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Hello all! I need some help. I'm a senior in high school and I'm looking for a senior quote to put in the yearbook. I really want to do something from Animal Collective. So do any of you have any suggestions? I was thinking of something pretty easy to understand with a good message, but definitely unique. I have a few ideas already, but I'd love some input. Thanks! (:


  • Being a high school senior, it'd be pretty funny if you made it "You don't have to go to college" <!-- s:P --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/razz.gif" alt=":P" title="razz" /><!-- s:P -->
  • "am I really all the things that are outside of me?" is a nice one from Taste though it depends on who you are if it is important enough to you. Shinsy's idea is pretty sweet.
  • Haha Shinsy's is hilarious. And I was actually considering that one we tigers. (:
  • I was also considering "Think we are the right age to start our own peculiar ways?"
  • shinsy has a really good one, and i like the one from purple bottle, i would suggest "If you don't believe in happiness then man you must be down"
  • "An obsession with the past is like a dead fly" from Peacebone So that when people read it, they don't get stuck in the "good ole days" attitude. It's like saying, "Enjoy the yearbook, but remember, being stuck in the past is like a heap of dead flies"
  • "Old glass is clinkin’ and a new order’s blinkin'" What Would I Want? Sky. Reminds me of doing a toast to the future. "All the harmony That I'd seen Friends I once had turn their thoughts Away from me" No More Runnin'. Just another sick one. "Try to remember always Always to have a good time" Comfy in Nautica. "Coolness is having courage, courage to do what's right." Same. "It gets better, just wait and you'll see" Take Pills. "Take one day at a time Everything else you can leave behind" Take Pills too. "I don't want for us to take pills. not that it's bad." "Look in between your moments Theres something good happening" Good Girl/Carrots. "Take a risk just for yourself And wade into the deep end of the ocean" Same "Now I think it’s alright that we’re together Now I think that’s a riot Now I think it’s the best we’ve ever played it Now I think that’s a riot Now I think it’s alright to sing together Now I think that’s a riot Now I think it’s alright to feel inhuman Now I think that’s a riot" - For Reverend Green "What do you See when you See inside of me" - Derek. "There’s something living in these lines" Did You See The Words? It'd be good because it's a book (hence lines) and there is something still living in them even after many years.
  • AGH. So many amazing quotes and I can only pick one! Oh this is overwhelming. :S
  • I know i'm impressed by all the great quotes that everyone pulled out! I'd never be able to pick!
  • I thought I was doing fine with just a couple to pick from and then maps came along and now...oh dear...so many possibilities...
  • Ha I was thinking about my senior quote too and started a thread just like this.
  • you don't have tuh!
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