Here Comes the Indian!

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Maybe i'll lose some cred for saying this but i've never really 'got' Here Comes the Indian. It was always the one AC album (wait...Hollin' still hasn't made sense to me..) that was never chosen when I wanted to give a listen to soemthing. So I chose it last night, and it clicked! It was like magic and I knew in that instant that I was listening to something similar to magic. Imagine being a fan before that album came out, and when it came out, how thrown off you would be by hearing it. I mean, who makes an album like that?? Animal Collective, that's who! Seriously though. It is so beautiful and unique and frightening and has the best feelings in it..ahhhh! there's a poll for fun.


  • Yea I would have sharted myself. Currently I have listened to bits and pieces of the album. "Hey Light" is incredible. Have yet to give the album a full front to back listening (which is what any album with depth deserves really) so I'm sure once I do that I will like this album.
  • slippi is glorious!! I can't even believe it! The whole album is awesome, when you're in a certain mood
  • i truly wonder how my fanship of AC would have been had Indian NOT been the first one i heard by them! i'll never know! and hell the downloaded copy i had downloaded had the songs out of order [and one song was missing i forget which and in its place i think one song was repeated i forget which] so even with all that weird mistake it still left quite the impression on me! whenever i hear talk of infinite dressing tabla i think why the hell do they single THAT one out? but the one-two punch of NATIVE BELLE + HEY LIGHT the coolness and weirdness of PANIK (chant) the fun of SLIPPI and TOO SOON a great closer! 2 sails on the damn sound is a bit much how long it is but you can just kinda zone out groove to it and then slippi is coming right after! so yeah i think 5 of the 7 songs are really amazing and the other 2 well they're good too!
  • the screaming on slippi, maaaaaaaan!! gotta love it
  • try listening to the song backwards but just a warning: IT ONLY WORKS ONCE
  • I'm going to try it now.
  • [quote="Shallfish"]I'm going to try it now.[/quote] well?
  • I enjoy indian a lot. the first two songs are amazing and the rest are great. this was my least favorite anco album awhile ago but i've really started to appreciate this and danse after listening to their other albums so intensely.
  • hey light i forgot to go to class today
  • here comes the indian to violate her! feels excite her!
  • Hey light, it's a native belle
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