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  • FICKO SYKO! :(|) "i don't really care that much about everything else" which basically meant just DANSE & INJUN? what the HELL dave! that sickens AND saddens me! greatly!
  • Twisting heads with the sounds of change! Change so often they’ll be dead!
  • even though i don't agree with it i can def. see the logik in having these at the bottom 4: HCTI DANSE HOLLAND CAMPFIRE but man it does bother me how for many ac fangs it's like SPIRT... danse/holland/camp/indian don't exist... then SUNG TONGS & LATER... like they'd love to just cut out the AC DISKO from 2001-2003 and just jump from 2000 to 2004! i guess i can see it! just don't wanna BELIEVE IN IT! eyah!
  • correct, i really don't care about danse or injun very much. they don't do anything for me. and don't get me wrong, i love hollindagain. i [i]love[/i] hollindagain. and that's not exactly post-ST super-accessible AC. it's just my taste dude.
  • Zeitgeist - Smashing Pumpkins I haven't heard Oceania yet so my judgement will be withheld... For now I say!!
  • I haven't listened to everything from AC, which is obviously why this thread was started, but I'm getting there...
  • ... down there
  • Lol for a second there Moondog, I thought you were saying that Down There is your least favorite album! Haha thats crazy, innit?
  • I love them all. Some are definitely more abstract and artsy. I love Here comes the Indian, for example. but Hollindagin is hard to listen to if you're expecting easy listening. Its just art to me. But I understand why ppl wouldn't like it.
  • I worried some people would think that when I wrote it
  • I freaked out for a moment Doc.
  • i cant imagine NOT loving HCTI. its my fav album by them (currently)
  • How can you not imagine! Its so ... inaccessible I love it though
  • Some albums really are "unlistenable", I don't listen to Holli regularly. Basically only when I am in a very particular mood and environment...and state of uhh...mind. I'm am just an artsy person myself. Hell I know one AC lover that says Merriweather is his LEAST favorite, even though he loves it still. It's like anything else you love the shit out of, you love all of it but have a preference. Like Tarantino films, I like most all of them. Except deathproof, because Planet Terror overshadowed it for me. :p
  • if im in the mood Hollin is the SHIT
  • Best to worst (Full albums, not Hollann, EPs, ODDSAC, ACB, ect) Spirit Sung Tongs MPP Indian Centipede Hz Campfire Songs Feels Strawberry Danse But I love them all so much, so whats the point of making a list, eh?
  • i think danse is better than CS, feels and SJ
  • NO SHUT UP! Feels is the best thing ever!
  • I think Danse is better than CS and SJ, but not Feels. I think my least favorite album is HCTI, although I love Native Belle, Hey Light and Slippi, I don't like that rest of the album with the same fervent passion.
  • Why dont you guys like Strawberry Jam? My least favorite is Campfire Songs. Its not bad though. Maybe even Oddsac! I watched it only once, and it was a little underwhelming.
  • how did MR FINGERS not HIT YOU! emotionally! and TANTRUM BARBULE! so fun! audio/visual overload! in a GOOD WAY!
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    CS is close to being my least favorite but Doggy is what makes the album, and I doesn't feel right be considering it AC's parvum opus.
  • if queen in my pictures was better/a completely different song CS would be one of my favorites easily
  • its funny, SJ is my least favorite, but i LOVE SJ. lol AC, lol
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    I love SJ and I may like it more than Danse but idk
  • De Soto De Son is what made Campfire Songs for me. I also think ODDSAC is one of their best collections of songs, and its INCREDIBLY visual
  • Mr. Fingers and Tantrum Barb... Yeah i got goosebumps on those songs. I also really liked What Happened. The film as a whole, though, is a lot to take in at once. Im def gonna watch it again.
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    Still dont have Danse...
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    i get cooler visuals just listening to oddsac than the actual film gives me. i still love the movie though
  • the part where Deakins head starts to explode is INSANE That and Mr. Fingers are the #1 inspiration for a visual project I'm working on
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    ticon: Although I've been able to appreciate Danse more lately, putting it over SJ or Feels? [img]http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_qyhZ9_eXCHM/S_2j8mm1geI/AAAAAAAAFN8/TpCr3neTDyQ/s1600/Statler_Waldorf.jpg[/img] Seriously though, the more time has gone on the harder it is for me to pick a least favourite. It's like with AnCo you just spiral endlessly into deeper and deeper love. I need to listen to Feels again I think.
  • rokkky, idk why thats so hard to fathom. danse is amazing
  • Says less about Danse and more about the other two actually :) But I'm listening to Danse again now, it's been a while since I last listened. By the way, Water Curses EP is amazing! Why did no one tell me of this? WHY?!
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    Like, I'm into weird shit (Sung Tongs is like my favourite album by AC ever) but fucking Danse Manatee and Here Comes the Indian? I'm sorry, but I can't really get into either of them... I'm still open to them, cause like, it took me a while to really like Spirit, so if any of y'all got anything I should listen to then feel free to share. I've heard Essplode and Two Sails on a Sound, I dislike the former, and the latter scares me.
  • never met someone who disliked essplode! 2 sails on a sound... that's def. my least fave on INDIAN there's poppy catchy goodness on both danse & indian! i wish more would hear that! who could deny MEET THE LIGHT CHILD / IN THE SINGING BOX? and Native Belly! / HEY LIGHT / Slippi! / TOO SOON! i even go up to bat for PANIK!
  • It's just... not me. I now feel like the only person who really loves Campfire Songs.
  • I'm making a visual companion to In The Singing Box. If ya'll are interested, I could post it in the discussion in the next few weeks
  • Yeah right Sappleauce, Campfire Songs is BEAUTIFUL! De Soto De Son is one of my #1s
  • Previously posted that HCTI was my least favourite album. But....last week I was in my local record store to pick up copies of the new Ariel Pink and Yeasayer and finally decided to add HCTI to complete my AC collection (with the exception of the live album and bootleg box...for some reason I refuse to buy live, covers, and remix albums by any band..cheaper that way). Anyways....after my first listens to HCTI in awhile...would have to say it passes Danse on my list now. Much more accessible if given proper time. I've had Native Belle stuck on repeat in my head for days, easily my fave on the album.
  • cringing at the past couple of posts EVERYONE loves campfire songs and no love for Two sails? or even HCTI for that matter? gah!
  • cringing at the past couple of posts EVERYONE loves campfire songs and no love for Two sails? or even HCTI for that matter? gah!
  • Here Comes the Indian is my favorite AC album and second favorite AC related album (including side projects and whatnot) altogether. Two Sails on a Sound is one of my favorites on Here Comes the Indian, so don't worry Ticonderoga, there are still some other sane people out there.
  • i love you corey, indian is my favorite AC album as well
  • Dang, the danse cover fits the album really well I think
  • i like the double cd re-issue cover better
  • Spirit Feels Merriweather oddsac Indian Strawberry Jam Sung Tongs Campfire Songs Danse Hollindaginn Danse is really amazing but lack finess, I have to be in the mood. Its hard for me to get through all of hollindaginn honestly, there are exiting parts but also boring parts. Spirit is boss. I raise feels one banshee beat above bluish just for spiritual healing purposes. Mr fingers and hey light make me jump around in the neighbors yard doing crazy dances and chants, strawbery jam has fireworks so... sung tongs is roots with good tunes, campfore songs relaxes me
  • water curses fall be kind people ttg ( TWO SONGS AINT ENOUGH FOR AN EP!!! )
  • You heard prospect hummer?
  • I don't consider TTG an EP, and I don't really consider the parts songs, It's something totally different to me
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