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Hey guys, I was just wondering if you guys had any opinions or stories about animal collective in relation to where you live. I only bring it up because I live in southern California and I haven't found hardly any AC fans besides people who I turn them on to. I think being in high school, a lot of the kids are just jerks about other kids being different, but still its kinda odd that no one I know seems to like them. So in short: what are the people in your area like, and if your also from so-cal, is it just my school or is this something I should come to expect?


  • I think it's just average close minded teenagerness. I live in so-cal too and go to a sort of artsy school so I think the kids are more open minded. I know quite a few people who like AC, or have at least heard of them.
  • I live in Aus and am still in highschool so I haven't met a great variety of people. Most kids are into mainstream, or a few are into music from underground stations but no one really listens to AnCo or Jonquil or Joanna or anything out of the ordinary and less known bands like that.. I think your age has a bit to do with it. I think if I end up doing an art course in uni I might meet some more ecclactic people too. Kids are too influenced by each other and media in highschool.
  • i live in wyoming and really no one out side of my friends and i even know who ac is. i think it just high school though, once people move on they they to become more openminded
  • I live in VERY RURAL Georgia and I have several friends that listen to them. This is probably because I have a very wide variety of friends of ages and locations. High School is a very limited little anti-microcosm and is almost over (even if you're a freshman, it;s just a few years) and besides, you have all of us here! p.s.With your permission, Cloudface, I'd like to move this to Vocal: I never would have found it if I hadn't been checking every single new post. ThisTopic is more about live shows.
  • I only have one in real life friend that listens to Animal Collective, which I am extremely lucky for because this is rare in mid-western Canada. Also, I'm pretty much in high school.
  • My friends listen to AnCo because I showed it to them and I play it all the time and they have no choice! But most of them like it. It isn't the most popular band though, not on the west coast. I'd never expect to hear people talking about it on the street or anything. Songs from MPP get played in a few stores occasionally, but only because those stores are run by pitchfork enraged hipsters.
  • thanks for all the feed back guys. and winilula, go ahead and move the post where ever i dont know how to but if you do i dont really care its all good. i guess its not so much that people dont like AC as much as people actually telling me it sucks. most likely its just the socal teenagers desperately wanting to fit in and rejecting everything else. Lately, me and my small knit group of freinds have been more and more openly weird and less conscious of what the kids think and its surprising how many enemies we have made. Everyone thinks that were doing it for attention or to be cool or to be hipsters or what not but we really just enjoy doing it. sometimes we even manage to channel the kids hatred into some really good times.
  • I've never understood why people hate others for being individuals.
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    because it's an easy way to get an ego boost; not as fulfilling as accomplishing something yourself, naturally. And finding something different is an easy way to pick on someone or bring them down. there's also the conditioning that different is bad or dangerous because it makes you stick out and an easy target for attack. So to see someone else do it can be galling if you're not brave enough to do it yourself. <img src="http://img411.imageshack.us/img411/3350/themoreyouknow2j.jpg">
  • I don't know many people around here to be honest. But, I'm convinced that half of my musical tastes would not be known. <!-- s:) --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/smile-1.gif" alt=":)" title=":)" /><!-- s:) -->
  • I haven't posted in this thread yet. The people around here, well, that's a hard thing to answer. For a small (population-wise) area we're fairly diverse (but mostly white). We have lots of rednecks, you know, four wheelers and hunters, trucks and standard alternative rock listeners. But i've found a few people that are generally open to any music. There's a guy that I work with whom I share my music with and he's really enjoyed a lot of it; Joanna Newsom. He thought the Animal Collective I gave him was good, though he wasn't overly enthused. Being different seems to give you an edge if you do it with confidence. As a girl at least. I guess I generally feel like though, wherever you go you can find people to connect and relate to, as long as you look and are open to everyone. I'd imagine that the colleges around here have kids that like Animal Collective in them. One of my other friends knows of them but just could not get into them as much as she wanted to. She was even listening to Feels. But there wasn't any hate. A woman I work with, two actually, say it is the weirdest music they have ever heard, and not in a good way.
  • Yeah I've gotten the "weirdest music they have ever heard" comment a lot when I used to listen to Spirit They're Gone Spirit They've Vanished in my room. I made a 2 and a half hour mix for this group of girls at my school who used to make fun of my music. I only made it for them because they sarcastically asked me too and than, they actually thought it was really cool. We had a listening party kinda deal so that was a good moral booster. One of the girls was sitting behind me in chemistry class and commented to the teacher "Mr. Sullivan I think one of your computers is broken." to which he replied "No that's just jacob listening to his crazy bullshit." Both the girl and the teacher are freinds of mine so it was all good, but it was still kinda depressing in a way. thanks for all the support you guys, I know you may feel like your just stating your opinion or what not but I think it is really nice of you guys trying to support me and all. Oh and by the way I was listening to Danse Manatee
  • I'm glad to hear that those girls actually enjoyed the mix that you made. and i'm glad that we were all of some help. Sharing personal experiences certainly does help when it comes to subjects like these. Sometimes I do find it hard to realize that no one I know likes all of the same bands as me but eventually you'll find a friend that even if they don't like all the same bands as you, they'll understand your excitement over things like the ODDSAC dvd being on pre-order, or whatever. Its very special and rare to find people who really do share all of your interests, when you venture outside of the expected and norm, and those people you should try and hang on to.
  • [quote="we tigers"] Its very special and rare to find people who really do share all of your interests, when you venture outside of the expected and norm, and those people you should try and hang on to.[/quote] Yeah, like us!!!
  • <!-- s:D --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/lol.gif" alt=":D" title="lol" /><!-- s:D --> makes me wish i posted on this forum more you guys are really nice
  • Do you wanna meet up at FYF cloudface??
  • <!-- s:) --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/smile-1.gif" alt=":)" title=":)" /><!-- s:) --> <!-- s:) --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/smile-1.gif" alt=":)" title=":)" /><!-- s:) --> <!-- s:) --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/smile-1.gif" alt=":)" title=":)" /><!-- s:) --> maybe im not sure yet if I can go because im only 16 and i have over protective parents. Ill message you if I can go and you me and my freinds will party at panda bears gig
  • I lended a friend of mine Feels today. I buy heaps of cds and lend them to her all the time so she can check new bands out. Shes pretty eclactic and open minded towards alot of the music I show her, one of the only people I personally know like this, so hopefully she'll hear what we anco fans hear in Feels. I reckon Feels is a good place to start. Its fairly easy listening. I wanna convert her into an Anco fan. I've converted someone into a Mew fan before, and it was really amazing to see their reaction and how much they loved it, so it'd be awesome if she like Animal Collective.
  • Feels is a great way to start animal collective that's how i got into them. Although when ever i show people them nowadays I always start with strawberry jam. Not because its the easiest just because its the best. One could also be able to work out sung tongs if shown in the right light as well as MWPP. and as much as I love them I would not recommend spirit/danse/indian <!-- s;) --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/wink.gif" alt=";)" title="wink" /><!-- s;) --> even some veteran AC fans of mine don't like it too hot. But I'm sure all the peeps at ac.org can back me up when I say that every animal collective album is amazing.
  • Yes! Most definitely. I know how much some people love SJ but I reckon my fav is Feels, though I can't be sure. But I realllyyy love the Feels album. Loch Raven is absolutely beautiful and Grass is the so upbeat it lifts my mood everytime I hear it. The whole album is briliant.
  • My favorite album is Spirit they're gone Spirit they've vanished because I love the at home recording studio kinda feel. It comes off to me as being one of the most real and personal animal collective albums. But all the albums are so good in different ways its not really fair to call something a favorite. Different moods or situations make me want to listen to different things. But as far as sitting at home listening to music goes, Spirit is my favorite (probably because It has the 'at home' kinda of feel) When I am with other people strawberry jam is my favorite and the others kinda fill in the cracks of every other situation I could be in. That's why animal collective is such an amazing band because they cover such a vast spectrum of emotions. Feels is really great nature music. Sometimes I just wanna take some of my freinds into the woods by a lake or something and listen to it while we swim.
  • Cloudface dear, i hope yo get the chance to do just that. It sounds wonderful.
  • yeah, that does sound wonderful. Spirit is my favorite too, Cloudface. Its on the verge of being incredibly fragile and chaotic all at once.
  • yeah I am going to do it one day. It might take me a while to settle in the right place and gather the right people but when I do it am going to be so happy. I'm thinking Seattle but its up in the air as of right now. life experience > comfort zone
  • I really don't know how many people know about Animal Collective where I live, I live in a small village so I wouldn't think that anyone else really would because they don't seem like they would but then again I guess I don't really know what qualifies someone to seem like they know about Animal Collective. At school, well I went to an all girls private school, I guess some of the girls in the older years knew some more ~alternative stuff but then again I don't really know to what extent. I think a few people in my class might've known about Animal Collective but only because I talked about them so much haha.
  • Well sometimes its fun to spread the word of animal collective. When ever I drive people places I like to play some animal collective and sometimes they are interested enough to ask me who the band is and a few times they have even went and gotten one of the albums.
  • that's a really beautiful, passive way to get someone interested in a band. I love it.
  • My friend who I showed Feels to said 'Its odd, it might take some getting use to..' .. but she likes The Drums.. <!-- s:P --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/razz.gif" alt=":P" title="razz" /><!-- s:P --> Edit: She told me today she likes Feels! She says its good background music.. and so the world welcomes another AnCo fan. 1 point to me. lmao What album should I give her next? I was thinking MMP cause its somewhat easy listening too. Or Strawberry Jam.. I can decide. Or perhaps the Water Curses EP? Lovee that one!
  • I like the idea of giving her water curses EP. It might be a good transition into strawberry jam. And MWPP would probably also be a good idea and than after those two you could through in strawberry jam. That's probably how I would do it, and maybe some Sung Tongs after that. Next thing you know shes going to be listening to danse manatee and hollindagin
  • i would do water curses and then sung tongs, maybe strawberry jam. me and cloudface are on the same page. it was water curses that really got me into anco in the first place. its really an eclectic little ep.
  • I jumped into strawberry jam to get into it originally but i wouldn't recommend it. Thank the lord for EPs being so short and sweet and delicious.
  • I think Strawberry Jam is the most accessible for someone who's never heard them before. That's what got me into them. I think I was into early Flaming Lips at the time, and was looking for more noisey weirdness.
  • I agree Lonkenhein, SJ is usually the album I show friends first when referring them to AC.
  • [quote="Shinsy"]Do you wanna meet up at FYF cloudface??[/quote] I just got my tickets bro how is this gonna go down?
  • Uhh well, I am also 16. I will be with two of my friends and I might be following around someone named....[size=50]Jake Jenkins[/size]. I don't really know yet. Maybe when the set times come out we'll figure something out. Or I could just hold up a sign that says Cloudface, like a limo driver at the Las Vegas airport.
  • that whole post made me happy, Shinsy. You two better give some great reviews.
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    OMFG could you please please please hold up a sign saying cloudface?!? me and my freinds used to have this weird acoustic folk trash band called cloudface(hence the name) and when we find you it is going to be so fucking hilarious. Im going with 4 freinds in one car and 4 others are in another car and we might meet up if we feel down so there is a possibility that the group approaching you is minimum 3 kids maximum 8 kids or anywhere in between. We are kinda crazy and may be doing any assortments or acrobatics or yelling/dancing so don't be frightened. I guess we can hang out during the Panda Bear set and get a picture than split ways. does that all sound good? we are really cool doing whatever but all that seems pretty legit. I do kinda want a picture though for the forum.
  • Yeah, let's do all of that! We can hang out for some other bands too. Make sure all of your friends know how to do this: [youtube] because we HAVE TO MAKE A VIDEO
  • LOL! all my freinds love tim and eric Also not to offend you or anything but I really don't know are you a girl or a guy and what about your freinds? We are going to be 3 girls and 5 guys
  • I'm a girl. 3 girls. Do you have a facebook?
  • just so you guys know, i'm super excited for you! I bet you are both going to have a blast! I would love to see a picture of both of you (maybe not together or whatever) standing in front of panda's stage with him playing (its a dream, it might not come true) just because i'm going to be living through you when you come back and tell us about it.
  • Thank you for posting the video of the C-Strut as I was going to ask. But I still don't understand. Essplain? I am also thrilled for all y'all and you MUST meet up and get a PHOTOOOOOOO You must must must it will be the first meetingz of the ac.org clan. Rar!
  • Thanks We tigers, we will be sure to get some cool pictures in there. Im sure it will be a blast. Hey Shinsy, are you going to the FYF fan fest the day afterward? Me and my freinds are getting there at 3 in the morning to get our tickets for it. Also Ill PM you my facebook.
  • I think I probably am. Wini, there is another video of the C-Strut at another festival and someone we know couuuuuuugh is in it. And the C-strut is just awesome.
  • The C-Strut is very mellllooooowwww....
  • most people i know dont know them but hate them when i play them and slowly despite criticism learn to love them
  • Sounds like me and my friends with AC !
  • My school has a bunch of indie wannabeish types of kids who regularly post links to AC songs on facebook with a "<3" under it, triggering the instant angry GET OUT OF MY SOUL STUPID KIDS reaction, which is pretentious and judgmental of me.
  • i dont reckon its pretentious, i would be exactly the same, it annoys me when people think they are emotionally in tune with a band and you think to yourself "you have no idea..." if only IF ONLY !!
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