I just saw this fan made video...

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AND THOUGHT IT WAS AWESOME! Man, i'm so jealous of his dances. I like this a million times better than the official video, and i like that video alot! [youtube]


  • I like the original video better, but this is a fun video too
  • This is the sort of man I want to marry.
  • I like the original better but major props to the guy who made this. Its pretty damn awesome.
  • it's pretty good. what i like is it has a sense of originality to it, something lacking from most fanmade anco videos. people attempt to make what anco would make, not their own actually interpretation of the song. my real beef with the official video is the one on youtube has piss poor sound quality =(
  • This video is how the song makes me feel! I don't think I really like the official one, but I can't remember it that well...
  • more like flan made! shan shade!
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