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What are your favorite unpopular AnCo songs? I like Tikwid, Alvin Row, Slippi, Prospect Hummer, and Bat You'll Fly.


  • Alvin Row is one of the most brilliant songs I've ever heard. I also really love water curses, but I don't know if that's really considered unpopular. Oh, and Fickle Cycle is great too. Very energetic.
  • How can Tikwid be unpopular? I love it!
  • slippi is their best song! ... though yeah it should be WAY more popular... and Alvin Row is an EPIK! i think most believe that... though same thing you would think you'd hear more talk of it! i think the most under-grated are the unreleased jams Covered in Froggles and DON'T BELIEVE THAT PILOTE [thru the carsh!] ... sure they got put on ACB but weaker versions! ... for being acoustic songs they REALLY go for them! ... people damn down on danse bar maybe essplode really irk me! MEET THE LIGHT CHILD! Another White Sinner and in ze sinning blox! ahhh! good country fuck ousside! etc!
  • Whenever i read your posts i imagine some super excited-life guy typing with all his fury and energy.. AWESOME. And, i haven't heard alvin row, and i've thought i've heard them all. What EP is that on? Covered in frogs is real good, so is safer. Avey is awesome in safer.
  • Alvin Row is the last song on Spirit They're Gone. I do not have it on my mp3 version and was blown away when I heard it on vinyl! I second GO's Pilot (Through Crash) and Covered in Frogs, I also really really love their Nirvana covers. I think a lot of the earlier stuff in general is underrated too. Go has talked about it all a lot in his list of replies here (in this section of the forum) and I whole-heartedly agree with everything he has said. It isn't easy to make music that is really really out there and different and avant-garde and still make it something people will want to listen to on a regular basis. I mean, I guess not everyone does but a large fraction of us (not just on this forum but AC fans in general) do.
  • I just checked it out. Of course its a hidden gem! I'm super glad i found it. The beginning is a little too noisy for my taste, but i enjoyed it. "This song is pretty good so far." But then it got more pop-ish. "This song is pretty AWESOME so far." This song is super unique.
  • i had a THING of playing alvin row in bars on the juke!
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