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  • its just TTG. no labels
  • Exactly Kinda like ODDSAC, but you could call that a visual album. It's still in its own realm though
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    [quote=IkoOvo]Yeah right Sappleauce, Campfire Songs is BEAUTIFUL!De Soto De Son is one of my #1s[/quote] Honestly? Hm, wonder what I've been smoking. It's just... fucking Doggy. It's so terribly tragic, and I really can't think of it without having a lump in my throat. Queen in My Pictures is definitely my favourite, but it's pretty sad too, almost all of that album is a major tearjerker.
  • I love Danse Manatee. And Here Comes the Indian. When I heard so much about how I'd most likely hate Danse according to those who just [i] insisted[/i] I would, I was damn glad I liked it. I thought "If this is supposedly their worst album, and I like it, nice!" I'd heard Danse before I heard Sung Tongs, Water Curses, People, and Here Comes the Indian, and sure enough, I love all those as well. I still, by the way, haven't listend to Fall Be Kind though I've had it for a few months. Its waiting, though. Oh, neither have I listed to Prospect Hummer...yet.
  • Danse Manitee is my least favorite album, but it gives me the most visual inspiration. I'm thinking about making a short film based off of it.
  • As of now, Campfire Songs and Sung Tongs are atop my list. I'm really getting into the more spacious, acoustic material. Out of all the more recent output, (Feels and beyond), Strawberry Jam has to be my favorite. BTW, am I the only one who likes Danse better than HCTI? Danse has its moments, but I find HCTI to be unapproachable. Am I listening to it wrong?
  • YES! hcti is my FAVORITE. post-feels era (or, post accesible era) MPP is definitely my favorite
  • hcti is like THE animal collective format, every other album they are just using different instruments and setups to be different, but HCTI wasnt different because that is them purely (IMO of course)
  • TTG pretty creepy to me, the vocal effects are so crazy
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    From favourite to least favourite Sung Tongs Feels MPP STGSTV Strawberry Jam HCTI Centipede Hz Hollinndagain Campfire Songs Danse Manatee Campfire Songs just feels too lazy to me and Danse is just to many odd pitches for my ears to handle.
  • hollinndagain is my least favorite and then strawberry jam but i love those two so my least favorites are still so high in general music standards
  • any time some buggy puts Hollinndagain or esp. CRAPfire songs above Danse it breaks my simian heart! how can they be so BLIND? :(|) i must give up defending it! NO ONE EVER GLISTENS! never bloody ever (don't!!!!)
  • R u talking about me?
  • anyone who puts danse dead last and slams it! i'll never get it! if they can handle the more extreme things of AC why can't they handle that? only tiny parts of it are THAT out there / too jarring... but even them... it's still in the realm of pop (in a distorted weirdo way yesh sure!) but it's THERE!
  • agreed, when rappers want to get famous they get rappers that are more famous that enjoy their music to be featured on their tracks. Also they might tour together. Animal Collective was like this to Black Dice in a way but I'm wondering if Prospect Hummer is more Vasti Bunyans music and animal collective is more a backround band
  • well AC did write and perform the songs before they decided to get vashti in on the project
  • Yeah, they just liked the sound of her voice better than theirs.
  • oh.. I have no idea why it sounds so different then
  • They were writing with her in mind... Intentionally or unintentionally in her style. Check out her albums, you'll hear the similarity.
  • don't get me started on vASHteehee!
  • I feel you dude... I don't much care for her singing. Though I used to love it for being hung over. Really the right speed for that state. And for end of trip space too. Other than that, eh.
  • I feel this feel too ^ But I haven't listened to Prospect in ages, so I'll give it another chance.
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    I'm sorry... but Prospect Hummer is pretty awesome. Sucks that most are pretty down on it. Better than People, in my opinion.
  • You don't have to apologize! I do disagree with you, though -- I feel like the song "People" alone is better than the entire Vashti EP. Way better.
  • I disagree. When I first heard prospect hummer I was all like "OMG!!! NONOMNOMNOMNOM!" And that phase died quick. I have seldom felt compelled to listen to people. If I'm in that mood I'll just listen to feels.
  • Interesting! People's so intense, the live versions of it are great. Vashti's too snoozy, vibratoey, unsure of herself. But, I mean, seriously perfect for smoking a bowl after a night of hard drinking.
  • *for me. Applied to all those sentences. I think these two camps must speak to a complex network of certain similar and dissimilar personality traits along with some chance and nostalgia for the music thrown in.
  • my fave colours alone is better than the vashti ep hehe!
  • what are DAVE'S fave colours? let's put it this way loving'd be easy if the colors were like his dream!
  • im with dave. i think people's their best EP besides Fall Be Kind (although i pretty much consider FBK an album)
  • True, FBK is like maybe 2-3 songs short of being a legit album, just because of how strong each track is. MPP was really an incredibly strong songwriting period for them.
  • I think most of Prospect would a lot weaker if Vashti wasn't singing, except for the last track. I imagine "I remember learning how to dive" would be a killer Panda track.
  • Baleen sample is underrated. If it was three minutes longer I'd really get into it. It's a sweet jam that cuts off too quickly
  • I actually like Baleen Sample more than anything else on that EP. Great textural stuff. No Vashti! Hehehe. Also, Claude, have you heard the live bootlegs of the band doing Vashti material sans-Vashti? I've actually preferred those without her to those with her. But that's just my taste.
  • Nah I never really got into AnCo bootlegs. I'd probably like it more with Vashti anyway because I like her stuff a lot.
  • Oh man, you're missing out on AC bootlegs in general. I mean, seriously. They do different versions of old songs and stuff, they jam between songs. It's really great. Many of the recordings are actually soundboards, so it's not like you have to listen to their live shows in low-quality. There are several exceptional AUDs though. 2009 [i]Banshee Beat[/i]. Gotta check it out with good quality, good bass response speakers/phones. It's worth it; the song takes on new life.
  • Website? Link? Yo momma? Please?
  • cool, thankyou
  • My fav. EP's FBK People (excluding the live track, since it brings down the EP imo) Water Curses Hummer Basically, I love all their EP's, and this list wasn't even worth it since I'd say Prospect hummer is a 8.5/10 for me. And FBK is like a 9.5/10. I love Animal Collective and it doesn't really matter what I rate songs or albums, they all sound good to me.
  • yeah i need to stop getting so sucked into ratings / rankings it does me in!
  • albums have so much work and emotion put into them, its almost saddening to think one can rate such a thing. But some albums are more fluid then others so I guess there might be some diffinitive line somewhere buttshit. I would argue that MPP has the best flow out of all their albums and for that they recieved the buttshit award. Its simple mashed up potatos of samples but it still flows like an electric ghost stream, brothersport being the waterfall. Their second best flow I reckon is "down there" aside from Heather in the hospital where as it is a great song feel it has no purpose in the rest or the album and interupts queen victorias menstration cycles (ill go get the weed chocolate). I should be a bitchfork reviewer!
  • [quote=Purplesage]albums have so much work and emotion put into them, its almost saddening to think one can rate such a thing.[/quote] For sure dude, I have limited tolerance/respect for album rankings of any kind just because art is, by nature, subjective. I mean, it has to be taken as a 100% personal thing for the author of the review/rating OR as an estimated gauge of how much and how many people like that piece of music and for what reasons. But it can't be viewed as actually reflective of the work, since the work is just the work and is its own thing.
  • funny how some people shit gold bricks and some must work years to achieve art
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    And then some who have no creative drive of their own but love to shit on others' art, worked hard for or not! Hah! Critics unite! I actually think some critics are good, don't get me wrong. Ebert I like.
  • lol,thats a good way to put it
  • i think critics need to leave and more reviewers need to come in
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    AGREED^ Many times they are unjustly biased and one isn't given a clear estimate on the quality of an album, film, ect
  • true, for example.. te rolling stones top 10 guitarists is in some ways biased. in general that magazine is pretty biased.
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