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Sometimes I have a question that pops into mind about AC that I don't know the answer to and want to ask, but don't want to create an entirely new thread! So, whenever an AC related question comes to mind, put it here, and we'll try to answer it.. or go searching google for the answer!! : p My first question - What age did they meet each other? Didn't two of them meet in primary school or even earlier? (I could be getting this confused with Mew...) - Did they go to Loch Raven High School? - oh, never mind that one - found the answer, Noah did! Hope this thread comes to good use for some people. <!-- s:) --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/smile-1.gif" alt=":)" title=":)" /><!-- s:) -->


  • Wini, I accidently posted this in the wrong thread - I was meant to post it in Animal Related. Do you think you could move it for me? Ty
  • Josh and Noah have known each other for a really long time; since elementary, I think. Josh introduced Noah to Dave & Brian when they were in highschool.
  • What does Avey Tare mean and how did Deakin get his name?
  • Avey Tare is Davey 'tearing' his name. I don't know about Deakin.
  • [quote="Wikipedia"]Name comes from letters he used to write to other members under the name Conrad Deacon. He has used different spellings of the name on different albums: "Deaken" on Here Comes the Indian, "Deakin" on Feels and "Deacon" on Strawberry Jam and the single "Grass". Having been absent from the band's tours since early 2007, he began a solo tour in 2010 (using the spelling "Deakin" at the request of fellow Baltimorean musician Dan Deacon, in order to avoid confusion.)[/quote] Not exactly sure just why he chose Deacon in the first place though..
  • How do we know what Avey Tare means though?
  • He says in many an interview that it's Avey, like Davey without the D, and Tare, like tear your name apart.
  • Who thinks of these things? I should be Aps Tare
  • Lol sup guys, how long has it been? Holy shit, feels like I've completely forgotten about this site.
  • hey Derek! Good to see you around again! Its been a really long time, I was just a little newbie (I think) before you vanished!
  • DEREK! It's been forever! Glad to see you back.
  • Lol yeah tigers you had just joined. KG, yo. Thought you guys might like Fang Island, check them out.
  • Yeah, I heard their self titled a while back and I wasn't really into it. But maybe I'll give them another shot.
  • and she never did....
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