For fans of Animal Collective, Dan Deacon - Crystal Shyps

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This is a band my friend and I just started called Crystal Shyps. We only have two songs up but are in the process of writing much more. Check it out if you like Animal Collective, Casiotone For The Painfully Alone, Dan Deacon, Fleet Foxes, etc. It would be much appreciated! Thanks! [url][/url]


  • well i like Animal Collective, Casiotone For The Painfully Alone, Dan Deacon but NOT ... Fleet Foxes, crystal shyps? why not SHIPS! x do a cover of that song better than the doors! believe it! Crystal Castles Crystal Skulls Crystal Stilts (? skillets ?) THE KRYSTABL SHIPPS! uh!
  • that is so true about x doing a cover of crystal ship better than the doors but then the doors are way better overall and x is kind of annoying? I DON'T KNOW!~ when yr bread is empty! i'll believe it / you when it's gone! boy did EYE eat my words! like little furry burnt out birds
  • Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job?
  • NOPE! grope! feel bad for trashing fleet foxers!~ oh man! i sorry robin!
  • Arent you two best buddies?
  • we even LOOK the same!
  • he changed his name he don't even look the same WELCOME TO NARNIA :(|)
  • honey you ain't foolin!
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