Which song got you hooked?

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The first songs I heard by them were Leaf House and Kids on Holiday, but the song that sold me was Summertime Clothes. It's sounds like nothing else. It's gotta nice melody but has something sinister to it too.


  • cuckoo cuckoo -- the malta video version on youtube. "wow, that's a fun song, crazy too" and then i read the lyrics <!-- s:( --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/sad.gif" alt=":(" title="sad" /><!-- s:( --> sadface
  • its hard for me to pinpoint, these songs are what really did it... we tigers, the malta version. also cuckoo cuckoo with the crazy drumming. water curses spirit they've vanished. they all contributed equally though I can't remember which I heard first. It was all within a few days of each other.
  • Reverend Green, primarily because it's the first song I ever heard of theirs! Hooked from the beginning...
  • For Reverend Green was probably the song that got me hooked Bluish as well And Did You See The Words
  • Peaceboner The video also sold it for me.
  • Fireworks! and then all of SJ.
  • the first song i ever heard by them was peacebone and upon hearing that i fell in love with them completly. my favorite song by them is and always will be purple bottle <3
  • fireworks blam.
  • [quote="rickdanger"]fireworks blam.[/quote] I listened to this 3 times in a row this morning, it makes me so happy, even though it isn't really a 'happy' song.
  • I'd listened to a lot of their stuff, and liked it, but when merriweather came out and I listened to it, the chorus for My Girls hit me in the face. It was exactly what I wanted to hear at that time, and suddenly I fell in love with all the older stuff. Now Sung Tongs is my favorite, even though it's nothing like what got me into them. Sometimes one song can trigger a whole new appreciation for music you've heard before.
  • Comfy in Nautica. "Coolness is having courage" was sublime.
  • it was either My Girls or Summertime Clothes, cant remember which I heard first on the radio.
  • Water Curses & Grass Most definitely - those songs are still the most insane, damn awesome songs I have ever hear in my life. My spirits just lift so high every time I hear those songs. They're sooo amazing.
  • In the Flowers
  • The whole "Spirit" album. I had read alot about Animal Collective so i decided to go buy their first album, it was the best album i had ever heard, and i still love how you have to listen close to make out the lyrics especially in Penny Dreadfuls <!-- s:up: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/up.gif" alt=":up:" title="up" /><!-- s:up: -->
  • You will have an instant friend in WeTigers then, that's her favorite album.
  • well i can only agree with her.
  • <3 <3 <3 you are my instant friend! That album is high up on my 'best albums of all time list'. Every track is standout amazing and was one of their first albums that I fell in love with too. I love music that makes you feel something different and Spirit certainly does. Uncomfortable, amazed, some combination of the two.
  • As i said before i can only agree with you. I remember the first time i listened to it and it started off with "Spirit They've Vanished" . it was amazing i had never heard anybody make music like that before, so i sat there amazed for the hour the album lasted. Im really happy that "Spirit" was my first Animal Collective album. it made me love the band
  • i heard grass after reading some amazon top picks or something, listened to the clip then downloaded it. went and bought the album, then i became a pretty serious fan after that.
  • peacebone or fireworks... can't quite remember which one I heard first. But was in love from the first note to hit my ear. but when I saw this video, I fell even harder [url]http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x4k4qi_animal-collective-fireworks-251007_music[/url]
  • fireworks was the first song i heard from them and i was completely blown away. campfire songs was such an experience to listen to and the first time i heard i listened to the entire album. lately it's been spirit, every song is amazing, all of the sounds go so well together, the album was mixed very well.
  • [quote]spirit, every song is amazing[/quote] i've heard this said before and it makes no damn sense! 2... words: Everyone Whistling! i know it is just an interlude but come on! it's SUCH a lemming!
  • I don't know about the lemming thing, i think every sound they used go to gether so well on that album, its a great filler
  • [quote="G.O. [!]"][quote]spirit, every song is amazing[/quote] i've heard this said before and it makes no damn sense! 2... words: Everyone Whistling! i know it is just an interlude but come on! it's SUCH a lemming![/quote] alright, maybe it isn't an amazing song but it is a great interlude! Seriously. THe whole album is filled with intensity, it needs a moment to gather itself and ready for the next burst. So maybe the statement doesn't hold true for me, maybe not every song is amazing because that is an interlude, but they are all necessary and create one of the most complete and interesting and moving albums I have ever heard.
  • my fav. colours is def. my fave. lemming i just like muffins, man!
  • my favorite muffins. mmm.
  • anywho i never even said the song that got me hooked! back in early Aug 03 [over 7 years ago! dang!] i had burnt some cd with a few random bands to check out... and AC was one of them... the strangest part about it is the 3 songs were A Manatee Danse [?!!!], Slippi [!!!] and one of the Campfire Songs... that's about as random as one could get ... haha... suffice to say the danse intro track just seemed kind of annoying and the campfire one was too mellow sleepy boring to mine ears at the time... but then SLIPPY oh man... so of course next i checked out indian and while it was really great to me i couldn't help but think "dang... that slip e song was just some oddity... " because nothing was quite like it! ... i STILL call slippi my fave song by them to this day! i waited YEARS to see them do it live and in may 09 they finally did... [though it was a fun differing version i don't think ANYTHING could have lived up to what i had in my mind for slippi live (evil backwards!) ...]
  • for me it was my girls at first i listened to the song and then i just thought ...oh another band then i wanted to listen to it again a few hours later and then again and again and then i listened to peacebone and then that sold it for me then i had to buy merriwether post pavillion and thats when i got hooked i fell in love with like every song no more runnin makes me go a bit crazy but then at the same time so does brothersport but then for me mine and my girlfriends song is bluish because of its true beauty and every word counts. but my fav song atm is definatly the softest voice leaf house and water curses, street flash and prospect hummer <!-- s:) --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/smile-1.gif" alt=":)" title=":)" /><!-- s:) -->
  • water curses first for me, on their myspace. can't remember how i came across it. but it completely blew me away.. it was just the most densely-layered-but-still-energetic thing i'd ever heard.
  • Grass was the first thing i ever heard by them. There was nothing like it. So i dug deeper and found many treasures, the anco bros
  • MPP got me hooked. It's the first AC album I heard. I'd say Summertime Clothes was the one song that got me though. Either that or In the Flowers.
  • Fireworks. I heard it on a snowboarding video, and couldnt find the song for a while but once i did it all went from there....
  • Oh, yeah. purple bottle deffinetly influenced my taste for them as well. Get that crush high!
  • It was The Purple Bottle. My Cousin had the song on his MySpace page one time and I was instantly hooked.
  • Fireworks was the first song, but Strawberry Jam in general made me love them forever.
  • she probably doesn't even bike them any more! like so many before her!
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