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  • Dave, I agree with you about the album with the super long name - I love the last half so much more than the first, it's gorgeous. You'll love ().
  • Yeah. I like the first half, too, but I really have to be in the right mood to listen to it. Not so with side two.
  • I'm the opposite... I preferred the first side... Gooble Gooble Gooble
  • It's much happier and brighter. I listened to the first side last night and felt like I really [i]got[/i] the second track for the first time. It's extremely, extremely happy.
  • Yes, my second favourite from the record... Gooble Gooble Gooble
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    So, I listened to [i]( )[/i] again earlier today. It reminded me very distinctly of Radiohead's music from [i]Kid A[/i] on. I wonder if Radiohead likes Sigur Ros. It seems like the kind of music at least some of the guys in Radiohead would get into. I should look this up. Edit: Looked it up, and it seems that the general consensus is already that Sigur Ros was an influence on Radiohead. Go figure.
  • Johnny Greenwood's favourite band is Grizzly Bear! :D
  • No shit? Interesting; they're so not guitar-oriented.
  • Well Johnny's not just guitarist, he loves to arrange as well, and Grizzly has monster arrangements.
  • Thanks for the heads up Tiggs
  • Just thought you guys would want to know, Valtari is streaming in its entirety on NRP:
  • Thank you, but I already listened to the whole thing when the local radio station (89.3 the current) played it in it's entirety last week at 11 pm. I liked it, but I need another listen to fully decide what I think about it.
  • it's so damn sleepee! and what the HECK happens at the end with those last 3 tracks? it's like jonsi just wandered off and they had to finish without him! after the funner side of med sud (esp. ac gripoff gobbledy gook!) and the really bombastik fun side of GO! (!!!) ... i don't know! ... it feels like trying to take a step back / "new" direction... into the side of them that is only JUST OKAY to me
  • This is actually a really great video.
  • I was actually not too impressed by this last Sigur Ros album. I liked Go by Jonsi a lot more than Valtari, but the album does have it's great moments. If I had to compare it to an album, I'd say I like it as much as I like Campfire Songs. That video is pretty cool btw.
  • It is kinda Campfire Songs esque now that I think about it. I don't like the songs themselves that much but I think the atmosphere is SO there.
  • I agree exactly with this album comparison. I generally listen to Sigur Ros for atmosphere music anyways aka when writing, so it gives me exactly what I want for it. I feel like it is a generally understated album.
  • Although I didn't love Valtari, it'll still be on my "best of list of 2012", but that's because this album is good because of it's atmosphere, not exactly for it's songs.
  • ya gotta have the songs!
  • i put it on my best of 1893 list. it was a fine year for icelandic jam bands, it was. the fishing was excellent that year. maybe i'll move to iceland with nothing at all except a backpack and a sleeping bag and an axe.
  • Mountain man davey!
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    I enjoyed Valtari as much as any other album of theirs! I still haven't wrapped my head around the songs still though, and thats what great about them, they can still create and evoke such.. unexpected feelings from their songs.. in me.. even after so many listens.. &&& I've got tickets to see Sigur Ros in November! yeeee! Can't wait! Dream come true.
  • The Pop Song The Death Song The Nothing Song The Garbled Song i forget the rest!
  • Haha curses, I thought you were making a joke about Chris Taylor's solo project. Were you?
  • Chris Taylor has a solo project? :/ I haven't heard it!
  • The project is called CANT and the album is called Dreams Come True. "Can't wait! Dream come true." Just a coincidence then :P
  • Ohhh! hahaha oh yeah. Is the album any good?
  • I liked it, I only listen to it occasionally though.
  • wow Curses is back, time to revive the Mew thread!
  • I heard about Sigur Ros only yesterday at my friends place and was watching one of their videos, the one with the kids walking and then they fly off a cliff and you don't know if the last kid makes it or not. I thought it was very beautiful music and, for me, not understanding the language and what was being said made me listen to the music more deeply and feel it out. Its some amazing stuff... And I'm most definitely going to listen to more and more and more. With regards to the insomnia discussion, green tea or any fancy sounding tea really while watching a series or movie or stand up comedy works for me. Especially comedy, relaxes your body and you can sleep quite peacefully.
  • Seeing sigur ros tmrw at lollaaaa
  • Sounds great dude/dudette.
  • Twas a wonderful show, I'll post a pic sometime soon. I saw a guy with the AC ballerina shirt on and it made me think of you guys on the board and how much i wish i could've brought y'all!!
  • haha Penny Dreadfuls! I am back, but not as frequently.. I tumblr' more these day : p Should we really post something in the Mew thread? What to say? Eggs Are Silly, most ridiculous album title ever.. I thought it was a joke! I'm very much looking forward to Nov 13, Purplebottle share your experience? :} The venue where I'm seeing them is outdoors with no seating just grass ascending like a semi-circular dome around the stage. I think it will be perfectly suited to them.
  • I have that ballerina shirt! But it wasn't me.
  • That's sounds so tops... With the grass embankment thing and just chilling watching them would be idyllic... Can't wait to travel so I can go to these shows man...
  • I saw them at an outdoor festival so it's almost the same as your description..except I was 5 rows back from the stage standing on muddy concrete but thats beside the point- they were great ! They didn't speak in english when they spoke to the crowd which I thought was neat. I'm not all familiar with the band just have heard them a few times, I just know that they're from Iceland. Now that I've seen them I'm going to be listening to them heavily though. Also the lead singer was playing his guitar with a bow like Jonny Greenwood did at the Radiohead show a couple months ago
  • Jonsi's been playing with a violin bow for a long time, I thought he spoke English though? He wrote a whole song in English, "Festival."
  • and then he wrote Festivus for the rest of us!
  • Yeah, my friend who introduced me to Sigur Ros told me he played with a bow. That's so awesome ha ha ha! AAAHHH you went to see Radiohead!!! Jealousy oozes from me... I'd cut off all non essential body parts to go see them! How was Radiohead?
  • They were unbelievable, I have two videos on my YouTube account- search the same username that I have on here. I think the video does it more justice than my words.
  • KEVLAR really upped their bill gotten bgame!
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