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  • I think Fickle Cycle and Must Be Treeman (MUFFINS) might be... Not sure about Tikwid. I think they had been playing that live for a while. It's hard to say, because they didn't really release a Water Curses or Fall Be Kind sorta thing for Feels.
  • I thought they did with Grass, no?
  • Hmm sorta. I was wondering if People was supposed to be on Feels? Wrong era? I didn't look.
  • yeah it was according to wikipedia at least!
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  • I like most of the songs on feels it is a really complete album, and great to sit down and listen to, but i don't really listen to daffy duck, or flesh canoe on a regular basis. in fact some of their love songs are my least favorite. i'd really like to hear a full length album without any love songs.
  • i def. remember the grass single with the b-sides and wondering about what would happen with PEOPLE and TIQUID [and they kept saying don't worry they will come about and said there was a 3rd song... i had no clue it'd be my fave. colors / a bit of a lemming song! haha!] it is always a bit confusing the post-album b-sides / songs that didn't fit... some i think were done at the same time [most probably] but others were def. worked on / tweaked after i'd think? esp. with something like FBK where they were working out Bleed and Sky live and for the longest time Grace/GRAZE (grass 2!) was thought to be the only song left behind! i do always wonder how they decide which songs will be more b-sidey [safer, ficko] and which will go on an EP
  • [quote="MoonDog"]Unsolved Mysteries: Solved[/quote] I've looked at this post a few times now, and I really like it. <!-- s:lol: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/lol2.gif" alt=":lol:" title="lol" /><!-- s:lol: -->
  • Hollinndagin, Forest Gospel is a really cool song I love the intro but its the last in my list above it is campfire songs.
  • honestly, i like them all. i'm sure this has been said many times before, but all the albums are very different, and they are all very good in their own ways.
  • That's kind of what I said. I agree with you. I can't put one below the other. I listen to them for different purposes.
  • [quote="mcwallace28"][quote="VinceFinnegan"]As for least favorite album... I guess Hollindagain. Because it's not studio quality a lot of the songs don't have the opportunity to really get in your ears and hit you with sonic nuances or details that make some Animal Collective songs great. I haven't heard it in a while though.[/quote] Very true, but that album is ac in a nutshell[/quote] Hmmm. This comment resonated with me for some reason. I am going to give it a listen again soon.
  • well hell YEAH! tongue songs / finding out yr son wears thongs!
  • I'd say Hollinndagain is my least fave because, really it's a live album of tracks which never made it to the studio. There are no real standout songs and I think you need at least one to keep the balance. Is that fair of me?
  • the first 3 song movement is KEY! that whole side A is a BEAST! the other tracks are just kind of a bonus some kind of odd choices in a way but i think at the time it was such a limited edition type deal / tour thing ... i don't think they had any idea at the time it'd be put alongside all them future albums... i still find it hard to fathom why oddsak doesn't quite fit in as a regular album yet for years holland is thrown in as one... god it's a bit confusing / muddled! is the next album LP11 or LP9? or LP X!!! no one knows!
  • doesn't really matter much for me. i just wanna absorb whatever they make for how ever long they make it
  • To be honest, even though I love almost every album, Campfire Songs has to be my least favorite... I agree- there's not really much to make it stand out! Sure a few of the songs are decent, but I'd just never choose Campfire Songs over any other of their albums!
  • someone should remix it add some CRUSHING beats!
  • HEY FRIEND! well hello my furry little fiend!
  • Hollindagain... i just can't get into that album. I really like Pride And Fight and Forest Gospel but as a whole it's just not as good as any other AC album.
  • I love Forest Gospel and Pride and Fight.. But I agree with you as well.. the rest of the album seems like it lacks a bit of.. whatever it is that makes AnCo so incredible!
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    Here Comes the Indian > Strawberry Jam > Merriweather Post Pavilion > Feels > Spirit They're Gone, Spirit They've Vanished > Centipede Hz > Hollinndagain > Campfire Songs = Sung Tongs > Danse Manatee So to answer the topic question, Danse Manatee is my least favorite...
  • MPP, SJ, Feels, ST, HCTI and Spirit are all really close for me. Whichever one I'm listening to at the moment is my favorite. Haha Hollind and CS well below those 6 albums for me. I rarely listen to them, but I always enjoy them when I do. Oddsac is coming in the mail, and I still don't have Danse (eek) so I can't really say anything about those.
  • Hollinndagain is definitely my least favorite. I used to almost hate Danse now it is one of my favorites. I couldn't even listen to the the album for 6 months. I don't understand myself. Cory, I don't understand how CS and ST can be equal to you. To me ST is on a way higher level than CS.
  • Campfire Songs...though I still like it. Its just that its over before it starts, it seems, sometimes.
  • welcometonarnia, although I seriously love the shit out of Sung Tongs, the last three tracks (specifically Mouth Wooed Her) leave me with a pretty unsatisfied feeling. Every track preceeding those final three are fantastic, so although they are far from bad songs, they just feel pretty weak to me. I think if they'd ended it with We Tigers, or just sprinkled those tracks throughout the album seperately rather than having them back-to-back at the very end, I would like the album a lot more. Campfire Songs just really, really works for me I guess. Also, the inclusion of "Doggy" brings CS up so far in my books. It's a personal favorite, big time.
  • The last 3 Sung Tongs tracks aren't bad, they're just not as epic as everything that comes before them. Feels on the other hand, finishes off on a super high note. Loch Raven and Turn Into Something are two of their most powerful songs (imo) But obviously the greatest closer EVER is Alvin Row.
  • Corey, I can understand what you mean if you think of the album as a whole. In terms of flow of emotion/energy ST does slow down to almost a halt. I usually think of the album in terms of individual songs and they are all fantastic to me (except for The Softest Voice).
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    the last part of sung tongs is utterly amazing. but if i'm not in the right space in my consciousness to receive it, then i don't enjoy it. if you haven't enjoyed it, like really really loved it and been moved by it (yet), then maybe it'd be worth looking into changing your consciousness to fit the music. mouth is pretty psychedelic. like the drugs. not like being spacey like dark side of the moon or lucy in the sky with diamonds or something. the lack of rhythmic cohesion reminds me of hollindagain (and it reminds me of why i like hollindagain so much). least favorite is probably the one with vashti, i never really listen to it anymore.
  • Davey thanks for taking the words right out of my mouth ^:)^
  • Yeah that may be the case, Dave. I just find it hard to get into the right consciousness to fit the last few songs when listening to the album as a whole, because the songs preceeding them feel so different. We Tigers going into Mouth Wooed Her doesn't feel right for me, I feel there should be some middle ground between the two. But when listening to the songs by themselves, I really do enjoy Good Lovin Outside and my appreciation for it grows a bit with each listen. Mouth Wooed Her, I don't mind. What makes Whaddit I Done lovable may come to me in time, but as it stands for me now, it isn't enough incentive for me to sit through the entire album with each listen.
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    Yeah, you've gotta be willing to follow the music. It makes you work... their older stuff does more. I listened to Mouth Wooed Her this morning after writing this response and it gave me chills 'n shit... I mean, some of that's just taste. But at least some of it, I think, is being just totally deeply willing to follow in whatever direction the music goes. Submission to the psychedelic state is a phrase I've heard for it. I don't know that I buy into that. But it's an alright description, and it's short (unlike this post).
  • Trust me, I put in efforts to better understand music that I don't fully appreciate upon first listenings. Visiting Friends has become my favorite song on Sung Tongs, and from the responses it typically gets, it apparently isn't an easily accessible song for many. There's willingness to follow music wherever it goes and then there's blindly saying music that you don't like must be good because it's by your favorite band. Willingness doesn't mean you have to enjoy it. If I was to really listen to Mouth Wooed Her three hundred times and still not like it, there would be people telling me I have to listen to it more to really get it.
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    I'm not really talking about willingness to listen to it. I'm talking about internal openness, which isn't something I can force or that I have direct control over. I'm not unique (and I've discussed the issue with others), so I think it's similar to the way it works for other people, too.
  • everybody seems to dislike the last three songs on sung tongs but! i think they could have developed those sounds and taken songs from feels (country fuck and did ya see thu werds and maybe grass?) and added some of the live stuff they played (covered in frogs, baby day, etc...) and had another great album.. mouth wooed her and whaddit i done and good lovin agh they make me sooooooooooo happy and satisfied but i really like their whimsical music mostly because idk i think its their smartest music? like um those and then also meet the light child and singing box, they have that musical space in them that just tickles my musical mind in ways that nothing else really does besides whatever else like it i didnt mention Spirit + Danse Strawberry Jamz Sung Tongs Holli (forrest gospel + arrow fav two songs on any album beside eachother its really too much) Feels (bees> banshee beets> daffy duck> loch raven make me feel like i am stuck in mud in the context of the album, yuck) Ark (do people consider this an album, or do they just throw it in with indie cuz i like it better as an album than indie) Indie (i really like the order of the songs better on ark and most of the songs better without the extra stuff) Campy MPP (proof deakin needs to be in the freakin band, to me its pretty dead compared to any other album/work from anco of any sort including solo stuff) not familiar enough with the individual songs on oddsac, but i think it would go before Indie anyone anticipating sentapeed being their new #1?
  • New member here....my first AnCo experience was not a positive one. After reading a bunch of positive reviews of "Here comes..." back when it came out, I listened to it at my local record store. Did not like what I heard, as I had overdosed on noise/improv/drone/avant-garde/etc from a brief phase in the mid 90s (Gate/Bugskull/Sun City Girls/Superconductor/White Winged Moth/Labradford/Gastr Del Sol/Jim O'Rourke/Tower Recordings/etc) and couldn't stand most of that sort of stuff any longer. Still my least fave album because of it..although some songs are growing on me. Will keep trying.. The moment I become a fan....was when Sung Tongs was released. Reviews were describing it as their "pop" album, so I was curious enough to give AnCo another chance. From the moment I heard Leaf House, I was hooked. Amazing. Bought everything they've released since then (except the live album, bootleg box, and of course, Indian). My full length preferences in order:MPP/Feels/ST/SJ/Spirit/CS/Oddsac/Danse...Indian. Don't buy live albums, so I left that off.
  • Wow you like Campfire Songs more than ODDSAC? I just ordered ODDSAC, and i really hope i like it. I think i will, though, just based off of the youtube video of Mr. Fingers. I hope at least that i like it more than Campfire Songs. since Campfire Songs is sort of a snoozefest.
  • yes! it weirds me out that more don't consider campfire a bit too dang snoozy! and any list with danse/indian at the bottom really saddens me! esp. when they have campfire above either! ... sometimes people have indian in the mid-range but danse at the bottom which i find odd? i mean they are different beasts but usually they are kinda grouped together... def. the more polarizing ac releases... i always find it odd though that SOME ac fangs who seem to only like sung tongs and the ones after who still like spirit... it kinda makes sense sure but to accept all of those but then not dig the others at all ... that is weird... not so much anyone here but what i've read of more casual fans i came to indian first also in 2003 as my first ac and LOVED it! and in a weird way it still IS my fave... it really feels like the most cohesive to me... an experience! ... heck even geo had some comment that after it was finished he really didn't expect it to end up sounding like THAT when they were recording it... which cracked me up! ... the idea of "what the HELL did we just make?" like it was beyond their control! sent from the gods! i also remember at the time checking out other bands that seemed to be somewhat of the same spirit and being disappointed time and time again... six organs of admittance, sunburned hand of the mang, etc... i was quite shocked how AC, Gang Gang Dance and even Black Dice or Excepter morphed over time!
  • Will continue to listen to "Indian" and let it win me over eventually. Like I said, that album may be AnCo at their most creative, experimental, and inspired...but it reminds me of a certain era of improv noise-rock that has not aged well for me. Unfortunate for me I guess. Campfire is sort of background music. Not a headphone album, just something to play on the stereo and let it slowly creep into your consciousness. It works as an ambient or drone album as it unfolds at a snail's pace as far as melody goes, but I agree there's not as much actually going on compared to albums I ranked lower. Oddsac is much the same way, albeit more like a traditional ambient release (punctuated with occasional songs), where CS is pure acoustic improvisation. Oddsac is better with visuals (which is not how I've listened to it the last several times). Mr. fingers is by far the best track on it however.
  • Sung Tongs + Strawberry Jam Spirit Feels MPP HCTI Danse Hollinn Campfire Songs Campfire Songs is pretty interesting but i have to be in the right mood to listen to it because most of the time it kinda bores me. I like the first few songs of Hollindagain, but the rest just doesn't match up with the quality on any of their other material. Danse has many great tracks (Essplode, meet the light child, Ahh Good Country etc.) but i rarely ever find myself listening to it all the way through, the rest of the albums are all fantastic. E.P-wise, prospect hummer is my least favourite, not really too keen on vashti bunyan being on it, i would've rather had them just being straight animal collective tracks, People is pretty decent but there's just not much to it, as in there are only 2 proper songs, a live version and a song under 2 minutes, the other eps are brilliant, especially FBK. I have a feeling Centipede Hz will be one of my favourites, maybe just under spirit, after hearing some of the new material and seeing track descriptions, it sounds amazing.
  • sung tongs and everything after it is first spirit is second hollind is 3rd campfire songs is 4th and forever holds a place in my heart for being great hungover tunes i don't really care that much about everything else
  • Here's a question to put out there (apologies if it already was an older thread).....what if Water Curses and Fall be Kind were released together as one 9 song album? Where would it rank for everybody on the list of AnCo albums?
  • Interesting question... I would probably still put it on par with the other EPs. I mean, that actually brings it down a little for me TBH because I love FBK but am not at all crazy about Water Curses. Street Flash is wonderful, but it's the only song on the album I like. Water Curses may actually be my least favorite AC piece.
  • water curses and cobwebs are intensely corny. i dont hate them though. i love street flash and seal eyeing
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    No. Water Curses is not corny. [-( And answering Laika's question: that album would have 9 killer songs, but still, those EPs just do not go well together. Well actually.. I wonder how well Seal Eyeing would go into Graze. I cant imagine it'd be that bad.
  • I can understand WC being really upbeat but not corny
  • avey's voice
  • yeah... i can see what you mean
  • since that post ive decided i like water curses again... i have fickle opinions when it comes to AC
  • its like my own fickle cycle!
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