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this place needs some ODDSAC love so i might as well be the one to start the thread. "Mr. Fingers" is absolutely killer. both the visuals and the music. i've seen it 4 times now and the music is so so great. i loved watching it in the theater but i'm so glad to have the DVD now. anyways what do you guys think? edit: my bad y'all didn't see there was several threads in the side projects section. i vote to move that thread out of side projects and into the main forum. i don't know how to delete this or i would...


  • I put it in side projects but I don't remember the reasoning. It's kind of both. If you folks want I'll move it all back into animal related. I can't add a poll to a thread response so you'll just have to let me know here and then i'll move or not move and delete the discussions so we don't get clogged.
  • I think that we should have it moved to the animal related since it is a full band project and not a singular members project. P.S. Mr. Fingers makes my heart uneasy and content all at once.
  • working is my favorite. that sudden shift into chaos is so, so, so, so great
  • nothing beats fingers NOTHING!
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