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we know the tracklist he gave to pitchfork was: 'drone' 'tomboy' (awesome) 'surfers hymn' 'at the jetty' (awesome) 'benfica' 'slow motion' (awesome) 'bullseye' 'i want to go with you' 'you can count on me' there are a few he's played live that aren't on that tracklist (i may be mistaken if they've had their names changed). 'a day ago' (played at kortjijk) [youtube] 'untitled' (played at primavera festival, it's different to 'drone') [url][/url] maybe they'll be b-sides on the new 7"s, maybe he'll change the main tracklist (he said it wasn't final), maybe they're just live filler tracks (although they sound like more than just that). just thought it was interesting we had non-album tracks already.


  • I cant wait its gonna be great!!
  • Where did you find this tracklist?
  • [quote="Maps"]Where did you find this tracklist?[/quote] [quote="jokes"]we know the tracklist he gave to [b]pitchfork[/b] was:[/quote]
  • I wanted a link. But that's okay I found it.
  • [quote="Maps"]Where did you find this tracklist?[/quote] for future reference - the link is here: [url][/url] also, tomboy/slow motion single leaked in full today. not meaning to ruin it for anyone, but it is awesome. tomboy especially is much better than the live version.
  • i agree, jokes. I didn't listen to the earlier tomboy live stuff much. the first time through I just wasn't interested and knew that the actual tracks would be great but...they just didn't do it for me. I knew they were not complete. i'm in love with tomboy but slow motion is beating it for me.
  • i can't wait to hear the studio version of at the jetty and benfica. ahh. i'm pumped now.
  • can't wait to hear the whole record!! 'tomboy' sounds amazing
  • of course we all thought it would be amazing but we were wrong DEAD wrong
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