir and Ratdog last year (guitarist) and it was absolutely amazing. Some of their songs do get repetitive and boring tho, and the lyrics aren't always the best except for most songs off American Beauty.... I heard one recording of them at Rothbury on my friends xm radio and it was electronic and really spacey and extremely psychedelic.
  • Here's what our friend Geologist has to say" [quote]GEOLOGIST (Animal Collective) The birth of my father was a mistake; an unplanned pregnancy in the 1950s. As a result, his brothers, and my cousins, are much older. During the ’80s, my cousin Adam was my idol. I was in grade school, he was in high school and later went to college in Athens, GA. The guy was all about “rock & roll.” He had Live…Like A Suicide by Guns N’ Roses on vinyl in 1986. He predicted the worldwide stardom of REM and the B-52’s as far back as I can remember. But his first musical love was, and as far as I know, still is The Grateful Dead. By the end of the ’80s he had been to over 100 shows. As I got older and began to hunger for more music than what was being fed to me on MTV, I of course turned to him. Like any true Deadhead, my cousin immediately pushed me towards their live material. His Dead collection was just a box of tapes with dates written on them; I don’t really remember seeing any albums. It is to this aspect of the Dead’s output that I would direct any new fan. I listen to the ‘66-’74 era, pretty much exclusively. An easy place to start is the live albums released during this period, specifically Live/Dead (from ‘69) and Europe ‘72. The former has my all-time favorite Dead jam, “Dark Star” into “St. Stephen,” and the latter contains my second favorite, “China Cat Sunflower” into “I Know You Rider” (affectionately known to Dead fans as “China Rider”). In addition, there is a killer CD release of a Fillmore East show from 2/11/69, which has some of the same tunes. And for 1974, the Winterland shows from February of that year totally rule, even though you have to endure the awful background singing of Donna Godchaux. I certainly don’t mean to discount the worth of their studio albums, because there is no denying the greatness of Anthem Of The Sun, Aoxomoxoa and American Beauty. I love them all and listen to them frequently, but I still lean towards the live stuff. The reason for this is simply “good times.” I recently got into an argument at a bar about whether or not you can give credit to someone for nothing more than “good times.” I say you totally can. Why not? Isn’t that pretty much what most of us want on a day-to-day basis? I was fortunate enough to see the Dead on one of their last tours in 1994. I was 15 years old, and had moved from Philly to Baltimore, where I was in the early stages of becoming best friends with the dudes I still consider my closest friends in the world. At the time, however, I dearly missed my old friends from middle school. They managed to get tickets to the Dead show at the Philly Spectrum, and my parents, being the wonderful folks they are, let me skip school for three days and hop on the train to catch the show. Jerry may have been old and forgotten some lyrics here and there, but man, good times were had by all. I’ve never since been in an environment as positive as that concert. As people who are passionate about music, especially music that is outside of the mainstream, we sometimes get caught up in our own brand of snobbery. But when I catch myself acting like a dick, I try and think back to that night wandering around the burrito stands and hacky-sack circles in that parking lot. If people continue to care about the music we make and continue to come see us play, I really hope our parking lots will look and feel like that one day. Good times.[/quote]
  • that's an awesome quotation, it's interesting that he went to this concert right before he started becoming good friends with the rest of the collective. probably influenced the way he wanted to make music
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  • we encourage resurrection, wolfie.
  • Self-conscious post deletion. So do any of the current members of the board like the Dead? Also, an ironic touch is that spelling it "Greatful" is really authentically deadhead-ish. I have a Dead shirt with a picture of a ticket stub from Worcester, MA. It's spelled "Worchester". lol. So, yeah. Any deadheads? Casual dead fans?
  • i am a fang of slipknot (the pop metal band) but not a fan of the knot (the g-dead cover band named after song of said simular name taggy!) actually it's pathetic but the only song i know for sure off the bat by them is that I will get by song! which was fun enough and had that vid with the skeletongues... kinda like how even by early high school the only song i knew by pink floyd was another brick in the wall (we don't need no education! was the name i thought it was) and was like MAN! all these shirts people wear and posters and the band only has one big / hit song it's all goofy like that!
  • Yeah the Dead were all about the magic. Thus, they had very few hits. Heh. But the biggest hit in my heart is 12/29/77. But there are so many good ones. Hundreds! And the merch. GDM has really cashed in on the Dead's fanatical fans.
  • Also, the best performance (arguably) of Help On The Way » Slipknot! » Franklin's Tower is on a release called One From The Vault.
  • Geologists has good taste in dead music. I used to be big into all jam bands. I went to summer camp this year and saw Umphreys mcgee and bob weir and primus featuring Bob weir (a real treat) and a couple others and that was great. Since the anco I've been all over the board... HAWHAWHAWHAWH
  • I tried to get into other jam bands. I dig Phish's stuff from the early 90s... After '95 I don't really enjoy it as much, or haven't yet. But I don't listen to anything except Jerry stuff anymore. What's the point? All the other jam stuff is based on his voice and his band's music.
  • Oh, I'd forgotten about them. They're cool.
  • i feel like you'd be in that band i don't know why! haha!
  • They're a bunch of dirty hippies!
  • and i'm slippin on slippies! TONGUE
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