Who wrote what on Strawberry Jam?

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I know it's all under Animal Collective, but just like Lennon/McCartney, someone probably still mostly wrote it. At the very least, can anyone tell me who sings what?


  • I think basically whoever wrote the lyrics sang them. Panda leads Chores and Derek. Avey does all the others. I can't remember who does #1 but if you watch a live version you'll see. Obviously they do backup vocals for each other on other tracks. As for the rest of the writing process i'd suggest looking up interviews on that era or about that album to figure out who wrote what.
  • Yeah. I knew Derek and Chores. As for #1, I suspect Avey. Panda does backup vocals for sure so I assume that during live shows Avey sings the verses if Panda does backup during live shows too. The melody is quite Pandaesque though.
  • winter wonder land was all geo!
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