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Someone suggested this as CA has one. However, the CA one is pretty repulsive and juvenile and I'm actually surprised CA and Mother are willing to be associated with it. I guess it's the whole 'laissez-faire/anything goes, bro' attitude. I'm all for Do What Thou Wilt and everything except when it hurts others, and that fb page hurts the rep of AnCo fans. IN MAH OPINIONNNNN. Our Fearless Leader Hateradio greenlighted the idea, but I think we should take a poll. I love polls, anyways.


  • I picked mildly no, cause I feel like it might make it feel less like a secret couch fort here.
  • ambivalent.
  • yukbon, is that a mildly yes AND no, then? Just for my own record keeping...
  • I was thinking about this the other day and thoguht it might befun.
  • What would some purposes on the page be? We'd have to think what exactly the fb page would be about - yeah the forum here with our little community, but how would posting there be different to posting here? I voted mildly yes because of those questions, but I reckon it could be cool. Some of us already talk on fb but that page could be like one big members discussion room.. idk..
  • I voted mildly yes. I think it would be a pretty cool thing to have, but I'm not ecstatic over it. I feel like I would be posting more here than there...
  • i don't know about it i like how this place is small.
  • neither yes nor no; facebook's mostly work and irl contacts (and i tend to keep it locked down). so i probably wouldn't be joining.
  • Would creating a Facebook page make this forum grow a lot? Cause I'm against that for the same reasons everyone else is. But I think it would be cool to know everyone's and see pictures and whatnot so I voted emphatically yes but I'm feelin more like a mildly yes.
  • I'm going to wait for all the regular posters to vote but it's looking like maybe it's a no to or fb. We could, of course, infiltrate ca on fb and cause a ruckus...
  • RUCKUS! HORRAY! I voted yes, but to be honest I don't really know. It could be fun, but this place seems to be fine as it is. I have enough trouble keeping up with the posting here, let alone Facebook. Plus some of us are already Facebook friends so, not much to reveal there. On the other hand, it could be nice to spread the word of AC.ORG. And you never know what kind of shenanigans we could get into...
  • I reckon give it like a month shot and see how it goes. I like shenanigans and ruckuses! Edit: [size=200]700th post![/size] muahahahah
  • congrats on 700! 1!5!sitch! the word is ac dot orgy LET'S SPREAD THE WORD dove!
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